Autotrivia Quiz – Friday January 24 – January 30, 2014


Last week it was another ‘What car is this?’  This one had a V12 OHV engine, 9.4 liters, brake servo driven off the gearbox, 5.3 meters long.  An 11 liter option which gave the car a top speed of 115 mph.  Hint: Pre-war!  The answer was the Hispano-Suiza Type 68 of 1934.

So to this week.  Judging by the number of entries for the quiz, you are finding these a little harder to ‘Google’, so here goes another one.  Again a pre-war vehicle.  Power 115 BHP from the straight eight engine, but engage the supercharger and you had 180 BHP.  Max speed 169 km/h.  Four speed manual gearbox with pre-selector on 3rd and 4th gears.

Hispano-Suiza 1934.Hispano-Suiza 1934.

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