Central Pattana invests 1 billion baht to create ‘CentralMarina’, the first themed mall in the heart of Pattaya



  • Supporting the image of Pattaya as a world holiday city, creating a landmark of a seaside lighthouse with an amazing vibe under the design of a fisherman village.
  • Full range of magnet attractions where people can enjoy unlimited fun everyday at the shopping center, supermarket, cinema, premium seafood market, sports fashion outlet and outdoor market.
  • Discover the ‘Public House’, a fun hang-out venue with fine food and drinks from around the world.

Central PattanaPlc (CPN) has invested one billion baht to launch ‘CentralMarina’ creating a part of history for the first CPN fully themed mall in Pattaya city, with a unique lighthouse and a fun vibe of a fisherman village design. It is built under the concept of‘Marina of Fun–Enjoy the Fun Every Day’. It has put together a shopping center, supermarket, cinema, premium seafood market, fashion outlet, outdoor market and the ‘Public House’ to emphasize Pattaya as a tourist city and create a fun vibe.


Wallaya Chirathivat, Chief Development Officer of Central Pattana Plc (CPN) said: “Pattaya is one of the top 19 world tourist cities this year and is in the top three Thai tourist cities after Bangkok and Phuket. Pattaya is a tourist city, a beach holiday vacation destination and is ideal for a wide range of leisure and recreation activities. Pattaya welcomes over eight million tourists from around the world each year. The city has real estate projects launched by central and local developers. The continued demand and supply have helped tourism-related businesses such as hotels, condominiums, retail outlets and restaurants achieve high growth.


The highlight of ‘Central­Marina’ is its outstanding and colourful design in the style of a ‘fisherman village’ on the theme of ‘Marina of Fun – Enjoy the Fun Every Day’. Here you can experience the fun through your five senses: Sight – outstanding architecture and decor that is filled with the vibe and spirit of a fisherman village in Europe; Hearing – Enjoy the sound of waves and music by the seaside; Taste – try fresh seafood served directly from fishing boats to your plate; Smell – breathe in the scent and freshness of the sea breezes; and Touch – touch unusual features and photo backgrounds such as our cute Puffin birds. We believe that Pattaya’s first fully themed mall will become a new landmark in the heart of Pattaya. It will be a meeting venue that creates fun and entertainment for both the locals and tourists in the city and will be in line with consumers’ changing lifestyles. We are focusing on target groups such as teenagers, working people, housewives and foreign tourists.


‘CentralMarina’, previously known as Central Center Pattaya, is located in the city center on Pattaya Sai 2 Road. The renovation took place with a total investment of one billion baht in order to create more magnet attractions and give more colour and vibrancy to the shopping center. It includes 70 stores, such as the first premium fresh seafood market, where the chef can cook for you instantly as requested, the ‘Public House’ where people can enjoy a fun vibe with fine food and great drinks from around the world, and also the largest ‘Nike Factory’ in Pattaya, ‘Market Market’, a modern style outdoor market for small entrepreneurs, Starbucks, Family Mart, a 24-hour McDonald’s, Big C Extra Supermarket, Thai’s Favourite by Central Food Hall and the new SF Cinema with six cinema screens. In addition, there is convenient parking space, which can accommodate over 800 cars and over 500 motorcycles as well as a shuttle bus from North Pattaya and South Pattaya, and a Tourist Service Center, which offers professional tour services and car rentals served by multilingual receptionists.”