Thunder – All The Right Noises

The Band.

5 Stars

Since forming from the ashes of their previous band Terraplane, Thunder have become an institution in rock music.

All The Right Noises is Thunder’s Thirteenth studio album and upon release went into the upper reaches of the charts in thirty seven different countries.

All The Right Noises was actually recorded and ready to go in 2019. But due to the world pandemic it was delayed, leaving all the members of Thunder sitting on their hands waiting. If you know the characters in Thunder this must have been unbearable for the band and in saying that almost worse for their millions of fans around the world waiting to get their hands and ears on these new songs.

If there was ever any doubt that Thunder would come up trumps again are immediately blown away as soon as the first song, Last One Out Turn Off The Lights, comes blasting out of your speakers letting you know the world is rocking again.

The Deluxe Edition of All The Right Noises. Which has an extra disc of bonus songs on it.

The song is an out and out rocker with Luke Morley dishing out a direct attack on the Brexit situation. On vocals, Danny Bowes sings with all the conviction of a man who has lived through the whole situation whilst Luke Morley lets go a totally gonzoid solo mid song, setting emotions high.

Since their debut in 1989, the Thunder lineup has been very stable. Only the bass playing position switches around, but as Chris Childs has now settled in since 1997 we can call the situation stable.

Thunder get into the studio and don’t mess about. Luke Morley is the chief songwriter and a simply stunning lead guitarist, whilst Ben Matthews is the multi-instrumentalist sticking mainly to guitar but adding keyboards where necessary, the perfect foil for Luke Morley. Chris Childs has made the bass position his own. Whilst on drums we have Harry James. ‘Our Harry’ is a much in-demand session player but is happiest behind the traps for his beloved Thunder. If Harry had decided not to be a skins man, the life of a comedian would take him up with delight. Whilst playing live the crowd always call for Harry to come out from behind his kit to get out front to have a word or two with his adoring fans.

Danny Bowes in mid croon.

With all the bases covered, there is never any necessity for Thunder to bring in session players. Only some beautiful female backing singers are used on the songs to enhance the sound.

The tracks on the album roll out like all good albums as if they had been placed in order for a live set. Smack bang in the middle is a truly phenomenal power ballad called I’ll Be The One, which is destined to knock out the previous Thunder ballads and become a fan favorite.

You’re Gonna Be My Girl has got a great party lyric all slapped around a riff right out of Rod Stewart’s Hot Legs. (Nothing wrong with that.)

Young Man’s lyrics become a bit confusing as the verses concentrate on being happy with the age we are at. I hate to say this but I’d be happy being a few years younger!

Our Drumming Buddy Harry.

But that rather petty quibble aside, the album is 24 Carat Gold.

If any of the very fine Pattaya rock cover bands are looking for some new tunes to brighten up their rather dated set lists, a quick listen to the songs on this album would give them plenty of inspiration.

When it comes time for Thunder to burst back onto the road all these songs will be vying for a place in the set list.

Last One Out Turn Off The Lights is a shoe in as set opener.

The great news for all Thunder fans is that after such a long wait between albums, it’s heavily rumored that Luke Morley already has written the songs for the next album.

Put this album on and dad dance the night away.

Written by Mott the Dog in his Slippers and Pipe on Pattaya’s Darkside.

Thunder on stage and in full flight.

The Vinyl All The Right Noises.


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