What did we learn from the Malaysian Grand Prix?


Well, we learned that the DRS (Drag Reduction System) did actually work with long straights.  We also learned that the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) does work, and if you haven’t got it at the start, you are history – Webber (Red Bull) going from third to tenth by the first corner.

There was much more passing and repassing, in fact probably more than we saw in sum total last year, with good clean driving all round, other than Alonso (Ferrari) who managed to clout Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) when pulling out of the slipstream.

Driver of the day had to be young rookie Di Resta in the Force India, who scored another point, and beat his experienced team mate Sutil.  This lad is one to watch.

‘Almost’ getting the driver of the day was Kobayashi (Sauber), who will attack and pass anybody, including seven times World Champions.  He keeps everyone on their toes and puts a smile on every face.

Vettel (Red Bull) drove well again, and was in charge all the way, with Jenson Button (McLaren) deserving his second place; however, the upset was Heidfeld in the Renault (I refuse to call it a Lotus) who had a magnificent start slotting into second, and eventually finished in third.  An excellent drive.

Against all expectations, the HRT team did qualify within the 107 percent rule, but Karthikeyan only lasted 14 laps in the race and Liuzzi 46.  But it’s a start.

We also learned that Martin Brundle (BBC commentator) is a riot on his pit walks, brushing the Malaysian PM to one side to speak to everyone’s favourite dwarf, Bernie Ecclestone.  The Beeb actually did a wonderful job of telecasting, one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

And finally, the retrospective punishments for Hamilton (for weaving) and Alonso (for hitting) are ludicrous.  Either penalize immediately at the time or forget it.