Haunted Halloween at Horseshoe Point this weekend


Pattaya Players is proud to announce its fourth annual Horseshoe Point Haunted Halloween event on Saturday, October 29, at The Three Kingdoms Park in Horseshoe Point Resort.

The highlight of this year’s ghostly gathering will be the all-new “Haunted Labyrinth” — an exciting and scary maze that takes spectators on a dark journey through a cavernous labyrinth featuring demented criminals, creepy crawlies, paranormal poltergeists, haunted coffins, witches’ incantations and much, much more!

If you successfully survive the Haunted Labyrinth, you will be awarded the much coveted, spooktacularly special, Pattaya Players, Haunted Experience “Survival Badge of Honor.”

In addition to the Haunted Labyrinth, there will be many activities, rides and live shows for children and adults of all ages to enjoy!  If being scared is not your thing, come and enjoy the myriad of traditional Halloween games and fun carnival rides.

There will also be a live action Weapons Demonstration, Pony Rides, Merry- Go-Round, a Jumpy Castle, Bobbing For Apples, Whack the Bat, a Witch Hat Ring Toss… among many, many others!  All attendees are encouraged to dress up in traditional Halloween costumes.

In addition, fair-style food and drinks will be on sale all night long courtesy of Horseshoe Point’s delectable catering services.

Experience the thrills that are sure to come during this exclusive one night only event.  Taking place from 6:00 pm onwards, tickets will be sold at the event (on the night of) only.  The admission price will be 200 baht per person and will come with 10 complimentary tickets.

Each attraction, game and ride will require a set amount of tickets, depending on the activity.  The “Haunted Experience” itself will require the entire 10 tickets.  Additional tickets will also be available for purchase in multiple packs — with greater discounts being offered on larger “family fun packs.”

For specific details, please visit website www.pattayaplayers.org.