US Embassy Bangkok jumps on ‘Harlem Shake’ bandwagon


The US Embassy Bangkok has jumped on the latest “Harlem Shake” bandwagon by publishing its own “Harlem Shake” music video, featuring embassy staff. 

The video was published on the video-sharing website YouTube, and publicised through US ambassador Kristie Kenney’s personal Facebook page, as well as the Embassy’s official Facebook page and twitter account.

The video features embassy staff in costumes of several America’s most iconic characters: the Incredible Hulk tackles his invisible opponents in elaborate rhythmic moves, while Captain America does inverted push-ups in the background.  All the while Elvis Presley stands stiffly behind a podium, seemingly oblivious to what appears to be a blue Elmo hopping by in the foreground.

US Embassy staff in Bangkok perform the Harlem Shake.US Embassy staff in Bangkok perform the Harlem Shake.

The video was published with the caption reading, “In honor of Social Media Week, here’s our take on the Harlem Shake internet phenomenon”.  The video ends with a slide featuring the slogan “180 years, Two Nations, One Friendship”, referring to the 180th anniversary of Thai-US relations.

Harlem Shake is a song by the hip-hop rising star “Baauer”.  But mock music videos were made, sparking a crazed wave of more mock videos throughout the world.  The song subsequently rose to the top of iTunes charts in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.