Cabinet approval of power grid development to accommodate electricity purchase from Laos


BANGKOK, 26 March 2013 The weekly Cabinet meeting has approved the proposed plan to develop the country’s power grid to accommodate the purchase of electricity from neighboring Laos. 

Government spokesman Tossaporn Serirak said on Tuesday that the Cabinet meeting has resolved to approve the proposed electric grid development project in Ubon Ratchathani, Yasothon and Amnat Charoen provinces.

The project was proposed to enable the country to receive electricity, which will be purchased from Laos.

Mr. Tossaporn said the development proposal is set to cost 7.3 billion baht and the Cabinet approved the initial allocation of 2.1 billion baht from the 2013 state investment budget, as requested by the Energy Ministry.

He added that the meeting has assigned the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to be in charge of all proposals and points of observation from related agencies for further consideration in order to allow for the timely completion of the grid.

The government spokesperson said that the power purchase plan should materialize by April 2018.