Business expected to improve in 3rd quarter


BANGKOK, July 29 —  The Ministry of Commerce reported the Business Expectation Index at 43.0 in June with a projection for the next three months at 61.4 due to relieved political problems, disbursed budgets and payments for rice pledging scheme.

Ampawan Pichalai, director of the Trade Policy and Strategy Office, said a survey on 1,790 respondents in June resulted in a Business Expectation Index of 43.0, higher than the 38.0 in the previous quarter.

Despite the increase, the index remained below 50 and showed some concerns about the political situation, rising costs of business operations, global economic situations and the higher cost of living.

The Business Expectation Index for the next three months stood at 61.4, compared to 49.2 in the previous quarter.

Most operators expected a better economy in the next quarter as the National Council for Peace and Order relieved political situations, sped up budgetary disbursement, and paid for pledged rice. Consequently the national economy was improving.

Business operators advised that foreign exchange rates be stabilized, the cost of living and public utility fees be capped, the next general election happen in the near future, production costs be lowered and measures be implemented to stimulate domestic consumption and the national economy.