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Ode to the Royal Varuna Commodoers






Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta

A Celebration of Life and A Helping Hand for the Needy

To honour Our Beloved and Gracious Queen Sirikit, on the occasion of her auspicious sixth-cycle, seventy-second birthday, on 12 August, 2004, the participants, organizers, sponsors and supporters of the 10th Pattaya Mail
PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2004, will donate, under the aegis of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, all event proceeds to the less fortunate and disadvantaged of our community.

The Pattaya Mail, in conjunction with the Royal Varuna Yacht Club and the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, will once again organise one of the most spectacular sporting events on the Eastern Seaboard, to recognise and honour Peter Cummins, former Commodore of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, who has done so much to promote sailing in Pattaya and in the Kingdom.

Famous for many years as a paradise of water sports and marine-related pursuits, Pattaya benefits enormously from this event which this year will attract an even greater number of sportsmen and women, with more than one hundred sailors from 15 countries participating in what must be regarded as one of the most colourful and environmentally friendly activities for all the family. The regatta has the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Office of the Governor of Chonburi, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Pattaya City.

Last year’s event attracted hundreds of spectators and extensive press and TV coverage, many lining the Royal Cliff Beach Resort water-front to see, close-hand, the yachts in action. This year all of the action takes place in the bay immediately in front of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, with one of the rounding marks off the Royal Cliff Beach Resort foreshore.

But it is not just the colour and action. It is also the publicity which the Regatta attracts and which presents a most positive side of Pattaya to the world-at-large. Extensive reportage of the pre-race preparations and the race day itself is guaranteed by the Pattaya Mail, Pattaya Blatt, Pattaya Mail Plus TV and Capital TV with our international team of journalists including Peter Cummins, Thailand’s most internationally-recognised sailing correspondent. Other national and international press will also relay news of the event to a worldwide audience.

But the most noble cause of this year’s event is that the proceeds from sponsorships will be donated to worthy charity projects in our community, serviced by the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, which include scholarships for children, assisting residents at the Banglamung Home for the Aged, Preserving the Environment, Happiness from Teachers to Students and other worthwhile projects to alleviate the suffering and needs of the underprivileged in our community.

The prize presentations & celebrations will be held at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort the same evening. Throughout the years, this party has been the talk of the town. A fabulous array of splendid food and drinks awaits our guests and we assure you that it will be a night to remember. We plan the festivities to be entertaining and, at the same time, to create goodwill, the results of which will bring much relief to those whom we have indicated as recipients of your kind sponsorship. We welcome members of the community to attend this Gala evening.

Message From
H.E. Sontaya Khunpluem
Minister of Tourism and Sports

In my capacity as Minister of Tourism and Sports, I am most happy to support the 10th Pattaya Mail PC Classic

Royal Cliff Beach International Regatta, to be sailed on Saturday, the eighth of May, 2004.

There is a marvellous synergy between tourism and sports and this regatta, sailed along the beautiful shores of Pattaya and Jomtien, simultaneously promotes both sectors, especially that of marine tourism.

Over the past few years, Thailand has become a magnet for sailing, cruising and yacht racing, with big international regattas now held in Pattaya, Jomtien and Sattahip, on our East Coast, Hua Hin and Prachuab Khiri Kan Province, on the West Coast, Koh Samui, Phang Gna and Phuket in the south. These events have included a number of World . Regional and National Championships, bringing in a large numbrer of participants from all over the world and attracting world-wide press and media coverage which is a great boost for our tourism industry.

Now, with the elimination of the erstwhile crippling tax on the marine industry and the extensive related infrastructure,

Thailand is set to surge to the fore-front of this region, with the concomitant increase in tourism arrivals.

I note, with pleasure, that the award-winning Five-Star Royal Cliff Beach Resort and the “Pattaya Mail” newspaper - both cited in several areas for their support of eco-tourism and protection of the environment - have strongly supported this regatta, basically since its inception in 1995. Adding the large number of sponsors in both the public and private sectors, especialy the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, the Regatta has become a show-piece for our people-friendly beaches, waters and coast-lines.

I understand that the Royal Varuna Yacht Club is soon to open a magnificent facility on the site of its present property - a structure which will be outstanding and truly a great addition to the ever-improving image of a rejuvenated Pattaya.

His Majesty the King, a Gold-Medallist helmsman himself, bestowed Royal Patronage on the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in April, 1965.

Thereafter, the King went on to win a Gold Medal in the Fourth South East Asian Peninsular Games (now the SEA Games), on 16 December 1967. This date has been commemorated since then as Thailand’s National Sports Day.

In closing, I assure the regatta managers, participants, sponsors and spectators that the office of the Ministry fully supports this event which presents such a positive image of Thailand to the world-at-large. 

H.E. Sontaya Khunpluem
Minister of Tourism and Sports

Message From
Pisit Ketphasook
Governor of Chonburi Province
Governor of Chonburi

As Governor of Chonburi Province, I am happy to support the 2004 “Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta, to be held on Saturday, 08 May, 2004.

In our efforts to rejuvenate and present a positive image of Pattaya to the world-at-large, this regatta emphasizes the best aspects of Pattaya, representing the resort as a family-oriented tourist location, especially for marine-related sports and activities.

Supported by the award-winning five star hotel, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, the best-English language newspaper on the Eastern Seaboard, the Pattaya Mail and many sponsors from both the public and private sectors, the event does much for Pattaya, Chonburi Province and, by extension, all of Thailand.

Together with the officials from City Hall, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, and the Pattaya Mail, our determined efforts to ameliorate the environment and quality of life in Pattaya are bearing fruit.

The annual PC Classic yacht race is a great example of environmentally-friendly pursuits. It brings sailors from some 20 countries, as well as a large contingent of press and media personnel all of whom carry the message of our beautiful city-by-the- sea, its ideal year-round climate and warm waters, to the “four corners of the world”.

The regatta and, indeed, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, beckon the ideal persons to come to our shores and enjoy world-class marine tourism, setting the example of clean, healthy activities which utilize Nature’s resources - the wind and the sea - leaving no pollution in the sea or on the coast-line.

This, to all of us, is the greatest benefit of such a regatta.

In closing, I wish the organizers, the regatta sponsors and, not the least, the participants themselves, a most pleasant sojourn in and around our sparkling Gulf of Thailand. All concerned can rest assured of the full support of the Office of the Governor of Chonburi Province, to ensure a safe, exciting and colourful event which brings great credit to all of us.

Pisit Ketphasook 
Governor of Chonburi Province

Message From
Mrs. Juthamas Siriwan
Governor Tourism Authority of Thailand

Although tourism has been greatly affected by world events, we at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), are optimistic of an uswing in tourist arrivals. This increase will be a result of a large variety of activities, as well as the attractions and destinations that our country can offer diverse groups.

Located on the Eastern Seaboard, Pattaya also has a lot to offer, especially marine – related sports. One of the activities we strongly support is the Pattaya Mail PC classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort. International Regatta, which was initiated in 1995, and this month will have its 10th sailing in a greatly-enhanced environment.

With both the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and the “ Pattaya Mail” recipients of numerous awards and citations for environmental protection, it is understandable that they support sailing as one of the activities which is closest to Nature, utilizing only the wind and the water and leaving no negative impact in its wake.

This event will also present an exciting and most colorful panorama right off Pattaya’s shores.

As such, Pattaya is the major winner of the regatta, for the sailors themselves and the extensive press and media coverage of the event will present a most favorable image of this resort city around the world, as a “ paradise “ of marine sport and related activities, with a new image of Pattaya as a family-orientated tourist destination.

We at TAT give our total support to this regatta and welcome the participants – men. women and children from some 20 countries – the sponsors and spectators who will crowd the Royal Cliff and the Royal Varuna Yacht Club waterfronts, to enjoy this spectacular event.

Mrs. Juthamas Siriwan
Governor Tourism Authority of Thailand

Ms Maker & Supply

It is our sincere promise to fulfill all contracts, commitment and responsibilities to ensure that our clients and associates will always have the satisfaction of knowing that they have the best possible deal from MS Maker & Supply.

Our clientele can rest assured that when it comes to quality, MS Maker & Supply products and services are your guarantee of excellence over and above the prevailing standards.

Thus, we are committed to providing high quality products and service that are well- established in the market and in full compliance with the prestigious quality system.

Ms Maker and Supply is pleased to join the 2004 PC Classic as a co-sponsor, in the knowledge that the Regatta is an excellent conduit for promoting a positive image of pattaya to the world-at-large while it is also dedicated to bringing assistance to the needy of our area, through the donation of all proceeds to charities.

Pattaya International Hospital:
Ever Ready To Help

We are most happy to set up a first-aid station as a medical support for the PC Classic Regatta, which is bringing so much credit to our city.

Although yacht racing is one of the “non-violent” sports and, by using only Nature’s gifts - the wind and the sea - thus preserving our fragile marine eco-system, accidents can and do occur.

We note the impeccable record of Pattaya’s own Royal Varuna Yacht Club, which, in 47 years of sailing, cruising and yacht racing in the Gulf, in all kinds of weather conditions, has never suffered a fatality. Safety and security are at the top of this excellent Club’s agenda.

Nevertheless, the Pattaya International Hospital (PIH) will be on stand-by at our station, with our qualified staff, medical equipment and an ambulance at-the-ready should there be an emergency.

PIH is one of Thailand’s most modern medical centres. It offers 80 in-patient beds, 24 hours emergency service, and a full range of advanced facilities, including intensive care, obstetrics, x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, dental clinic, fully-equipped operating theatres and a physical therapy centre.

Internationally-trained and experienced doctors give personalized care, backed by the latest medical technology. Staff at PIH are fluent in English and the hospital offers a 24-hour emergency service and resident doctors are backed by facilities that include laboratory, x-ray, fully-equipped operating theatres, obstetrics, dental and the very latest in Intensive Care facilities.

Dr Sunya Viravaidya., Director of PIH, points out to the sailors, who are somewhat inclined towards a “a drink or three” after racing, that they can avail themselves of such new services as Detoxification, a Weight-Loss Clinic and a Beautification Programme - especially if they over-indulge on the Royal Cliff’s splendid hospitality on Regatta night.

Tel. 0 3842 8374 http://www.pattaya-inter-hospital.co.th

Boon Rawd Brewery
- Singha Beer

70 Years of Devotion

Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first and largest brewery, was founded by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi in 1933. The privately-owned company has expanded and diversified under the visionary and innovative management of its founder, into a renowned beer producer with annual production capacity of 800 million litres.

Boon Rawd produces and markets its products under “Singha”, “Leo” and “Thai Beer” brand names.

Added to these beers are such products as soda water, drinking water, ready-to-drink fruit juices, teas and coffees.

At present, the company owns and operates three breweries and six soda and fresh drinking water plants located in strategic regions across Thailand.

Boon Rawd’s beer superiority stem from its commitment to using the best ingredients, combined with its ability to apply the latest technological advancement in the brewing process to produce only the finest beer. The beer is produced and marketed under full compliance with FDA regulations and approval of each country, including European and North America.

As an integral part of Thai Society, Boon Rawd actively participates in environmental support programs, educational scholarship programs, cultural events, traditional festivals, and sports sponsorships.

The Boon Rawd Brewery Company is happy to become a co-sponsor of the 2004 Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta, emphasizing that we have supported many world, international and regional yachting events in Thailand over the years.

We believe that, in accordance with our own environmental awareness programmes, sailing and yacht racing are one of mankind’s most environmentally-friendly pursuits and this regatta does much to promote a ‘clean and green’ Pattaya to the world.

Emerson Climate Technologies:

Giant of the Eastern Seaboard

On the first of April, the Copeland Corporation, a division of the US-based company, Emerson Electric, rolled its three millionth scroll compressor off the assembly line. It was, indeed, the occasion for a great celebration at the company’s huge Rayong complex which covers almost 27,000 square metres of floor space. The company produces scroll compressors and supplies air conditioning manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Bruce Hoppe, Managing Director of the Thailand-based company, was justifiably proud, addressing some 800 employees at the party, pointing out that from modest beginnings in 1997, when some 41, 000 units were produced, the Rayong facilities had reached this three million in just seven years, becoming Copeland’s pride, archieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 along the way.

Copeland’s primary aims are service, safety and environmental protection. “Our factories are built for you, our customers, and they are at your service,” said Bruce.

The company has an impeccable safety record, in which more than 6.75 million hours, without a single lost-time incident, have been worked, Bruce noted that Copeland will soon be aiming at the four millionth compressor when the second assembly line starts operating which, in turn, will create many new jobs.

Steve Stewart, Vice President and general Manager of Copeland Operations in Asia, in turn, echoed Bruce’s promise: “Our team will continue to grow”, he said. “Most important for all of us and all of Asia is to protect the environment”, Steve added.

St Louis, USA-based Emerson is a global leader in innovative technologies and solutions in five areas of the private sector: industrial automation, process control, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, electronics and communications and appliance and tools. Such leading brands as Alco, Browning, Copeland Scroll, Emerson Motors, Emerson Ceiling Fans, Therm-o-Disc and White Rodgers are all under the jurisdiction of Emerson Climate Technologies.

Copeland comes aboard the PC Classic as a sponsor for the second time, regarding the Regatta as one of the Eastern Seaboard’s most environmentally-friendly pursuits, something which the Rayong Company advocates most strongly. We are also happy to note that the event will donate all proceeds to charities in our area.

The Business Owner’s First Mate

Sailing to win requires teamwork, a dedication to excellence and a sound, well planned strategy that remains flexible enough to respond to ever-changing conditions. A savvy captain knows how to get the best from his people and take advantage of every opportunity.

Business Owners share this ambition, which is why Bartercard has become the trusted first mate to more than 1,800 companies in Thailand and more than 50,000 companies in 16 countries around the world.

Bartercard’s dedicated team helps companies build sales while preserving cash and we are pleased to announce that we are now open in Pattaya to help Business Owners here do the same. Give us a call on 038-422190 to see how Bartercard can help you steer a winning course.

As a regular sponsor of the PC Classic, Bartercard thus has expanded its support of events on the Eastern Seaboard, having, for several years, also sponsored the annual “Tuk Tuk (Samlor) Rally”, Bangkok to Pattaya.

Bartercard has a global reach with more than 50 offices world-wide. Graham Brain, Managing Director of Bartercard (Thailand), considers it to be “the world’s largest and fastest-growing retail barter exchange organization”.

Barter Card is a generous supporter of the yacht race and is, thus, happy to sponsor again the PC Classic, an environmentally-friendly activity which promotes Pattaya and the Eastern seaboard, to everyone’s mutual benefit – especially the needy in the area.

Rieckermann Thai Engineering

Rieckermann Thai Engineering (RTE) is an independent member of the Rieckermann Group. RTE has been supplying the Thai industry with technology, machinery plant, and total engineering solutions for more than 50 years.

The core business of technology supply and engineering is divided into two major areas, namely Industrial Plant & Equipment for Petrochemical and Chemical, Steel and Automotive as well as Agro Industries and Plant & Equipment for Environmental Industries, Recycling and Logistics as well as Special Projects.

Focusing on the Eastern Seaboard, RTE has built a substantial number of process plants & turnkey industrial factories for foreign and local investors.

Capable Engineering, Procurement and Construction, together with Project Management, have been the mainstay of Rieckermann’s operations in Thailand.

RTE also undertakes the design, installation and commissioning of most industrial projects and is able to manage projects on a turn-key basis.

“The main reason for our long and successful business operations in Thailand,” points out Hans-Dieter Westphal, Managing Director of Rieckermann, “is that we employ a team of highly-qualified and experienced engineers who are able to adapt the best available engineering concepts to suit local conditions”.

RTE is most happy to continue our support for the annual PC Classic, one of Pattaya’s most environmentally-friendly past-times, which, through the positive press and media coverage of the event, presents our city in a favourable light around the world.

Website: www.rte.co.th; www.rieckermann.com

‘Newshounds’ to the World

Founded in 1848, a year of revolution in Europe and therefore of great news-worthiness in the United States, the Associated Press (AP) is the oldest and largest news organization in the world.

A non-profit cooperative of U.S. newspapers and broadcasters, AP provides global coverage of news, sports, business and entertainment in all media formats, to some 15,000 news outlets in more than 120 nations.

AP serves as a source of news, photos, graphics, audio, and video for more than one billion people a day, providing distinctive news services of the highest quality, reliability and objectivity, with reports that are accurate, balanced and informed.

It manages the industry’s most sophisticated digital photo network, a 24-hour continuously updated online news service, a state-of-the-art television news service and one of the largest radio networks in the United States.

AP has received 47 Pulitzer Prizes and 28 photo Pulitzers, the most awarded to any news agency and it services 121 countries, reporting in five languages, English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish, and is translated into many more.

The Associated Press is happy to support the PC Classic for the first time, because the event, in media terms, does much to promote a positive image of Pattaya and Thailand, generally. It also will benefit the needy and under-privileged in and around our community.

Jomtien Boathouse:
Aye, Aye Captain

Opened in October 2002, the Jomtien Boathouse Wine and Grill is nautical in the extreme, beautifully fitted out with maritime memorabilia, artifacts and precious prints and photographs, as one would expect from the collection of former merchant marine Captain, Ib Ottesen, owner of the Boahouse.

Opened five years after the equally-successful Residential Suites and Captain’s Corner Restaurant back behind Pratumnak Hill, the Boathouse is, indeed, a gem. Not only for the excellent food, sea-front views over Jomtien Beach, beautifully-appointed and most reasonably-priced rooms but also, as one would expect from Ib and Kannikar Ottesen, there is a bar of unlimited libation - as more than one guest has learned

But it is not just these services which one would usually expect from a top-class exclusive (24 rooms) boutique hotel. There is that priceless ambience which Ib and Kannikar infuse into the environment, whether it be a casual evening, a jazz-night special (where Ib often performs), the Elvis impersonation on Friday evenings or a social event, such as last week’s British Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Eastern Seaboard Networking.

Ib once related to this writer his (in)glorious start as a sailor, signing aboard a vessel at a very young age, to escape the restrictions of Denmark and “see the world”.

Off went the young adventurer and 10 days later was very excited at the first land-fall. Where was it? Still in Denmark! So he “saw the sea” on his “see-saw” maiden voyage.

It is most apt, furthermore, that the Boathouse supports the PC Classic for the second time. For, it is all about sailors, protecting the environment and, through the medium of marine sports, promoting Pattaya while, simultaneously, helping some of our disadvantaged people.

Aye, Aye, Captain Ib and Admiral Kannikar.

Tel. 0 3875 6143 http://www.jomtien-boathouse.com

LCB Container Terminal 1

Anil Singh, General Manager of the Terminal, pointed out, during a recent visit to the facilities by members of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, that Laem Chabang Port almost happened by chance. In 1974, a proposal to build a port “in the middle of nowhere” was tabled as an alternative to an-already over-crowded and congested port at Klong Toey in Bangkok.

More than a billion US dollars had been invested by 1982 and “no one came”, said Anil.

Enter the burgeoning Industrial Estates on the Eastern Seaboard and an exponential growth in business, especially exports, and Laem Chabang was “off and running”.

By 1998, manufacturers in the region, realized that Klong Toey was no longer viable and all avenues led to Laem Chabang which proceeded to import state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

In just five brief years, the port, with its excellent infrastructure, has developed into a maritime hub, among the five most efficient in the world.

LCB1 itself started operations in 1995, recording, by the end of 2003, a container throughput of 576,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) logged by 411 vessels. This capacity will almost double by 2010 when Laem Chabang completes its Phase 2 expansion.

“In operating this terminal”, Anil notes, “LCB1 endeavours to provide a first-class handling facility, with a quest to be the best in Thailand”.

Therein lies the key to LCB1’s ambition and drive to be the global best. “Our QUEST for excellence,” Anil emphasizes, “is insatiable”. “Our belief”, he summarizes, “is QU (quality), E (environment), S (Safety) and T (Training)”.

LCB1 is a co-sponsor of the PC Classic Regatta for the second year and their support is based upon their own philosophy of “health, safety and conservation of the environment”. This year, too, throught the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, all proceeds will be donated to the needy and disadvantaged of our area.

This is what the PC Classic is all about.

30 Years of Magic

The Royal Cliff Beach Resort:

It was last October when the Five-Star Resort celebrated its 30th Anniversary, which was presided over by HRH Princess Ubolratana. Khun Panga Vathanakul, Managing Director of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, has been an ardent supporter of the PC Classic these past four years.

Thus, it is appropriate to extract from Khun Panga’s eloquent address on that occasion, to use here in the sponsors’ profiles for this special PC Classic Supplement. Khun Panga’s words can be equally applied to the participants, supporters and managers of this year’s event:

“Thirty years is a significant milestone for any endeavour and I am delighted to be able to share this achievement with all of you. As you are all aware, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort is a place that I hold very near and dear to my heart.

Three decades ago, the resort you see around you was simply a dream. At that time, we had envisioned building and operating a successful hotel property. Over the years, however, our vision has steadily evolved to encompass a great deal more.

Today the Royal Cliff Beach Resort comprises four 5-star hotels with 1,100 rooms, a stand-alone multipurpose convention centre capable of catering to over 5,000 as well as 21 meeting rooms and 3 ballrooms, 10 restaurants, 4 bars, 2 spa facilities, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, 5 swimming pools, 6 tennis courts, 2 brand new squash courts, exclusive beaches, a Thai cooking school, a private catamaran, and of course, all the services and amenities to make one’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Of course, this by no means implies that we have achieved our goals. We will continue to strive for more and look forward to the challenges that tomorrow brings.”

The Royal Cliff’s strong support for the PC Classic is a reflection of the aims of all concerned: to project an image world-wide of an environmentally-clean Pattaya, furthering the appeal of our beloved city as a family-orientated tourist destination, with a rapidly-improving marine eco-system for which an international yacht race is the perfect medium.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola, a most prominent and generous supporter of many sporting events, joins the PC Classic 2004, for the fourth time, as a major sponsor. In fact, there are very few sporting events where the Coca Cola logo is not prominent and the trademark red marquee will be clearly visible to the sailors out at sea.

The company has an extremely strict environmental protection code which guides its global philosophy that “responsible stewardship of the environment is a top priority, for, by preserving and enhancing our natural world, we brighten the future for our planet and for each other”.

Coca Cola puts this principle into practice through its Environmental Management System, known as the KO system. We operate our business with a commitment to move continually towards sustainability: striving to consume fewer natural resources and to recover and reuse them whenever feasible.

It is also most satisfying to the organizers, participants, co-sponsors and the viewing public, that this regatta could be known as the “environmentalists’ dream”. Every sponsor is concerned about the world we now live in and, thus, it is understandable that yacht racing, one of mankind’s most environmentally-friendly pursuits - is a high priority.

These tenets are sacred to every sailor who relies solely on Nature and the natural world of wind, wave and tide, to move along, as will be evident during the PC Classic Regatta.

Thus, Coca Cola is delighted to support this event again, knowing that it will promote a better, cleaner image of a family-oriented Pattaya portrayed to the world-at-large by the press and media coverage the race always attracts, with the added attraction that all proceeds from the regatta will be donated to disadvantaged people in the Eastern Seaboard areas, especially the children.

The Carpet Master

The Carpet Master was founded by a group of professionals brought together by the common goal of excellence in the manufacture of carpets and rugs.

With over thirty years of experience, Carpet Master’s team of designers and craftsmen create exquisite works of carpet art that grace the interiors of some of the most prestigious royal palaces, luxury hotels, corporate offices and private clubs throughout the world.

The 2000’s will be an exciting time for Carpet Master as we continue to diversify and expand the scope of our operations. Whilst we are dedicated to the on-going evolution of our company as an innovative business and manufacturing entity, we remain steadfast to the goals that have always defined our operating policy. They are, inter al. the constant nurturing of the fine balance between art and technology in the production of our carpets and rugs.

These aims are backed up by a daring commercial carpets warrantee programme for the domestic market. Our uncompromising quality and service adds that vital extra dimension of value of our products.

We at Carpet Master are happy to join the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2004 which, we consider, epitomizes our own aims: to pursue uncompromising excellence through the up-market technology employed in the production of these sailing craft. In the case of yacht racing, these craft must also achieve a fine balance between Nature’s forces and technology.

We wish all participants, the organizers and our co-sponsors an enjoyable and safe regatta, which is an ideal medium for promoting Pattaya in the region’s press and assisting some of our more needy citizens in the area, through donation of the day’s proceeds to charities.

Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines offers daily departures to Zurich and Singapore from Bangkok. Using state-of-the-art Airbus A340 aircraft, the Airline offers premium levels of service and inflight comfort in First, Business and Economy Class, in a low-density configuration of just 228 seats.

Swiss First (Eight Seats): With an ambience like that found on private aircraft, Swiss First Class offers unsurpassed levels of comfort and fine dining. The 211 cm sleeper seat can be transformed into a bed at the touch of a button. An ottoman at each seat converts to a second seat when you want to share a meal with another first class travelling companion.

Swiss Business (48 Seats): The cabin design, attention to detail and sophistication bring new perspectives to longhaul travel. The six abreast comfort allows maximum individual space and each seat is fully reclinable, for sleeping comfort. The new large screen inflight entertainment system offering video on demand, puts you in full control of your time onboard.

Swiss Economy (172 seats): The spacious Economy Class cabin offers seatback video screens throughout, with ergonomically-designed seats and ample legroom. With a range of meals to choose from and 34 video channels for your personal viewing pleasure, there’s a lot more to it than just economy. The offer of flexible packages and competitively-priced airfares means that the value for money with Swiss International Air Lines has never been better.

Swiss is happy to join the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2004 which is not only a major promotion for Pattaya as a family-oriented and marine-friendly environment but, by extension, a big boost to tourism which is of mutual benefit to us all – especially in the airline business.

Contact Swiss today at our Bangkok town office on 02 636 2150 or airport office on 02 504 2755 for reservations, ticketing or further information.

Ambrose Wine Limited

Established in 1996 formerly as a subsidiary of Seagram Thailand, Ambrose Wine Ltd. is a specialist wine company based in Thailand. It is owned by the Techapaibul family, who also make up the company’s Board of Directors, with Chawalit Techapaibul as the Executive Chairman.

The Techapaibul family has been prominent in business and banking in Thailand for many years and was formerly joint-venture partners with Seagram in Thailand.

Ambrose currently employs 130 people, with 20 in Sales and Marketing and 35 in Warehousing and Logistics. In addition Ambrose Wine Ltd. has a team of 50 in-store promoters who work as product consultants in leading retail stores throughout the country.

Khun Chawalit notes that he is “fortunate to have a strong sales team” and points out that, although the company is only eight years old, many of the staff have more than 18 years experience in the business. His most ‘memorable’ vintages: Cheval Blanc 1947, a perfect wine and Harlan Estate 1994, an awe-inspiring experience for the taste buds.

Ambrose Wine has been a consistent supporter of the PC Classic, giving generous sponsorship for the event and all attending the Gala Awards Dinner at the Royal Cliff can again enjoy the fine wines provided throughout the evening by Ambrose.

Pattaya Blatt -
das Sprachrohr für die Deutschsprachigen

Seit nunmehr fast zwei Jahren hat sich die Idee, eine wöchentliche Nachrichtenzeitung in deutscher Sprache herauszugeben, als hervorragend bewiesen. Denn das Konzept von Pattaya Blatt, das Sprachrohr für alle Deutschsprachigen in Thailand zu sein, erfüllt die Bedürfnisse der deutschsprachigen Gemeinde nach Nachrichten, Informationen, Unterhaltung und Ereignissen in und um Pattaya, an der Ostküste und in ganz Thailand, aber auch als hervorragender Werbeträger voll und ganz.

Zwei Jahre harter Arbeit waren von Erfolg gekrönt. Pattaya Blatt wurde bereits Anfang diesen Jahres zur besten deutschsprachigen Zeitung der Ostküste prämiert. Dazu trugen die gute, faire und sachliche Berichterstattung, ausgezeichnete Informationen, sowie der interessante und abwechslungsreiche Unterhaltungsteil mit bei.

Pattaya Blatt hat eine treue Leserschaft, die, im Inland wie im Ausland, mit jedem Tag größer wird. Mit einer Auflagenhöhe von 6.000 Ausgaben pro Woche, wird alleine in Thailand eine Leserschaft von ungefähr 20.000 Menschen angesprochen, die nun die neuesten Nachrichten in ihrer Muttersprache lesen können.

Pattaya Blatt hat seit seinem Bestehen bewiesen, dass es sich für die Belange der ausländischen Mutbürger in Thailand einsetzt, aber ihnen auch gleichzeitig die thailändische Kultur und Tradition nahe bringt. Gleichzeitig wird Thailand von Pattaya Blatt in der alten Heimat in einem positiven Licht prไsentiert und stellt somit einen wirksamen Werbeträger für die Wahlheimat vieler Deutschsprachiger dar.

Tel. 0 3841 1240-1 http://www.pattayablatt.com

Nestl้ (Thailand) Limited

“Good food, Good life” reads the Nestle logo and it is doubtful if there is anyone, anywhere who has not eaten or drunk a Nestle product from neo-natos up to octogenerians - and older, sometime in their life.

Nestle began in Thailand a century ago when the company introduced “Milkmaid” - a sweetened condensed milk. The “Bangkok Times” ran the product’s first advertisement on 18 October, 1893.

Now, one hundred years down the line, Nestle Thailand has diversified with nine production plants and more than 3,000 employees.

Everyone knows about and more than likely tasted such ‘household’ brands as: Nestle Bear Brand, Nestle Milo, Nescafe (even as I write this, I am drinking a cup of Nescafe with, you guessed it, two sachets of Coffee Mate stirred in). Maggi and the ubiquitous Nestle ice cream are also so well known, the latter appealling to total generations. The Royal Varuna Yacht Club, alone, during its weekend sailing programmes must consume countless litres of ice cream: men, women and, especially, the children who are constantly “wolfing” down ice cream.

But it is not just food production, marketing and sales which the company pursues in Thailand. There is a deep and lasting commitment to furthering the Kingdom’s economic and social development, promoting environmental improvement programmes and fostering local self-sufficiency through the maximum possible use of available native raw materials.

Although Nestle is joining the PC Classic as a sponsor for the first time, it is certainly not the initial support for yacht racing. Quite the contrary, in fact. On several occasions Nestle has sponsored events at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, focusing on the children’s sailing, training and racing in the Optimist dinghy.

Milo, on several occasions, became the “breakfast drink of champions”, as one youngster said it so well.

The environmental concerns of the company are well addressed in the PC Classic which, through yacht racing, promotes eco-tourism and protection of the fragile marine infrastructure, as one of mankind’s most environmentally-friendly pursuits.


An exciting new era of Top Notch Television Programmes for the Pattaya Audience

Pattaya Mail and Capital TV (CTV) recently pooled their resources to create a new and unique television news, events and entertainment programme of the highest quality called “Pattaya Mail Plus”.

This is proving to be a very positive promotional move for Pattaya and it is aired on Sophon Cable TV in Pattaya, while special feature segments are shown world-wide on various international channels.

Pattaya Mail Plus is able to produce not only in-depth news bulletins but also items on local events, community-related stories, reports on the industrial developments in and along the Eastern Seaboard and, most importantly, special travel features.

As the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta is very much an eco-tourism event, Pattaya mail Plus - and, Capital TV will give the regatta top world-wide coverage.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Capital Television

Capital Television (CTV) is an independent production company based in Bangkok, Thailand, was launched here in 1994.

The company’s team produces a range of video projects and television programs – including documentaries, TV specials and news features. Regional television affiliates have included CNBC Asia, NBC, STAR Plus & STAR World. Local Television projects have been undertaken with UBC, ITV, Television of Thailand Channel 11 and Channel 5 Global Satellite.

Capital TV productions are now seen in more than 100 countries by more than 150 million potential viewers.

Capital TV’s corporate division also offers TVC, video and promotional film production. And, for the last 6 years, has been working in partnership with STAR TV to produce the network’s only regional travel show “Travel Asia & Beyond” and produces most of the travel related video content for STAR’s broadband platform.

For the past five years, Capital TV has been producing the English-language magazine show “Destination Thailand” which airs each weekend on UBC Series.

CTV has covered the PC Classic for the past few years and also covers other major yacht-racing events in the Kingdom, such as the Phuket King’s Cup and the Koh Samui Regattas, held in each December and May respectively.

Tel. 0 2662 5540-1 - www. capitaltv.co.th

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