Commerce Minister vows to tackle expensive goods problem


BAGNKOK, 10 August 2011  – Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Kittirat Na Ranong is ready to help people shoulder their burdens from expensive products and high cost of living once government policies have been declared. 

Speaking of the skyrocketing price of pork, Mr Kittirat pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce had been striving to regulate the price with the use of several measures, including the eradication of swine diseases which were a major cause of the peaking pork price and the shrinking consumption. After announcing the price ceiling of 152 THB per kilogram, he affirmed that good cooperation had been received from most entrepreneurs, adding that the Government was keeping its eye on the price situation and the effort to address the problem was underway.

As for other economic policies, such as tax reduction, minimum wage rise, assistance for SMEs and energy price restructuring, Mr Kittirat assured that all of them would be implemented as promised. However, the Minister explained that any proceedings would be taking place after the Government had announced its policies to the House of Representatives, after which he confirmed that people’s economic burdens would be taken care of immediately. According to him, the Ministry will start by negotiating with private companies for higher salaries for low-income workers, stimulating consumption to rein in the rising inflation and rehabilitating consumers’ and entrepreneurs’ confidence.

In response to a speculation that he might have difficulties working with Finance Minister Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala, Mr Kittirat dismissed the notion, saying Mr Thirachai was a knowledgeable and capable individual and their collaboration would not be a problem.