Commerce Min believes egg prices will return to normal after August


BANGKOK, 17 August 2013 The Commerce Ministry believes that prices of eggs will return to normal after August as egg prices have recently increased by 10-20 satang. 

Director General of the Department of Internal Trade (DIT) Wiboonrak Ruamrak says the recently increased prices of eggs by 10-20 satang are caused by the shortage of eggs in the market, adding that higher production cost, as well, has had an impact on the increasing prices. As of now, the production cost is 3.30 baht per egg and would be up to 3.70 baht per egg with other costs.

However, she has expressed her belief that egg prices will come down after August as all situations, including weather and pork prices, will improve.

Lastly, she revealed that the Commerce Ministry will organize a fair during 19-20 August, saying all consumer products will be sold at special prices.