British consumes more organic food


BANGKOK, May 15 — Thai organic food producers should explore ways to penetrate into the British market, as its citizens have switched to consume more natural and organic foods in recent years, a senior Thai Commerce Ministry official said.

Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, Director-General of the Export Promotion Department, said there are signs that consumption of natural and organic foods in the British market would grow between 8-10 per cent annually as sales at some major malls in Britain are now enjoying annual growth of up to 20 per cent after most consumers in that country have now attached greater importance to healthy food, cleanliness, and environmental friendliness.

Natural and organic food production in Britain is still far short of local demand and the country has to import mostly from the European Union, said Mrs Nuntawan. This should be a good opportunity for Thai producers to export their natural and organic food products to Britain.

Britain is expected to import fruits this year valued around Bt230 million, up sharply from Bt180 million in 2010, she said.

Adisai Dhummakupt, director of Trade Promotion Office in London, said Britain is now ranked third in terms of largest purchaser of organic agricultural goods market in the world after the United States and Germany. Sales in Britain have soared to over 3 billion British pounds annually.

Sales of organic foods including infant meals, milk products, meats, and salads are enjoying brisk business while considerable growth is seen in instant soups, instant coffee and cereal bars, he added. (MCOT online news)