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PC Classic Regatta: Pattaya takes a quantum leap forward

The Pattaya Mail PC Classic from the dry side

Pattaya’s Manoch Abdulkaree wins Asia Enduro Championship 2002

New Zealand takes top prize at Beijing’s rugby sevens; Asian teams falter

No change at the top of the table

Like every dog, Fido has his day

Vic Cross strikes fear into youngsters

Maurice and The Admiral win at Pattaya

Mr Loy Hangs on at Khao Kheow

PH3 Run 940

PGF to host 45,000 baht soccer championship

The Square Ring


PC Classic Regatta: Pattaya takes a quantum leap forward

by Peter Cummins

Another successful year for the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2002. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

The overall winner of the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2002 was, undoubtedly, Pattaya herself. On the very eve of a top delegation leaving for the 2002 Berlin International Tourism Bourse (ITB) to re-launch a new, re-vitalized and environmentally upgraded Pattaya to the world, the just-sailed Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach International Regatta must surely rate as one of Pattaya’s many lures.

Multihull in contention off the Royal Cliff (Photo by Brendan Richards)

Sailed in perfect conditions, with a big fleet of yachts, junior sailors and windsurfers, right off one of the world’s best hotels, the five-star Royal Cliff Beach Resort, the regatta presented an unrivalled spectacle of colour and fun in the sun. It would offer a stark visual contrast to a Northern Europe coming out of a dark, bitter winter.

Royal Cliff MD Panga Vathanakul with GM Andrew Wood (L) and Peter Cummins holding a replica trophy. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

Principal race officer Richard van den Heuvel, ensconced in his management committee vessel, set a somewhat trapezoidal course, with one eye on the wind conditions and another on the time factor, to coordinate the racing to finish in a reasonable time. A formidable task which all went to schedule, with the fleets finishing within 90 minutes, but Richard had to work very hard to compute the results in time for the vigorous social programme and pool-side awards ceremony, sponsored by the Royal Cliff that evening.

And the winners are...

Bob Garner and Jouke Postma mounted Bob’s Nacra 17 and decided it was time that a new name appeared as master of the multihulls (almost entirely Nacras), relegating defending Classic champions Gary Baguley and Josef Hoppen (Nacra 5.8) to third place, with Les Nyerges, sailing confidently, also coming in ahead of Baguley, second on the single-handed Nacra 16 Sq., while brand-new ‘daddy’ Alberto Cassio (Nacra 16 Sq.), sailing for his day-old son, raced into a good fourth place.

UNICEF’s Gamini Abeysekera awards an Optimist winner. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

Family teams dominated the Hobie Cat Division, with the Rockeys, Bud and Gaile, returning to the racing circuit after a few years back in the USA, stamping their mark on the Hobie Cat fleet, revived somewhat for the Classic, to finish first, followed by Markus/Christian Foster and Robert/Sandra England, second and third, respectively.

In the Monohull Division, Siri Chandler, continuing on her winning streak, decided to use the smaller Laser (Radial) rig, thus gaining a slight handicap advantage over the regulars - a good move, undoubtedly, beating out Marco Miagostovich, Thiha U., Peter Fischer and Charlie Zbinden, all Lasers, second to fifth, respectively.

The “old man on the sea” - PC drives hard. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

David Wales press-ganged a bystander to crew his Enterprise and, after the race, deciding to give the spectators a close-up of a racing machine, sailed in close to shore. He was welcomed by a rather unfriendly rock, broke his rudder and bolted back to the safety of Royal Varuna.

The great little sailors, fearless in their Optimists, also sailed to the Royal Cliff and competed with the ‘big guys’, showing inordinate skills imbued in them over the months by Royal Varuna junior sailing secretary Linden Phanpho. In a close contest out there on the open waters, Antoine, Matteo, Sebastian and Rutger battled it out to finish in that order and receive their trophies from Dr. Gamini Abeysekera, the Thailand representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Bob Garner (left) accepted the permanent PC Classic Trophy from Panga Vathanakul, managing director of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, as “PC” extends his congratulations.

Last - and certainly not least - the windsurfers, who had sailed a long way to the start line, added excitement and colour, with Anucha C., Piwawat P. and Prapart S. filling the top three places.

Bob Garner and Siri Chandler accepted the permanent PC Classic Trophy from Panga Vathanakul, managing director of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, as joint multi and monohull winners of the 2002 event.

Nacras and Hobie Cats fight for supremacy. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

At the end of the racing, the sailors, spectators, supporters and hotel guests were greeted by the red-bedecked marching band from one of Pattaya’s schools: delightful children who regaled the big crowd with their music, their bright, beaming faces and their resplendent uniforms, glinting in the afternoon sun on the Royal Cliff’s seaside promenade.

The PC Classic

There were many anxious eyes scanning the Pattaya skyline the days before the regatta, as low, dark cumulus scudded around the horizons, rain poured down in a deluge and the wind fled the scene.

But come Saturday morning, the sky opened and the wind crept out of the north; it should have been the south but, at least, there WAS wind. The Eighth Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2002 was ready to sail.

Some 85 sailors and their craft numbering almost 50 multihulls, Hobie Cats, monohulls and Optimists launched off the Royal Varuna Yacht Club foreshore while 10 windsurfers beat their way along the Jomtien coast to take principal race officer Richard van den Heuvel’s starting signals from the Royal Cliff catamaran, the “Island Dream”, anchored mid-stream off the resort.

Fore and aft, the Optimist fleet sweeps past a race marshal’s vessel. (Photo by Carl Engel)

Varun, the mythical wind god obliged and a moderate 10 - 15 knot northerly, clear skies and a short chop greeted the fleets at the Royal Cliff start line. The conditions also delighted the big crowd on the Royal Cliff beachfront promenade, accommodated and regaled - appropriately enough in nautical terms - under the Coca Cola red (port) and the Carlsberg green (starboard) marquees. Royal Varuna sailor Simon Carey, with the able assistance of Bronwyn, gave the crowd an unexpected bonus, with a lively and enlightening commentary on the racing: a show worthy of an America’s Cup final.

The PC Classic originated in 1995 when the Royal Varuna Yacht Club honoured its former commodore and long-standing yachting scribe in the Kingdom, Peter Cummins, with an honorary life membership and a yacht race to mark his 60th birthday. From those relatively humble beginnings, the PC Classic has developed and, when the Pattaya Mail newspaper, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Carlsberg and Coca Cola all offered sponsorship for the seventh sailing in 2001, a new international regatta was off and sailing, so to speak.

Close competition as the multihulls practically fly through the water. (Photo by Carl Engel)

Regatta Sponsors

As has been said many times - in any field of endeavour, sporting or otherwise - without sponsors there can be no event. Thus, when the Eighth Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta was announced earlier this year, Ron Batori, managing director of Ambrose Wines, was quick to join the Mail and the Royal Cliff as a sponsor. Ron, the acknowledged international expert of wine and viniculture, directs numerous wine-tastings at the Royal Cliff Wine Club and elsewhere. With due regard to the crippling tax on wine, Ron has just opened a new concept of duty-free wine in a chain of “Chateau and Champagne” boutiques which will allow returning residents and incoming visitors alike to purchase top vintages on arrival. No doubt this will appeal much to sailors whose concern with ‘windage’ out racing on the sea will change to ‘vintage’ when returning to the Kingdom from overseas.

Thai Fuji Xerox soon followed and joined the regatta as first-time sponsors. Chingchai Sirikanerat, dealer and regional sales manager of Fuji Xerox, felt that supporting a regatta which will greatly assist Pattaya’s determination to project a new image of the resort as an environmentally-friendly and family-oriented tourist destination, also reflects his company’s aims.

“Hanging out” in the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2002. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

The timing is excellent, according to Manit Boonchim, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Region Three Office in Pattaya which was also a major supporter of the Classic. Right on the eve of the International Tourism Bourse to be held in Berlin next week - which will be attended by many from the public and private sectors - the regatta showed the best possible side of Pattaya - a clean, healthy, accessible activity, thriving in and contributing to a clean, salubrious environment.

The Bourse will showcase a “Pattaya Night”. Presided over by HSH Princess Ubolratana, the evening will present a new, cleaner, friendlier Pattaya and the just-completed regatta is certainly one of the most environmentally sound activities of the resort - ideal for every conceivable form of water sports.

It’s stem to stern as the optimist fleet battles for the lead. (Photo by Carl Engel)

Carlsberg and Coca Cola again gave full support to the regatta, with Coca Cola supplying the very classy designer polo shirts (with zips and collars, too!). With the imprimatur of the governor of Chonburi Province, Chadej Insawang and the management and participation of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, the regatta was a huge success.

Then, as an added bonus, Keith Ellis from the Santa Fe, Global Silverhawk Relocation Services Company appeared at the awards ceremonies with a “bag full of goodies”. Incomparable MC of the evening, Dr. Iain Corness asked who had witnessed an incident at the windward mark involving PC himself and a fleet of fast-moving Nacras: total chaos and mayhem reigned there for a few minutes. “Show of hands, please,” asked Dr Iain. No response! “What a pity,” noted the good doctor. “Many of these lovely bags and other souvenirs were for those involved in that ‘free-for-all out there!’” Suddenly, many hands were in the air.

A beautifully colourful Hobie Cat glides gracefully through the sea. (Photo by Carl Engel)

Panga Vathanakul, the charming managing director of the Royal Cliff, was extremely happy with the outcome and, particularly, the large number of participants and hotel guests who all enjoyed the sailing and the social sojourn at the Royal Cliff seafront promenade.

Andrew Wood, the personable general manager of the Royal Cliff, who had ensured every minute detail was in order - including the great Royal Cliff trio, led by ‘Ruby’ - was also delighted with the regatta which “has certainly pushed Pattaya up a notch or two as a tourist destination” and he looks forward to next year’s ninth. Andrew will be at the Berlin “Pattaya Road Show” and, no doubt, the beauty and success of the regatta will be foremost in his mind as he sets about promoting the resort among the more than 1,000 participants at this, the largest tourism trade fair in the world.

It may look like this Optimist has sunk, but it is just between the waves as it passes near the Royal Cliff’s courtesy catamaran, the “Island Dream”, anchored mid-stream off the resort. (Photo by Carl Engel)

Andrew commended his ever-cooperative staff - especially master chef Walter Thenisch who supplied the “second-most desirable commodity” to the sailors: a marvellous array of food - glorious food! Carlsberg probably had the top spot there, though - beer, beer, glorious beer ... and more beer!

Peter Malhotra, long-time supporter and vociferous advocate of a cleaner, greener Pattaya, who will also carry the message to Berlin, was still euphoric from the fourth successive award to the Pattaya Mail as the “Best in the East”, voted by the Eastern Mass Media Association of Thailand, earlier this month, as the “Eastern region’s outstanding English-language newspaper, both in news presentation and promotion of tourism.”

“The Pattaya Mail is delighted to support this regatta which is a credit to the sponsors, the host venue, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, and especially the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, all of whom contribute to the Pattaya we are striving for: the beautiful pollution-free, family-oriented beautiful resort for which Pattaya was justly famed,” Peter added.

This year the windsurfers added excitement to the race. (Photo by Brendan Richards)

Don Mackenzie, flag commodore of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, established since 1957 as the Kingdom’s oldest and most active sailing club, was happy with the great cooperation between the club and the Royal Cliff and looks forward to more future regattas involving both the public and private sectors of Pattaya, Chonburi and the Kingdom. Don - and the Varuna membership at large - was touched to observe that the most attractive decor of the Royal Cliff awards dinner featured a Royal Varuna theme of blue and white.

Andrew’s “coup”, in a day of many great happenings, was a great fireworks display, finishing with a red-lettered “PC Classic” high up in the sky, as the grand finale to a superb day. “Make the most of it, PC,” Dr Iain laughed. “It is probably the ONLY time you are ‘up in lights’ - at least in this life!”

See you next year!

The Pattaya Mail PC Classic from the dry side

by Dr. Iain Corness

So the PC Classic has been run and won for another year. The soggy sailors have received their (waterproof) trophies and gone home to regale others with hyperbolic tales of treachery on the high seas, while the vanquished quietly stole away in the night. So was this just another yacht race? An excuse to go sailing, get wet, return to land and wet the whistle as well? Actually, it was none of those.

Over the last two years, the PC Classic has developed into a race of such proportions that it has become a showcase event for yachting on the Eastern Seaboard. People who were never before fans of sail and seawater have taken interest. Corporate Thailand has also taken interest, this year with Fuji Xerox Thailand, Coke, Carlsberg, and Ambrose Wines. And the Thai tourism industry has also taken interest (with backing from the Tourism Authority of Thailand). Suddenly Pattaya has a world class yachting event to add to its many items of interest.

No small player in this has been the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, through its dynamic general manager Andrew Wood, who organised the land based side of the event. From the viewing area on the Royal Wing and Spa beachfront, the hospitality tents with 5 star food, right the way through to the event buffet dinner held around the main Royal Cliff pool, complete with musical entertainment and a fireworks finale. Sandy, salty sandwiches were not the standard fare for this event.

Even the non-yachtsmen and women enjoyed it. Superb hospitality, course announcers to describe and explain some of the intricacies of ocean racing and even a school band to fill in any hiatus in the proceedings. This was an Event, with a capital “E”.

The addition of the windsurfers this year added to the spectacle, but to the disappointment of many, the ex-commodore of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Peter Cummins, after whom the race is named, did not repeat his inversion of the previous year. Rumour has it that his was the only boat fitted with a periscope!

No, whilst there are other areas in Thailand that have annual yachting events, Pattaya should be justifiably proud of its latest world class event - the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff International Yachting Regatta. From the water’s edge, I congratulate not only the sailors, but the hard working crews that made the dry land side of it such a success.

Pattaya’s Manoch Abdulkaree wins Asia Enduro Championship 2002

Thai riders take 4 of top ten places

Pattaya Enduro Club rider and Thailand Motorcross Champion, Manoch Abdulkaree defeated a field of 70 international riders to win this year’s Maxxis Asia International Enduro Championship.

Manoch, who also won the championship 2 years ago, won this year’s event with a total time 2:10:32, over a minute ahead of his nearest finisher, Pattaya Enduro Club Rider Ivan Fiqura from Slovakia.

FMSCT President Thongchai Wongsawan (left) and Pichit Eungsethaphant (right) award the spoils of victory to champion Manoch Abdulkaree.

Japan’s Yoshio Ikemachi, who organizers billed as being part of “the center of the highlights” for an anticipated “man-to-man fight with Mr. Manoch”, finished third, 5 minutes off the pace.

Thai riders took 4 of the top ten places, as well as some of the individual category awards. Japanese riders finished with 5 riders in the top 10.

The four-day event began in Bangkok with 70 riders making their way in convoy formation from the Emerald Hotel on Ratchadaphisek Road, escorted by tourist police, down Bangna-Trad Road and on to the Montien Hotel in Pattaya.

Competition began early on Friday March 15, with competitors leaving at one minute intervals from the Montien to the various off road courses on the Eastern Seaboard. Competition courses had been laid out in Phanat Nikom and Nong Yai in Chonburi and as far down as Maptaphut in Rayong.

Manoch Abdulkaree defeated a field of 70 international riders to win this year’s Maxxis Asia International Enduro Championship.

The event included multiple Special Stages over 4 days, with each day covering approximately 250 km of the most grueling off-road terrain the area has to offer. During the 4 days, the riders and their machines received no outside help and endured the terrain and all mechanical problems by themselves.

Pattaya Enduro Club rider Roland Steiner reported that, “The event was a great success. The organizers, officials and sponsors enjoyed the hospitality of Pattaya so much, they have committed to run the entire 2003 Asia Enduro Championship in Pattaya, thanks to the dedication and help from city hall, the local TAT office, the Thai Motorcycle Federation (FMSCT) and all authorities involved.”

Roland went on to say, “Special mention should be made of Douglas Paul Baird from the Pattaya Enduro Club who experienced a bad crash on day three and apart from ruining his race machine, broke his shoulder in five places. For the love of the sport, he did, however, postpone surgery (under great pain) to be able to see the final race and attend the prize giving ceremony.”

Roland Steiner also crashed in the first stage of the race, and the subsequent on track repairs threw him to last position. Fighting back, he managed to finish in 26th place.

As for other Pattaya Enduro Club riders - Richard Gilbert finished 5th in the sports class, which is a great achievement for his first International Enduro, while Damien Cryne missed one special stage due to an organizational glitch. Bruno Schmid’s engine blew up on the first day. But all agreed that the Pattaya Enduro Club will be back in force next year.

The International sports class, which rode a slightly lesser program, was also won by a Thai, Porngsak Hiranyalaka.

The only woman rider to enter the competition, Yuki Hirose from Japan, finished 19th in the sports class.

The prize giving party was held at the Montien Hotel, which also served as a base for international riders and the service area and pits.

Roland reported that, “The ceremony became very wet after the prizes were presented, as nearly every rider got thrown in the pool. The winner, Manoch showed that he was not only the fastest on a dirt bike, but that he is also super fit, as he sprinted off the stage, through the hotel lobby and down Second Road with a group of international riders hot on his heels, wanting to throw him in the pool. He saved himself by climbing a motorcycle taxi and shouting lao lao.”

Ortev of Japan organized the event, which was sponsored by Maxxis Tires, Veloil, Singha, and Kohzai, and received support from TAT, Royal Thai Navy, Pattaya City, FIM (International Motorcycle Federation), FMSCT (Federation of Motorcycle Sports Clubs of Thailand) and the UAM (Union of Asian Motorcycle Federations, which governs the Asian countries).

Pattaya Trail Riders meet at the JET Petrol station opposite Lotus on Sukhumvit Rd. every Sunday at 10.15 a.m. and go out for off-road motorcycle trail rides. Anyone with a dirt bike is welcome to take part in the fun. Contact Roland Steiner, tel. 01 782 3893, fax: 038 300 987, e-mail: [email protected]

New Zealand takes top prize at Beijing’s rugby sevens; Asian teams falter

Beijing (AP) Tournament favorite New Zealand rolled over the United States, Fiji and finally South Africa on Sunday, taking the top prize at the International Rugby Board’s Beijing Sevens. But Asian teams - with the exception of Japan - turned in largely weak performances.

New Zealand demolished the Americans 40-7 before going on to rout regional powerhouse Fiji 35-12. In the championship of the tournament’s top bracket, the Kiwis soundly defeated rival South Africa 41-14 after a second half of furious scoring.

South Africa defeated Argentina 33-12 and edged Australia 19-12 in a close contest before falling to New Zealand in the finals.

In the most lopsided match of the day, Samoa built a 20-0 early lead into a 54-7 victory over Argentina that came shortly after Samoa lost to Australia 17-12.

France took the lower-bracket championship, first coming back from a 14-point deficit and deploying strong defense to edge South Korea 15-14, then edging Canada 24-19.

On Sunday, the tournament’s second and final day, many Asian teams faltered.

Tournament host China fell twice, losing to a strongly defensive Hong Kong team 29-7 and then to South Korea 36-5.

But Hong Kong went downhill from there. France defeated Hong Kong 41-5, helped along by a boisterous Francophile who blew a horn and waved the national flag through the entire match. Later, Japan crushed Hong Kong 40-5 to take first place in one of the tournament’s two consolation brackets.

Canada downed Taiwan - whose team was entered, as per Mainland China’s policy, as Chinese Taipei - 40-17, though Taiwan fought hard. Chinese Taipei also fell to Japan 24-12 despite a late comeback.

In other tournament play Sunday:

- Fiji, with hundreds of fans singing its national anthem, defeated England 28-14 before falling to New Zealand.

- After downing the United States 21-12, England defeated Samoa 33-14 and snagged the championship in the other consolation bracket.

- Wales defeated Japan 17-15 despite strong performances from Japan’s three big forwards, then fell behind early and lost to Canada, a strong favorite, 29-17.

Last weekend’s tournament marked the debut of seven-a-side rugby in Beijing.

No change at the top of the table

PSC Cafe Kronborg Tuesday Bowling League

This week’s Kronborg Bowling League, round 26, made little change to the table, as Jeed’s team was the only one able to pull of a win against Nual’s 3-1, with Jeed bowling a game of 204 and a series of 514, well backed by Sven and Tue.

Both other matches of the day ended in 2-2 draws, including the top match between Kran and Mio’s teams, as well as in the match between Otto against Udom’s teams.

Jeed (left) bowled a 204 this week, and Mio (right) scored a 215.

Mio was again the high roller of the day with a game of 215 and a series of 573.

With only 4 weeks to go before the end of this season, top honors are still very open.

The turnout for the last few weeks has been lower than normal, and the club still welcomes visitors and new bowlers to join them on Tuesday afternoon at 13:30, for a fun game.

Team standings after Mar 12

  Won Lost

1. Mio
2. Kran
3. Jeed
4. Udom (S)
5. Nual
6. Otto



Like every dog, Fido has his day

IPGC TAGGS Golf From The Haven

Monday 11th March - Phoenix Mountain/Ocean (Monthly Medal)

1st Division

1st: Yazuo Suzuki, 71
2nd: Jeff McLaury, 72
3rd: Michael Dige, 73 cb9 34.5
4th: Phil Groves, 73 cb9 39, cb6 25.3, cb3 10.7
5th: Per Aschan, 73 cb9 39, cb6 25.3, cb6 13.7

2nd Division

1st: Patrick Asklund, 70
2nd: Harry Cranz, 74 cb9 35.5
3rd: Mo Bertrand, 74 cb9 37.5
4th: Glynn Nicholas, 75

The monthly medal off the blue tees is usually a popular and very competitive affair, and this month proved to be no exception. Played in a strong wind the scores reflected the difficulty with only the winners of each division breaking par.

Suzuki San playing his usual steady game punctuated with yelps and banzais headed the first group, although Jeff McLaury gave him a close race until the final three holes. Michael Dige took third all on his own, with a typically solid performance, after the initial count back, which left Phil Groves and Per Aschan to squabble over the last place. Phil prevailed having made par on the last three holes.

The Second Division proved to be a little easier to win for Patrick “Fido” Asklund, who scored his first success for some time, shooting 2 under. Harry Cranz and Mo Bertrand also had to be separated by count back, with Herr Doktor getting the edge on the back nine. Glynn Nicholas rounded out the podium in the division, well clear of the chasing pack.

It was no surprise that nobody managed to score a two on the day leaving a huge pot to carry forward to the next competition.

Back at The Haven, Richard Livingston the resident PGA professional welcomed new members Tammy and Heike Grieke from Canada, whilst welcoming back Dave Spendley and the winner Patrick Asklund.

Wednesday 13th March - Siam (Stableford)

1st: Stephen Beard, 38 pts. cb9 19
2nd: Brian Kelly, 38 pts. cb9 16
3rd: Mark Adair, 36 pts.
4th: Dan Maclean, 35 pts. cb9 19
5th: Michael Dige, 35 pts. cb9 17
6th: Yazuo Suzuki, 34 pts. cb9 18
7th: Jimmy McHugh, 34 pts. cb9 17
8th: Jimmee Little, 34 pts. cb9 15

As is usual at the moment, a large contingent of golfers turned out for the re-scheduled fixture at Siam instead of Treasure Hills, the latter being closed on Wednesdays. An added feature of the day was that the competition was counting in the on-going Order of Merit table, which runs throughout the year for regular players.

For the first time in a few months the “Doc” came good to just pip Brian Kelly on count back after Brian had scored a great 22 points on the front nine. Brian was not too upset as his second place was good enough to take him to the top of the Order of Merit table, whilst the “Doc” also improved some 6 places. Making a debutant appearance on the podium Mark Adair took 3rd place without the need of a count back with a steady 18 points on both nines. The unlucky Jimmy McHugh and Jimmee Little failed to make the top line after another count back.

Michael Dige cleaned up in the twos, scoring the only one and the large entry plus the huge carry over ensured that his share for that achievement was larger than the winner’s. In view of this, he graciously blew the horn for the benefit of the assembled masses.

Prior to the prize giving, Richard welcomed new members Robin and Ann Edinboro and Jimmy McHugh and welcomed back Don and Greg Grisham from the USA.

Vic Cross strikes fear into youngsters

PSC Three Sisters Golf

On Monday the 11th, oldster Vic Cross struck fear into the youngsters as he came charging into the 18th at Siam and finished with 41 Stableford points. It has been a while since Vic was seen at the top of the heap, but here he is again showing that age has nothing to do with winning.

Vic Cross (left) took the bragging rights with an outstanding 41 points on Monday March 11, shown here at Caddy Shack 2 with long time Pattaya resident Dick Caggiano who came in last with 23 points.

John Gibson had second place all to himself with 39 points but could not keep up with Vic.

Tying for third position was Bill Thompson and Derek Brook with 38 points. Bill tried to take the honors for his last game before going back to work but failed.

Bottom of the pile this week was Dick Caggiano with a big 23 points. Dick has flirted with the bottom and top positions numerous times. This time he stumbled and fell to the bottom but you can be sure that next week Dick will be going for the top spot again.

Maurice and The Admiral win at Pattaya

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Thursday 14 March - Pattaya C.C. (Stroke)

On a fine if a little blustery day, the field set forth to take apart what should have been a relatively defenceless golf course. Most were to return to the clubhouse to tell stories of “if only’s” and “next time’s”, and in the count up only one person broke his par. That can only be put down to clean living, as the ‘Admiral’ has just spent a long period drinking only water, his annual drying out session.

Maurice Herberge won the A flight at Pattaya Country Club.

The winner of the A flight (0 to 19) was Maurice Herberge with net 72 on count back over Don Richardson net 72, with third Mark Adair on net 73.

Dave ‘The Admiral’ Richardson won the B flight at Pattaya Country Club.

The B flight, 20 upwards, was won by Dave Richardson with net 71, second was Dan Heidebo net 72, and third was Stephen Cooper Reade on net 74.

Monday 11 March - Treasure Hills (Stroke)

Twenty-five golfers travelled to the Treasure Hills layout for a stroke competition in two flights, A flight 0 to 18 and B flight 19 and above.

Don Richardson took the A flight with a net 70, Neil Shaw came second with a net 73 and Maurice Herberge came third with a net 74.

Old Frank Sinclair announced his return to the ‘Land of Smiles’ by cleaning up the B flight with a good net 68 ahead of John Cahill who was second with a net 72, and Dave Richardson third on net 73 on count back from Pete Galle.

Near pins: #2 Maurice Herberge, #6 Ebrahim, #13 Don Richardson and #17 Serge Stratton.

Mr Loy Hangs on at Khao Kheow

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

On Tuesday, 12th March, another large group of the Bunker Boys and Girls made the trip to magnificent Khao Kheow for their weekly medal competition. The course was true to form and beautifully presented and scoring well is always difficult there off the yellow tees.

In division one “Mr Loy”, Roy Mitchell, played a superb front nine only to be forced on to the back foot later in order to preserve a slender one shot lead. He held this until the end and won with net 73, from John Hughes on net 74 and Keith Hector on net 75.

Division two saw the usual stack of blunders at the short par three “island” hole but Duncan Lee played some clinical golf to win with net 70, just edging out lady golfer, Lamun Hanley, with net 71 and Alan Alexander with net 73.

There was a plethora of birdies with six people sharing the Bunker Super Sawng award. The winners were Bill Macey, Wilf Latham, John King, Mikael Andersson, Keith Hector and, uncannily, Mr Loy again. But, how are the mighty fallen! Five-handicapper and self-styled Superman, Michael Dige, managed to shoot seventeen on the difficult eighth hole on the “A” Course and finished with the “rabbits” on gross 99! It was even cruelly suggested he might have been trying to manipulate his handicap. His efforts won him the Bunker Banana Booby for the second Tuesday in succession.

For more news visit

PH3 Run 940

After waiting for the late sign ups, Charlie Manson (Grand Master for the day) called the circle. The new shoes were promptly dealt with in the usual way. Charlie then gave some good advice to people who get lost: ‘stay on the paper’. The hares V.V. and Fini took the circle to explain the run.

After the return of the run a few beers were drank before the circle was re-called and Ewok took the raffle to a few boo’s for the numbers being too close together. Charlie then called in the visitors who totally disagreed with each other on the run. But the consensus was a good run.

There were anniversaries for Tree Frog 50 runs and Dr. Pinky received his 200th run mug. The virgins were next to be duly toasted. The hares were called to take a seat again. King Yao Yao joined them for coming last in the G.M. elections, and P Pole Dancer who was not wearing a hash shirt joined them. Down downs were given to all of them.

C Face and Tampax were iced next for threatening to resign from the mis-management had Charlie Manson been elected G.M. Of course they denied everything. Sir Airhead took the circle and iced the hares again for laying paper through crops and painting where they shouldn’t.

Big Nosed B was brought in to give a report on the Indochina run, 24th - 27th Oct to be held in Chiang Mai. Swedish Meathead’s bodyguards were brought in and christened Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee along with Lillan who was named The Witch.

Charlie re-took the circle to call in the returners followed by a note for the leavers. Requests new to the circle brought about plenty of laughs, with the rope trick, songs and jokes. Fini was once again iced for trying to re-take the circle. V.V. joined him and they were given double down downs for having Redcoat sing the hares song. Fini and Rainbow were iced for hash trash, though Fini gentlemanly took the toilet seat on her behalf. Finally the hash hymn was sung, and then it was back to the bus and on to The Classroom 2 for a good helping of food, many thanks.


PGF to host 45,000 baht soccer championship

Prize money totaling 45,000 baht will elevate the Pattaya Gay Festival Soccer Championship to be recognized as a significant sporting event for Pattaya.

Last year 13 teams participated in two separate tournaments.

With a picnic atmosphere the round robin series attracted big crowds of Thais and farang. Many of the players were cheered on by their wives, girlfriends and in many cases their children.

Soccer champion Khun Oh, auctioneer Rob Astbury and the Jersey that sold for 13,000 baht.

This year only one elimination series will be held in November with the four finalists contesting the 45,000 baht, which has been donated by Pattaya Properties and their development View Talay Villas.

Stage one of the luxury residential and investment project at Jomtien Beach has completely sold out and stage two is now selling.

Last year the players took it upon themselves to select one champion player whose jumper was auctioned at the PGF street party in Boyz Town. The auction created enormous interest, realizing 13,000 baht, which was shared between the Pattaya Gay Festival charity and the player.

A similar award will be organized for this year’s event.

Money raised by the PGF is donated to charity.

When the dates for the championship have been confirmed they will be published in the Pattaya Mail.

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

“Done deal.” Done deal in regard to Tyson-Lewis for June 8 (June 9th Pattaya Time) and the biggest heavyweight event since Tyson-Holyfiled I & II. With the commission in Washington DC approving a license for Tyson by a 3-0 vote everything’s in place. That puts two venues into play. The aforementioned Washington DC and Memphis, Tennessee. Many are of the opinion that the latter has the edge as they can come up with 12.5 million US dollars as a site fee. Site fee? In boxing parlance it means, “In the pocket”.

This would seem to give Memphis the edge. Then late last week hip-hop millionaire Sean “Puffy” Combs was approached to bankroll some of the expenses for the fight if the event takes place in D.C. At the same time Lennox Lewis extended the deadline for a contract, which had been last Friday.

Both areas have hosted heavyweight title fights. Washington’s first was Joe Louis beating Buddy Baer with a 7th round DQ. The second was Riddock Bowe’s KO of Jessie Ferguson in the second stanza on May 22, 1995. The Louis fight was held May 23, 1941. Memphis has never had a title fight but the State of Tennessee has. Mike Weaver scored a 15 round KO over “Big” John Tate March 23, 1980. How about them apples?

Lewis has made a lot of posturing statements in the past few weeks. That’s what Lewis does best. Open his yap and talk “idiot”. He will sign on the dotted line for what will probably be 200 million US dollars for the three fights. Three fights? Bet on it. Tyson will win the first, Lewis the second and then the rubber match for “all the marbles”. The rematch will take place in Las Vegas as the Nevada Athletic Commission will get a good dose of either change or reality. This will come about after a few words to the “so far not so wise.” “Da fight will be in Vegas. Vinnie says so.”

Last week’s back page poster guy, Patrick the Belgian, is off to his native country on the 23rd. The plans now call for a fight June 1 against Freddy Demeulenaere (39-35-8). Freddy boxed for the European Championship once but lost in Paris. Like Patrick he’s an old guy, 40; it should be a good contest. A May 1 tune up is not out of the question.

Going to be a heck of a month in the Land of Smiles when April arrives in full force. The ever-popular Songkran which Pattaya seems to celebrate for the entire month and lots of good fights on the calendar. Right smack dab in the middle of the “Let’s toss water and act like idiots celebration” comes the fight between Yodsanan 3K-Battery and ex champ Lakva Sim from Mongolia. Ranked number 1 and 2 respectively, they’ll fight for the vacant WBA title on April 13 in Nakorn Rajchasima. “If my dream comes true on April 13th, I’m ready to fight everyone in the world,” said Yodsanan. “I’m ready to fight both former champ Joel Casamayor and WBA super champion Acelino Freitas. Especially Freitas, I want to prove whose punches are the hardest in this category.” Yo 3K, old farang saying: “Don’t wish for things. Sometimes you get. Not a good deal.”

On April 19th WBC flyweight champ lefty Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (43-2, 25KOs) will put his belt on the line against unbeaten Japanese prospect Daisuke Naito, 19-0-2, 14 KOs, in Khonkaen. Pongsaklek won the title when he dethroned Filipino Malcolm Tunacao by a stunning first round TKO. In three defenses of the title he’s beat Hayato Asai (TKO5), #1 ranked Alex Baba (Technical Decision 8), and Luis Lazarte (TKO2).

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