Thunder from Down-Under at Bira


The Supercar category will have two additions this year in the form of Australian Falcon V8 Supercars, driven by two New Zealand drivers Craig Corliss and Dwayne Carter.  The Ford Falcons have six liter engines and churn out about 700 BHP.

Local star Thomas Raldorf in his Subaru had the mettle of the V8’s but a broken coil stopped his run for glory, after he had secured pole position for the race.

Falcon V8 at Bira Falcon V8 at Bira

The Falcons were originally built for the Australian V8 Supercar series, including the famous Bathurst race.  Craig Corliss’ car was the pole sitter in 2002, driven in those days by John Bowe.  It also held the lap record for a couple of years.

Specifications are:

Carter Falcon

Ford Supercar Falcon BA, 6L V8

780 HP at flywheel

Hollinger 6 speed sequential gear box with flat shift

Launch control

Traction control

AP 6 pot brakes

The Corliss Falcon is a:

Ford Supercar Falcon AU 6L V8

700 HP at flywheel

Hollinger 6 speed H pattern gear box with flat shift

AP 6 pot brakes

I spoke with Craig Corliss at the Bira Circuit while they were preparing for rounds 1 and 2 held at Sa Keow and he confirmed that they will be up here for each Supercar round, including Bang Saen later in the year.