Autotrivia quiz – Friday September 21 – September 27, 2012


Last week, I asked what car had an under 10 horsepower, 346 cc Villiers twin engine.  The engine drove only one back wheel.   The body was plastic, so should have been indestructible.  20 cars were made as the pilot study, of which only two remain.  There were problems with overheating and weak drive shafts.  It was undesirable as well.  So, what was this car?  It was the Allard Clipper, and a horrible little car it was!  In the UK in the early 50’s, the war was still in everyone’s mind and inexpensive fuel misers were the name of the game – but not quite as horrible as this one.

So to this week.  At the One-Hour Production Car Race held on 30 August 1949, Prince Bira was entered, but did not finish.  Why?  And what car was he driving?

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