What ever happened to the Tiger Rally?


Tiger had more than a few problems this year, which is a shame, as the concept of having ‘classic’ cars on show, touring Thailand and SE Asia, is not something we get too often.  The numbers were down this year, the global economics no doubt affecting this.  But the world is on the way back up again, we are told.  Well, new car sales if nothing else.  Our own entry in a Mk1Escort Mexico also became a non-starter when the American owner changed his mind about the concept.

The hardy souls who decided on competing in the rally then found there was a total stuff-up getting the cars out of customs.  This delay was about three days, so the Bangkok to Ayutthaya leg was done in minibuses, and then the entrants were bussed back to Bangkok to wait for the Customs (ir)regularities!

A classy Cabriolet. A classy Cabriolet.

With the delayed start, some of the legs within Thailand had to be shortened and ‘lay days’ were lost, trying to catch up the schedule.  Both E-Type Jaguars had problems and had to be left in Korat, so it was an even further depleted field that crossed into Cambodia, then up into Laos and finally Vietnam.

Hopefully they made it back to the UK and Europe.  The four photos were taken on the Thailand leg, but as I said, it is just a shame that it ended up not as successful as it should have done.

There should be another Tiger Rally in a couple of years, and we will detune and enter the Securitas Mk 1 Escort.  Will keep you informed.

Citroen puncture. Citroen puncture.

Jaguar at rest. Jaguar at rest.

Tiger Rally 2011. Tiger Rally 2011.