Hucky’s annual guitar tour to kick off in October


As a tribute to the upcoming integration of ASEAN year, celebrated guitar guru Hucky Eichelmann will present ‘The Music of ASEAN’ during his annual Thailand tour which will take place between 29 October-20 November 2014 at selected universities in Songkhla, Nakhon Sawan, Ubon Ratchathani, Mahasarakham, Khon Kaen and Chiang Rai.  In Songkhla and Mahasarakham, Hucky will also conduct a workshop for dedicated students.

Renowned as a musical Ambassador between East and West, Eichelmann, the Thailand based German classical world guitarist is well-known among international audiences for his dazzling and unique guitar playing style and for creating a synthesis between the various musical cultures and styles.

German classical guitarist Hucky Eichelmann.German classical guitarist Hucky Eichelmann.

“Through this tour, I shall have the great pleasure of presenting some of the finest music of each ASEAN country which has been arranged for the classical guitar -the probably most popular and suitable instrument to bridge the diverse cultures, generations and musical styles of the region,” Eichelmann said.

The tour aims to promote better understanding and cultural exchanges between the peoples of the ASEAN countries through the magic of music.

“I wish to contribute towards understanding by dedicating my forthcoming Thailand tour to the music of ASEAN, unveiling unity and similarities within the great cultural and musical diversity of the ASEAN countries,” Eichelmann added.

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