Peugeot joins the Supercar race


The year’s Paris motor show will see the debut of the latest (concept) supercar from Peugeot, called the Onyx, a new segment for the French automaker.

It certainly looks the part and the design makes it look like it is doing 100 mph while standing still.  Most impressive, with the wide rear of the car suggesting that it is rear wheel drive, though the rumor has it with two engines, and most likely a hybrid, with the electric power plant driving the front wheels.  Six exhausts through the rear bumper would suggest a V6, of which they have many to choose from.

Peugeot Onyx Peugeot Onyx

One European blog site claims the car will be powered by a hybrid drivetrain consisting of a 1.6 liter turbocharged petrol engine producing close to 200 kW working in tandem with an electric motor capable of about 90 kW.  The site says the concept is expected to use just 4 L/100 km – similar to the Toyota Prius (3.9 L).

Other reports suggest the car will be a plug-in hybrid similar to the Chevrolet Volt, which means it may be able to drive on pure electric power as well as using its petrol engine to help the car go further, as well as combining electric and petrol power for extra accelerative power.

Inside, the Onyx has a two-pod interior with racing harness and no actual seats – instead, passengers are strapped to the bulkhead inside the car.  The steering wheel is an F1-style unit, with which the lights and wipers are controlled via buttons on the wheel itself.