AFG mesmerized by Voranai Vanijaka


The Automotive Focus Group (AFG) celebrated their events year with an address by noted columnist Voranai Vanijaka, one of the most straightforward and straight talking media persons in this country.  This was given at the Amari Ocean Tower.

With informative speakers each month, the November address was one of the most interesting and timely, with the subject matter being “The Shinawatra Dynasty – A tale of hope and fear!”

Voranai VanijakaVoranai Vanijaka

With his insight into Thai politics and Thai politicians, he spoke very frankly on the current political situation, after explaining the past political leanings.  He stated that after WWI this was the downfall of kings and emperors, to be replaced by dictators.  After WWII there was the fall of the dictators and democracy came in.

However, in the past 81 years of a ‘democratic’ Thailand there have been 23 military coups d’etat, of which only 11 were successful.

In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Thailand had a dual regime of monarchy and military.  But that gave way as well.

Currently there are two sides facing off in the streets of Bangkok, but he believes that both sides are actually very aware of business in Thailand, and something will be done rather than tamper with the bottom line.  He also described Thai politics as being a “family orgy”.

He mentioned the Thai pragmatism that most members of the AFG have come across at times, and Voranai felt that there will be another round of public dissent, probably even within two months.

He finished his discourse by stating that history was not a subject that was taught well in Thai schools.  He suggested that since the Thai population did not know where it came from, it now didn’t know where it was and therefore would not know where it was going.

An excellent lecture from someone who understands both the Thai culture and the western expectations.

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