AFG looks into the future for the auto industry in Thailand


The November meeting for the Automotive Focus Group (AFG) saw an invitation extended to a Professor from the Swiss University of St Gallen, Dr. Roger Moser.

The University of St. Gallen is one of the foremost business universities in Europe and on a par-level with the very best institutions around the world and through Dr. Moser has conducted studies for the Chinese and Indian auto markets.

In China his research was done for business development for BMW, while the Indian study was for the aerospace consortium EADS.

Dr. Moser is currently conducting a study into our automotive future, called Thailand Automotive 2022.  At the meeting he shared the first trends and some interesting information about the methodology of this study.

Dr. Roger Moser gives his presentation at the November meeting of the Automotive Focus Group. Dr. Roger Moser gives his presentation at the November meeting of the Automotive Focus Group.

Using his academic approach, Dr. Moser canvasses opinions from the captains of industry, with an eye to looking at ‘probabilities’ rather than attempting to be too specific.  In this way he manages to obtain a consensus and results in knowledge sharing, rather than knowledge protection.

By interpretation of the data he can, with a degree of confidence, point to where the Thai auto industry will be heading in five years and then, with an extended study, through to 10 years (2022).

The AFG members showed great interest in the proposed study, which will also be joined by the Thai-European Business Association.

The sponsor for the evening was Ruwac GmbH of Germany who will set up a factory on 3.2 rai of land in Amata Nakorn to assemble and manufacture industrial vacuum machines and dust extraction systems for the Asia Pacific markets. The factory will be set up and begin operation in July 2013 but sales and service has been active already in Thailand since 2008.  Ruwac Asia operates throughout Asia with wholly owned subsidiaries in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

In Europe, their customers in the automotive industry are all German car manufacturers and the majority of components suppliers.  Ruwac is recognized in Germany as the technology leader in this field and according to a recent survey more than 75 percent of all manufacturers in Germany are using Ruwac industrial vacuums and solutions.

Following the lecture, the members adjourned to the observation deck above the Pullman Pattaya Hotel G Beach Club and a most convivial networking ensued.  Top marks were given by all the members to the buffet and the free flow of alcohol, to cool parched throats on a rather pleasantly warm evening.