Headgame Solutions for Golf


Golf seems to be the universal pastime for expats all over the world.  On the Eastern Seaboard, the Pattaya Mail devotes several pages to golf tournaments, and there are many driving ranges for the golfer to practice his swing.  However, Tom Gingerich has produced an e-book, Headgame Solutions for Golf, which has the promise that it can cut strokes from your rounds, by tuning up your mind.  “If you could knock a few strokes off your score by changing what you are thinking on a golf course, wouldn’t you do it?” writes Gingerich, following up with, “There are numerous testimonials from professional golfers praising the benefits of developing an effective state of mind on the course.”  Of course, when the mind is in turmoil, you can expect to be adding strokes.  Just ask the Tiger.

Chapter 2 briefly touches on the various chapters of the book, and the relationship of each to the score at the end of the day.  Motivation is the opening subject and why the golfer must understand his or her motivation for playing the game in the first place.

Chapter 3 covers the first tee and why you duff that opener, after wonderful drives on the practice tee all week.  You can teach yourself how to mentally prepare yourself to hit good drives.

Chapter 4 helps you develop a pre-shot routine, warming up the mind as well as the body.

Chapter 5 covers Improving Concentration to be able to overcome different distractions experienced on a round.  (Select an ugly caddy, perhaps?)

Chapter 6 introduces visualization techniques.  If you can see the ball in the cup in your mind, the more likely it is that you can actually accomplish it.

Chapter 7 delves into Fear and Anxiety.  Surely every amateur golfer has heard the joke of playing against a professional who has to give the amateur two “gotchas” start and loses the round experiencing the anxiety of waiting for the second “gotcha”!  Author Gingerich tells the reader just how to keep fear and anxiety in check.

Chapter 8 deals with anger management, after observing more than one golfer wrap his 2 iron around a tree!  The game can be beautiful, but it can also drive you to drink with the suppressed anger on the course.  Mainly your own!  He expounds on techniques that will be looked at, not only to help manage anger, but also to use it at times as fuel for better play.  Now that’s a real bonus!

Chapter 9 deals with Confidence.  Undoubtedly, the quietly confident golfer will return better cards at the end of the round.  Again this is a learned response, which has its origins between the ears.  Just as there is a ‘sweet’ zone in the club head, there is a ‘sweet’ zone in your head as well.

It retails at USD 5.99 and available through e-book retailers.  With the information available in this e-book, it is well worth the money (B. 180 on current exchange rates), and could very well see you receiving the trophies next tournament!  And some interesting side bets to collect at the 19th hole.