Moderndog coming to Hard Rock Pattaya


Thai rock band Moderndog returns to Pattaya next week with a live concert at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday 31 January from 10.30 p.m. onwards.

Moderndog were one of the very first alternative rock bands to appear in Thailand and have gained massive popularity since their professional debut in 1994.  Their talent had already been apparent however at the Coke Music Awards held in 1992.  Their members include Thanachai Ujjin (lead vocalist), Maythee Noijinda (guitarist) and Pawin Suwannacheep (drummer).

Moderndog live at Hard Rock Pattaya on Friday, Jan. 31.Moderndog live at Hard Rock Pattaya on Friday, Jan. 31.

Performing a great combination of rock, funk and soul, with a timely ‘grunge’ vibe thrown in for good measure, the band continues to add to its growing legions of fans and has become somewhat of a reference point for many new up-and-coming Thai rock groups.

Moderndog were originally signed under the indie label Bakery Music but after 10 years they left to form their own music label.  The band performed in Tokyo in 2003 and toured the United States in 2006.  Their top hits include Bussaba, Kon, Kala, Tim, Scala, Lom Hai Jai, Ta Sawang, Tur, Daad Song, Ma Nee, Sing Tee Mai Koey Bok, O-Noi-Oog.

Concert doors at the Hard Rock will open from 9 p.m. onwards and tickets cost 600 baht including 1 drink.  Bottle packages are also available from 3,299 baht including admission for 4 persons.  For more information and reservations, call 038 426 635 or go to Pattaya for more details of the show.