Saxon – Inspirations – Classic Rock Covers Album


Released via Silver Lining Music on 19th March 2021

Despite a huge back catalogue of their own, Saxon are excited to release an album of infamous rock covers.

Inspirations, due for release in March, sees the band recreate some of the favourite tracks that influenced them.

Saxon’s Inspirations, a classic rock covers album, is due for release in March.

True to say, this album features some absolute classics. From the super-charged melodic romp of The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ to their freeway mad take on Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Stone Free’, Saxon show their love and appreciation of the bands and tracks that inspired them.

The album takes you on a trip back in time, with a series of faithful, raw and ready tributes. Maintaining a firm nod to the old school ways, by using Marshall cabs, Marshall amps and real drum kits!

Saxon leader and vocalist Biff Buford.

Produced by Biff Byford, with Jacky Lehmann recording and mixing, Saxon approach the likes of Motörhead’s ‘Bomber’, AC/DC’s ‘Problem Child’, Black Sabbath’s ‘Evil Woman’ and a raucous version of Deep Purple’s ‘Speed King’ with refreshingly warm, unfiltered, “vintage” sounding renditions. My only disappointment being, for some unknown reason, the powers that be decided not to include their version of UFO’s “Shoot” on the album? Instead choosing to release it as a limited edition single instead.

Even if like me, you’re not normally a fan of cover albums, it safe to say this release may just buck the trend. It’s definitely worthy of a bit of shelf space.

Written by Hells Bells.

  1. Paint It Black
  2. Immigrant Song
  3. Paperback Writer
  4. Evil Woman
  5. Stone Free
  6. Bomber
  7. Speed King
  8. The Rocker
  9. Hold the Line
  10. Problem Child
  11. See My Friends
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Saxon’s new album takes you on a trip back in time, with a series of faithful, raw and ready tributes.