A gay Sulu enters ‘Star Trek,’ but Takei disapproves


New York (AP) — USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu is portrayed as gay in “Star Trek Beyond,” but George Takei, who originated the role, isn’t pleased.

A scene in the upcoming film plainly presents Sulu, played by John Cho, with a male spouse raising an infant daughter.  Cho told Australia’s Herald Sun that he liked that the approach doesn’t “make a big thing” out of it.

But Takei, who came out in 2005, called the decision “unfortunate.”  The 79-year-old actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t like the character being altered.  Takei instead urged the filmmakers to create a new gay character.

Screenplay writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin say they intended to pay homage to Takei as an LGBT activist.  In a statement, Pegg said he “respectfully (disagreed)” with Takei.

“Star Trek Beyond” opens in Thai theaters on July 20.