A very brief road test


The family Fortuner clicked over 75,000 kays the other week.  It is the 3 liter diesel, and was the top of the line when new and cost 1.4 million, complete with ‘gold’ badges and leather upholstery.

It has been all over Thailand, up to the Isaan areas a couple of times, Bangkok many times, and Kanchanaburi.  On the trips it has been fully laden with at least seven people on board (and more).

Family Fortuner Family Fortuner

To date, nothing has fallen off, broken or otherwise stopped, apart from a windscreen from a rock thrown from an overbridge.  The mentality to do this amazes me.  It has been serviced regularly and has had a change of tyres and new brake pads and windscreen wiper blades.

To all intents and purposes it is as good now as it was then.  The fuel consumption remains around 9.7 L/100 km around town, and being a diesel that makes it very economical to run.

There are reports which suggest that the Fortuners are uncomfortable to ride in, and I cannot agree, as our Fortuner handles the dreadful roads around Pattaya with ease, cruises at 100 clicks on the highways very easily, quietly and comfortably.

Would we buy another one?  On the basis of the experience in the one we have, we most certainly would.