Cabinet approves 106km double-track railway in eastern route


BANGKOK, July 10 – The Thai Cabinet on Tuesday approved the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) project to build 106km of double-track railway from Chachoensao to Saraburi, according to deputy government spokesperson Pakdiharn Himathongkham.

Apart from the 106km double-track, the Cabinet endorsed building rail bypasses at three railway junctions in Chachoengsao, Saraburi and Ayutthaya with the 2013-2016 budget of Bt10.63 billion, set aside from both projects.

It also endorsed the proposed SRT construction of a railway and a tunnel at Phraphuttachai Mountain in Saraburi with a budget of Bt712 million under a two-year project.

SRT railway operations nationwide total 4,363 kilometres of rails, including 3,755km of single track, 173km of double tracks and 107km of triple tracks.

The SRT targets completing 3,039km of double tracks within the next 15 years to serve a high speed railway system and to facilitate transport and railway passengers.