No Hot Ashes: ‘No Hot Ashes’


This is a true story, but actually sounds like a good script for a movie.  No Hot Ashes were formed in 1983 (taking their name from a sticker on a plastic wheelie bin.)  They soon grew a solid fan base, gigged everywhere they could and even released a single, “She Drives Me Crazy” in 1986.  Then they signed to GWR Records in 1988, the same label as Hawkwind, Motorhead and Girlschool and recorded an album.  But then record company politics, the changing face of music etc. got in the way and by 1990 the album had still not been released and No Hot Ashes were no more.

So that seemed to be that.  A promising young band swallowed up by the mighty music industry.  But these boys from Ireland really don’t know how to let go and the original lineup got back together for a one off performance in 2013.  Well that should have been the last hurrah as well, but with a fantastic snowball effect the impetus picked up, and offers of more and more gigs flowed in and appearances were booked at some of Britain’s most prestigious festivals, the band going down a storm each time.

Northern Irish rock band No Hot Ashes.
Northern Irish rock band No Hot Ashes.

Frontier Music took full notice of the stir being formed and quickly signed them up and put them back in the studio.  The results were spectacular.  No Hot Ashes do not exactly break down any barriers, they just make good quality adult orientated Rock music for the discerning listener.  Following in the footsteps of the likes of FM, Lionheart, Whitesnake etc. and now some 35 years after initially forming, the band have finally released their debut album and it’s a complete musical blast.

This is not old man music, but right there in your face and there’s not a duff track on the album (well I suppose they have had enough time to come up with some ideas).

The album opens with two solid rockers in “Come Alive” and “Good To Look Back”.  Real driving music with glowing harmonies and the instruments weaving in and out of each other and backed by a powerful rhythm section.  Immediately you find yourself singing along to the hypnotic music.  Track three shows off the raunchier side to the band with a catchy riff driving the song along before the guitars chuck out some great solos.

“Glow” is the central track of the whole album and probably sums up what No Hot Ashes are all about in 4 minutes 15 seconds.  Symphonic keyboards, the guitars driving the song along with riffs and short sharp solos, the rhythm section holding the song together whilst Eamon Nancarrow tells the story in his pitch perfect voice, ably assisted by the band’s backing vocals.  It’s all done within a driving beat and the shredding guitar on the track “Jonny Redhead” is up there with the best of them.  The album closes with a bonus track, a beautiful loving ballad called “I Will” with violin and tears.

Where to now for No Hot Ashes?  We shall have to wait and see.  Sadly bass player Paul Boyd finished his parts on the album and was then taken from us by the dreaded cancer.  The album is dedicated to his memory.

No Hot Ashes lineup:

Paul Boyd- Bass Guitar and Vocals

Eamon Nancarrow- Lead Vocals

Niall Diver – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Tommy Dickson- Keyboards and Vocals

Davey Irvine- Lead Guitar and Vocals

Steve Strange- Drums and Vocals

Album Tracks:

Come Alive

Good To look Back



I’m Back


Over Again

Jonny Redhead


Running Red Lights

Bonus Track- I Will

Note: Written by Hells Bells and Mott The Dog who can be found brushing up at Jameson’s The Irish Pub on Soi AR North Pattaya.