BoT assures baht movement now more in balance


BANGKOK, 8 March 2013 The Bank of Thailand (BoT) reports that the movement of the baht is now more balanced while assuring a close eye on the foreign exchange market will remain in place. 

Deputy BoT Governor Pongpen Ruengvirayudh said on Thursday that the movement of the Thai currency has not been volatile and is now more in balance.

Mrs. Pongpen stated that, with lessening capital inflows into the bond market and normal capital outflows from the stock market, the baht ended up moving within a narrow range lately.

Still, the Deputy BoT Governor stressed that the central bank will continue to monitor the foreign exchange movement as more funds are expected to enter Thailand soon due to the fact that Asian economy remains attractive for global investors.

Mrs. Pongpen added that several factors around the world can still affect the baht and the exchange rate, such as the US economic conditions, Japan’s monetary policy and the economic recovery in Europe.