Pattaya Orphanage gets fundraising help from ‘Samson and Delilah’


HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha, center, attended the show and made a private donation to the Pattaya Orphanage Foundation’s scholarships fund.

The Pattaya Orphanage Foundation marked its 36th anniversary by staging a musical version of the heroic and tragic tale of Samson and Delilah to raise funds to carry it into its next year.

The Oct. 16 performance put on with the help of the Catholic Business Club at the Alangkarm Theatre got a royal audience from HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who was so impressed she made a personal donation to the orphanage’s scholarship fund.

Kritin Kiatmaetha played the part of Samson in the biblical legend about a Jew blessed by God to draw inhuman strength from his hair so he could destroy the Philistines.  Patarawarin Timkul played the part of Delilah, the temptress hired by the Philistines who Samson fell in love with, but betrayed him by finding and cutting off the source of his power.

Directed by Dulatat Wasinajindakaew, the play – a lighter musical version of a story about Samson’s killing of thousands of non-believers in God – was staged to support the activities of the Pattaya Orphanage and staff salaries.  It was the finale of a day that also saw a unique musical performance from Weerapong Taweesak, who turned drinking glasses into an Indian lute, and a show put on by orphans and deaf children.

Established in 1974 by Roman Catholic Bishop Emeritus of Chantaburi Thienchai Samanchit and Rev. Raymond “Father Ray” Brennan, the orphanage currently cares for 158 orphans and 39 hearing-impaired children.

Some disabled and visually impaired children arrive to enjoy the show.

Samson, his power removed, is forced to push a millstone as the Philistines mock him.

Delilah is championed by the Philistines for capturing Samson.

The amazing Weerapong Taweesak plays some delightful music on his collection of Indian lute glasses.

Actors play members of the Jewish Tribe of Dan in Samson & Delilah

Kritin Kiatmaetha, left, played Samson and Patarawarin Timkul, right, took the lead female role as Delilah.

The audience waits in keen anticipation for the curtain to go up.

The children from the orphanage put on a great singing and dancing exhibition for the audience.