Why buy an eco-car?


News this week that Mitsubishi is expanding their production facilities to increase the output of the Mirage eco-cars.  Mitsubishi have stated that despite the first owners rebate having expired, eco-cars are still very cheap and they expect demand to continue.

So why does Somchai buy an eco-car?  Hands up all those who said “price”.  I honestly do not believe that the buyers of eco-cars are saying that this small car will be good for the environment and the emissions are such that fairy penguins will increase in numbers.

Mitsubishi Mirage.Mitsubishi Mirage.

I also do not believe that the public buys eco-cars because they do not use much fuel and we save the world’s oil reserves for the next generation (to worry about).

No, the real and only reason is price and not particulates.  Would anyone like to debate this?