We have arrived at yet another milestone... 
Our 10th Anniversary

The 10th PC Classic: Singapore takes the open title

by Peter Cummins
Photo : Brendan Richards, Tony Malhotra,
Suchada Tupchai

Scott McCook and Alice Lim came up from the Island Republic to take the Open Multi-hull title in the 2004 Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta, sailed off the Royal Varuna Yacht Club last Saturday. Scott, racing a Taipan 4.9 borrowed from Viroj Nualkair, beat Varuna sailor Alberto Cassio, turning in a great performance on his solo sailer, the Nacra 16 Sq., with Bob Garner, single-handed on his Taipan 4.9 uni, close in third.

H.E. Dr. Herbert Traxl receives the token of gratitude from Peter Cummins and Panga Vathanaul on behalf of Brian Sinclair-Thompson Manager of Swiss International Air Lines.

Last year’s multi-hull champion, Jouke Postma whose erstwhile crew from 2003, Kai, deserted the family Nacra 17 and raced a Laser Radial, leaving Jouke solo - and at the bottom of the leader board - on the demanding Nacra 17 uni spin.

The joint winners Scott McCook (left) from Singapore, Open Multihull Champion and Christian Wiedmann (right) Monohull Champion receive the perpetual PC Classic trophy from Peter Cummins (2nd left) and Pisit Boonchuang Deputy Governor of Chonburi province.

Race officer supremo, Richard van den Heuvel checked out the conditions and said there would be two races - and, of course, there were. The wind-god Varune, the nemesis of Royal Varuna, was certainly smiling benevolently on the event, as well. The day before, Pattaya was deluged under half a metre of flood-water.

Alex Skaria (3rd left) and his crew receive the winning trophy in the Keelboat category.

In the Hobie Cat 16 Division, Royal Varuna Flag Commodore Robert England/Shila Macrae won the event after a count-back with equally-placed Markus/Christian Forster. Simon/Bronnie Carey were third.

Scott McCook and Alice Lim receive their individual team trophies in the Open Catamaran Class.

The Laser Division, always competitive and closely fought, saw Christian Wiedmann, recently - and happily - returned to the Kingdom, have an easy win from Philippe Narbonne, with Siri Chandler, sailing the smaller-rigged Laser Radial, in deference to the weather, third, just ahead of last year’s champion, Marcel Dubbelman, Antoine de Cuyper, Ben Chandler and Charlie Zbinden, fourth to seventh, respectively.

Rober England commodore of the RVYC receives the winning trophy in the Hobie Cat 16 Class along with his crew Shila.

A keel-boat fleet raced up from the Ocean Marina, adding excitement, colour and flair to the Regatta, with a number of Varunians at the helms: Alex Skaria, winning their racing on his Platu, and Gary Baguley driving the “Magic Roundabout”.

Also sailing up from the Ocean Marina was the magnificent 100-year-old two-masted schooner, the “Seraph” which added a truly nautical dimension, anchored just outside the course.

Khun Panga Vathanakul MD of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Chairperson of the Organising Committee of the PC Classic makes her welcoming address.

Last, but not least, were the juniors. The fleet was decimated when many of the Varuna sailors went to Sattahip to contest the Optimist Nationals. Nevertheless, there were some hardy youngsters at Varuna, with more than 10 who braved the elements and sailed out to Richard’s committee boat - loaned for the day, courtesy of the Royal Cliff - anchored mid-stream, to sail in the regatta.

Rubin de Bruin was the ‘hardiest’, winning from Quentin de Cuyper, Dominik Lehmann and Jeanne Osmers.

The 10th sailing of the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta featured some 50 craft in four divisions, from the awesome Nacra 5.8 down to the tiny Optimists.

Fortunately, the regatta day, apart from a few mid-day skirmishes with southern fronts moving in, was clear and challenging, with a moderate-to-strong southerly and a ferocious in-coming tide.

And, whether it was hard sailing or not, the incoming sailors were met by a splendidly-outfitted school band and a food and beverage spread at the seafront, courtesy of the Royal Cliff.

This year, the strong winds, big waves and a counter tide created a lot of excitement for sailors and spectators alike.

The day was made even more enjoyable by the presence of H.E. Pisit Khetphasook, governor of Chonburi Province and H.E. Herbert Traxl, the Austrian ambassador to Thailand, who revelled in the beautiful waterfront of Royal Varuna.

H.E. Pisit, awed by the marvellous spectacle just out there on the Gulf, noted that “The annual PC Classic yacht race is a great example of environmentally-friendly pursuits. Supported by the award-winning five star hotel, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, the best English-language newspaper on the Eastern Seaboard, the Pattaya Mail and many sponsors from both the public and private sectors, the event does much for Pattaya, Chonburi Province and, by extension, all of Thailand”, the governor concluded.

Richard van den Heuvel the Principal race Officer, briefs the regatta participants.

The PC Classic: genesis of a yacht race

The PC Classic is held each year to honour Royal Varuna’s 10th Flag Commodore (1979-1980), Peter Cummins, who turned 60 at the inaugural event held in 1995 at which the Club awarded him with honorary life membership.

H.E. the Austrian Ambassador congratulates the Pattaya School marching band for their outstanding performance.

The Varuna membership threw a great party for the old lad and there was a ‘very modest’ yacht race to commemorate the event. The key word here is ‘modest’, which, in the context, was most appropriate for, at his farewell after 32 years of United Nations service on March 26 1995, his close colleague addressed the group gathered to send off the fellow, saying, “Peter has been - and still is - a ‘very modest’ man; and, by goodness, he has a lot to be ‘modest’ about!”

The medical team from the Pattaya International Hospital was on standby for any incidents that could have occurred throughout the regatta.

Furthermore, nine years down the line from that day in the UN, some are still not sure whether he has left or not!

In 2001, after working as a special correspondent for the Pattaya Mail and free-lance photo-journalist for Bangkok Post and many other local and regional publications, Peter was approached by the managing director of the Pattaya Mail Publishing Company, Pratheep “Peter” Malhotra to sponsor the race.

H.E. Dr. Herbert Traxl, Khun Panga Vathanakul and Chanyuth Hengtrakul, advisor to the Minister of Tourism and ports enjoy the evening programme together.

The Pattaya Mail had already done much to support yachting and other marine-related activities which were considered most environmentally-friendly and a panacea for the destruction which had been wrought upon the city and environs by mindless and un-planned development.

Joining forces with the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, sharing a like-minded - and award-winning - approach to healing Pattaya’s ills, the PC Classic took a quantum leap forward and has been in the fast-forward mode each year since, especially this latest.

This year, their fourth joint venture, in co-operation with the Royal Varuna Yacht Club and the legion of sponsors who supported the event, is dedicated to the celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s sixth cycle, seventy-second birthday.

To honour Her Majesty, all proceeds from the Regatta have been donated to charities supporting the less fortunate members of our society, under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya.

The recipients, as well as the winners of the 200 lucky-door prizes garnered for the splendid Charity Gala Awards Dinner held pool-side at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, will be announced through the pages of the Pattaya Mail and Pattaya Blatt.

Full Results, 2004 PC CLASSIC (Type of craft, points)

Open Catamaran: 1. Scott McCook/Alice Lim (Taipan 4.9, two points); 2. Alberto Cassio (Nacra 16 Sq., four points); 3. Bob Garner (Taipan 4.9 uni, six points); 4. Yves Bluin/Rene (Nacra 5.8, 10 points); 5. Olaf Reese (Nacra 16 Sq, 12); 6. Jan de Bruin (Nacra 17 uni, spin, 14); 7. Jens Huhn (Taipan 4.9 uni, 16); 8. Jan Haldorff (Nacra 14 Sq, 16); 9. Andrew Connelly/Mark Taylor (Nacra 5.8, 17); 10. Aroon/Kitsada (Nacra 5.8, 19); 11. Jouke Postma (Nacra 17 uni, spin, 21); 12. Tom Robbins (Nacra 5.5 uni, 25).

Hobie Cat 16: 1. Robert England/Shila Macrae (three points); 2. Markus/Christian Forster (three points); 3. Simon/Bronny Carey (six points); 4. Hans Wiedmann/David (10); 5. Rolf Lehmann/Marc Bogerd (12).

Laser: 1. Christian Wiedmann (three points); 2. Phillippe Narbonne (six points); 3. Siri Chandler (Laser Radial, seven points); 4. Marcel Dubbelman (11); 5. Antoine de Cuyper (Laser 4.7, 16); 6. Ben Chandler (18); 7. Charlie Zbinden (19); 8. U. Thiha (21); 9. Ute Dorfner (Laser 4.7, 23); 10. Colin Wray (24); 11. Bird Bhanubandh (25); 12. Richard Warren (26); 13. Peter Harper (27); 14. Kai Postma (Laser 4.7, 30).

Optimist: 1. Rubin de Bruin (one point); 2. Quentin de Cuyper (two points); 3. Dominik Lehmann (three points); 4. Jeanne Osmers (four points).

The Kasemsook Movement

The Kasemsook Movement proved to be the highlight of the evening and will remain in the hearts and minds of the guests for a long time to come.

The pool-side charity awards gala awards dinner was an outstanding success and, again, the rain held off and a feature of the evening was the Kasemsook Movement meaning, literally, “Happiness Movement” - for better health and mind, performed by more than 200 beautiful children from Pattaya Schools 7 and 8.

The movement was created to adjust the balance of the body system by enhancing blood circulation, so as to help dissipate any left over lactic acid, which causes exhaustion.

The movements derive from classical Thai dancing, tai-chi and Kasemsook’s Bhamornsatit (Pa Sai) own imagination. This movement is now an integral part of her “Body & Mind Solution” course taught in many schools in Thailand. Everyone can practise these movements either alone or groups.

Kasemsook organized the Mathura Foundation and it was Wannapa Wannasri and Alvi Sinthuvanik, working with regatta manager, Pratheep “Peter” Malhotra, who brought the children to perform at the regatta gala.

Children from the Pattaya schools number 7 and 8 demonstrate the Kasemsook Movement to perfection.

The Kasemsook Movement is set to music, which is divided into movement and mediation. The exercise incorporates 10 continuous body movements and simple meditation for a total period of 12 minutes.

The session ends with everyone sitting on the floor as Pa Sai wills the children into deep meditation through music appreciation, gently speaking to the children throughout, soothing them with her soft words and pulling them back into the path of serenity and calm.

Wannapa Wannasri (left) and Peter Malhotra (right) invite the guests to share the joy of the celebrations for their Majesties the King and Queen of Thailand.

Pa Sai was appointed the educational consultant for the schools in Pattaya where the Kasemsook Movement has now been adopted as an integral part of the ‘Happiness Camp’ and ‘Happiness from teachers to students’ and the ‘Social Skills Enhancement’ training programs. The Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya has also adopted and supported this youth programme since 2000.

Peter and Wannapa explained the movements to an enthralled audience at the gala. It was beautifully performed and it added much to the enjoyment of a superb evening.

See you in 2005, for the Eleventh PC Classic.

The longest named regatta in the world

By Dr. Iain Corness

I do not believe in puff-power anythings. After all, the Industrial Revolution was waged so that we would no longer be at the beck and call of the elements. The whims of the winds are not to be trusted.

Ranjith Chandrasiri (right) receives the award of appreciation on behalf of Ambrose Wines Ltd.

For those who have yet to be convinced, I once went up in a sailplane, a glider. While the proponents of this sport mention the heady joys of soaring in the clouds, it is not all that heady, nor is it truly without apparent mechanical support. First off, to get up there you have to be dragged up by a much-engined plane, that drops your string at around 10,000 feet. From there, you soar gracefully upwards. Like Hell! From there, gravity will not be denied and you sink earthwards as a cleverly contrived controlled crash on terra firma.

The charming Raine Grady, TV personality and MD of Capital TV is also thanked for their support of the PC Classic.

Likewise, puff-powered yachts, which I have tried twice, just in case the first time was a one-off rogue wind. It was in Fiji when I first ventured out and hired a Laser, I believe it was called (using real money, not coconut shells). Anyway, it had two hull things and some canvas stretched between them, a sail and a rudder. “I could get to like this sailing jag,” I said, as we sped away from the beach, the wind behind us, and the horizon in front. It felt like at least 40 knots.

Khun Panga and PC present a token of appreciation to Khun Thaweesak Chamnankij, National Sales & Training Manager of Bartercard Thailand.

After a period of time, during which I felt that as Fiji was receding, and Australia was the next port of call, it was time to turn round. With a display of helmsmanship that Magellan would have been proud of, I swung the rudder so that we pointed the sharp ends at the receding Fiji beach. However, with the wind now blowing at us, we continued towards Australia, but in reverse. I hailed a passing motorboat, and after more clamshells passing hands we were towed back to the beach. Engines one - puff power zero.

H.E. Dr. Herbert Traxl, the Austrian Ambassador to Thailand presents the Swiss International Air Lines ticket to Khun Thamanan Petchnin who accepted it on behalf of Ms. Warai Kanchanatru who held the winning ticket.

The second time was a fully fledged ocean racing yacht. This was in Gibraltar and I was the guest of the Commodore of the Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club. I accepted, thinking this would be a wonderful champagne soggy afternoon cruise. The only soggy part of the afternoon was me, after I fell overboard, and then had to wait for them to round several buoys before they threw me a rope on the return leg. I transferred to a waiting motor launch for pumping out and alcoholic resuscitation. That was the end. Engines two - puff power zero.

Khun Panga Vathanakul MD of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Chairperson of the Organising Committee of the PC Classic presents a token of appreciation to Walter Meyer the Founder and Charter Commodore of the Royal Varuna Yacht.Club.

So what has all that got to do with the 10th Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta, which has to be the longest name in the world after some railway station in Wales? Everything actually. It just shows my approach to puff-power sailing events, irrespective of whether they are international or restricted to indigenous beavers. The fact that I had also managed to fracture two toes on an errant 300 kg desk in the Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok two days prior just added to my demeanor. (I warned you I was not letting you get away with it, Pierre Andre Pelletier, even if the desk has been there for the past two decades. You should be aware that some guests are terminally clumsy. Like me.)

Anil Singh GM of LCB Terminal 1 is sincerely thanked for his ongoing support of the PC Classic Regatta and the related charities through the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya.

With all that behind me, the family Mira was loaded with wife, maid, and child and a sailor’s hat for my daughter. Never let it be said that I wasn’t prepared to enter into the spirit of the thing.

We arrived at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club and found ourselves a shaded area, where we could look out to sea. There appeared to be several small boats with sails attempting to attack the Royal Cliff’s Island Dream catamaran, several puffs from shore. However, with all its engines, the Island Dream was in no danger. Engines three - puff power zero.

Ib Ottesen of the Jomtien Boathouse, one of the most generous benefactors of charity events on the eastern seaboard receives thanks from the PC Classic organizers.

With all the sea air, we began to feel a little peckish and a quick trip to the buffet tables looked in order (in actual fact it was more of a slow painful shuffle for me, but it was worth it). The Royal Cliff had done it again, wonderful food, thank you Walter Thenisch, the Cliff’s executive chef.

One plus for these regattas is the fact that they attract wonderful people as sponsors. One such was the Coca Cola Company, with many ladies present all looking for the ‘real thing’. Another was the Boon Rawd Brewery, whose Singha Beer product seemed to go very well with sea air. The fourth one in particular, and they got better from there. This of course I was told, by Captain Ib Ottesen himself, being one of the other sponsors with his Jomtien Boathouse. It is noteworthy that the old sea-dog sailed to the regatta by car. Engines four - puff power zero.

Khun Panga Vathanakul presents a taken of gratitude to Bruce Hoppe, MD of Emerson Electric Thailand for his generous sponsorship of the regatta.

We continued, sheltering under the LCB Container Terminal 1 awning (thank you Anil Singh), watching the sailors from the regatta coming back to dry land. The interesting part was that all these sailors seemed to have more gear on them than a flotilla of scuba divers. And it was all wet. Knowing the event’s name-sake Peter Cummins’ affinity for traveling keel-side up, we decided after the 10th Singha Beer that they must have made capsizing compulsory this year, to commemorate the 10th sailing of the race. The Pattaya International Hospital team reported no serious injuries, other than Pattaya Mail’s photographer, Brendan Richards who tried amputating his leg with barnacles.

Khun Prakas Aiyarattanaruk, Sales Manager-Food Service and Phakapan Aptakhom of Nestl้ (Thai) Ltd, our major sponsors enjoying the evening.

Around 5 p.m. they had counted the number of contestants that had returned to shore (it was very successful this year - nobody drowned) and we made our way to the Royal Cliff Beach Resort’s main pool at 7.30 p.m., where they had imprisoned a Laser (probably my one from Fiji), having sailed it in on the high tide. That assistant GM Ranjith Chandrasiri can arrange anything!

Mind you, the top brass himself, Alex Hauesler, was a dab hand at getting another of the Ambrose Wine sponsored bottles to arrive on our table. Having H.E. Dr. Herbert Traxl, the Austrian ambassador, sitting with us might have helped too.

To remind us that the dinner was part of the charity drive from the Jomtien-Pattaya Rotary Club, we were delighted to see 200 children from local schools displaying the Kasemsook method of mindful meditation, all explained by Pattaya City’s Khun Wannapa and everybody’s Peter Malhotra. The finale was a candle-lit expression of devotion to Their Majesties the King and Queen, which was very touching.

The 10th Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta dinner (whew!) finished with the presentation of trophies and the draw for the lucky winner of the Swiss International Airlines tickets presented by the vice governor of Chonburi, followed by “Ruby and the Romantics” musical entertainment.

Looking back, I can see now why these regattas are so popular. It is nothing to do with puff power at all. It’s just the conviviality, and you do get to meet a better class of person, don’t you!

List of door Prize winners at the Charity Awards Gala Dinner of the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta 2004

The organisers wish to express their heartfelt thanks to all of the sponsors listed below for their generous donations of the prizes. The prizes were drawn by our clients, visitors and friends at the Pattaya Mail offices.  

Special Prize
Swiss International Air Lines

2 Roundtrip Air Tickets to Singapore
249 Ms. Warai Kanchanatru
Alkemy Restaurant
Set Menu for 2 persons incl. Wine

303 Tananchai
324 R. Stranneborn
Amari Airport Hotel
One night for 2 person at the executive floor, incl ABF

308 Mathuros Khooarun
Amari Orchid Resort
Pizza and Pasta
buffet dinner for 2
persons (food only)

254 Tom Hoar
Wattana Systematiom
1 Electric Fan

291 Amy
Amari Watergate Hotel
One Deluxe room for 2 nights incl. ABF for 2 persons

494 Andrey Schmit
Tools Spa

335 K. Parker

Asia Pattaya Hotel

2 complimentary drinks at Neptune Night Club & Karaoke

072 -
362 -
363 Supatra Pasta
479 Kristin
527 -
Bruno’s Restaurant & Wine Bar
Set Dinner for 2, value of 750 baht per person + 1 bottle of House Wine

289 Sandra
339 Halland
Casa Pascal
Limousine Round Trip Service to & from Casa Pascal incl. 1 glass of House Champagne per person

201 Dr. Oliver
221 Pete o’ Driscall
250 Duanghathai
260 Nick Demet
285 Tyler Gossett 295 Santawadee 307 Pinprad Phamornsatit
315 Kees Peperkamp
323 R. Stranneborn
364 Wan Hanehton
388 -
402 David Pollard 
447 Sukit      Westsapal
512 -
514 -
521 -
546 Nick Henlel
337 John R Parker
599 Kai Postma
Mini Siam
Free Admission to the Mini Siam for 4 persons

524 Ong-art
495 Celien Scumit
Miriam’s Restaurant
Gift Voucher value of 600 baht for food & Beverages

062 Renato
243 Baan Dhawaran
333 Hallard
Nong Nooch
Tropical Garden

Free Admission for Thai Cultural & Elephant Show for 2 persons

296 -
417 -
506 Tom Zofkie
561 Christien Foster
567 Charlie Zbinden
Out Door Stables
1 Hour riding lesson

581 Peter Harper
Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa
One room for one night for 2 in Deluxe Garden View Room (Room only)

468 Surachai B.
Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa
2 nights Deluxe Room incl. ABF & set dinner for 2 persons with show
380 Sumon Jaikid
Ripley’s Believe It or Not
Free Admission to the Museum for one person

002 Sandy Longford
003 -
052 Marry Hennessy
056 Meyer 058 Meyer
060 Glenn Cooper
067 Bob Lee
068 Paul Pearmain
071 -
073 -
144 -
145 Wanchanee Somsatial 146 Phichat Keawaram
147 -
202 Dr. Oliver
203 P Dieter Precourt
212 -
217 Kanoknual Srikulwong
218 -
219 -
222 Go o’Driscoll
228 Glenda Stewart
239 Woody 240 -
252 Phil webb
253 Apple Thanacharoen 259 -
283 Tyler Gossett 286 B. Thomas
288 Billy
297 Alvi
299 Kanyaporn

299 Kanyaporn
301 Anchalee
302 Surapa Suwansopa
306 Na Pun Phamornsatit 311 Stark 313 Samai Munsitha
316 Martin Brands 319 Renato
326 Charlie Reye
327 -
328 -
329 -
330 -
334 Liz Parker
336 Alisa Parker
338 -
340 Graham
343 Devon West
344 Alec Allison 345 Marge Allison 347 Drew Noyes 357 Jitrapun
359 O.l.Clubb
361 Clis
368 Rommel Max 372 Amporn Sribunruang 375 Hossdorf
376 Les Nyerges 379 Sudthida Jaikid
387 Duangjai
405 David Pollard
406 David Pollard 407 David Pollard
412 -
413 -
443 Warren
444 Robert England 445 Sheila Macrae 448 Alberto
449 Huhn 453 -
457 -
471 -
472 -
476 Roger Crutchlley
491 Xandrine
496 Siri Chandler 500 Olaf Reese
504 Bruce Hoppe
509 -
523 Waraporn
525 Aldrin Uy
532 D. Tezepl
533 Angelo 535 Saowanit Kopwong
536 -
542 Jimmy Hostekens
545 Thaveesak
587 Marcel Doublemann
551 Bird(vs)
557 Yves Blovin 559 Bob Garner
562 Bagus Bogerd
564 Marc Bogard 584 Hans Wiedmann
586 C. Wiedmann 593 Andrew Cannelly
597 Surya Skaria
600 Eline Postma
Classic Tailor
Complimentary Silk blend or Cotton tailor made shirt plus 50% discount on your next items

358 James Moore
378 Jeanifer Forster
404 David Pollard
538 A.C. Thomas
540 Virginia Sorenser
501 Steve Stewart
Das Berliner Bisto 2
1 Suckling Pig for 12 pax

377 Mario Forster
Vase ceramic

460 Allan Sherrett
Diana Group

One night, Jasmine room with ABF at Diana Garden Resort & Driving Range

051 Pat Kelly
208 Patiphant
583 Browny Carey
Door 2 Door Food Delivery Service
A Free Meal up to the value of 1000 baht

230 Grenda Stewart 390 Sermsakdi
Fan Club Bayern Munich Pattaya
T-shirt Bayern Munich

594 Joe Cannelly
Fan Club Bayern Munich Pattaya
Uniform Bayern Munich (short Pants and T-shirt)

245 Anek E.
Green Tree
Restaurant & Pub

Complimentary voucher value of 500 baht for food only

473 Prapatsorn
GSS Manufacturing CO., Ltd
Wine Bottle Trolley

516 Alan Murchie
Haus Munchen Steak House
Dinner for 2 person

242 Baan Dhawaran
Horizon Rooftop Restaurant
Free meal for 2 persons incl. House wine beer or soft drinks

555 Chris Langford
Jomtien Boathouse
Dinner Voucher value of 700 baht

569 Ute Dorfner
90 Year Old Mirror

355 Jan Olav Aamlid
Little Hill Resort Thailand
Gift Voucher value 1000 baht good for use at The Little Hill Restaurant

066 Bob Lee
Mermaid’s Dive Center
Discover Scuba Diving introductory Courses

538 A.C. Thomas
New Kohinoor Kitchen
Complimentary Indian Buffet for 2 persons

061 Renato
238 Woody
282 Susan Haslock
314 Jon Tellefsen
321 Charlie Reyes 332 Peewee
534 Papit
371 Lemmers G.
503 Judy Hoppe 596 Jooke Postma
560 Markus Forster
Queen Victoria Inn
Free Carvery for 2 persons (any Sunday)

281 Roger Haslock
300 Penthip Ponghiran
459 Pattrawut Na Songkla 481 -
Paradise Restaurant
A Dinner Voucher Value of 500 baht

353 Kevin Aamlid
Pattaya Blatt
Free One-Year Subscription to the Pattaya Blatt in Thailand

251 Phil Webb
257 -
007 Wallce Alan 059 Glenn
410 -
318 Eraud
Pattaya Mail
Free One-Year Subscription to the Pattaya Mail in Thailand

054 -
064 Ghoos
207 Decha Chareamyat 243 Baan Dhawaran 247 -
508 Lena Tarasend
Royal Express
Camera and film

356 Graeme
Free Carvery for 2 persons

236 -
309 Soravit Pimsakul
Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya
Complimentary BBQ Dinner for 2 at Narissa Garden, Siam Bayview Hotel

284 Tyler Gossett

352 Suthamma Thana
507 Pat Burbridge
598 Imeke Postma
Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya
Complimentary Superior Room for 1 night incl. ABF

537 Woranut Anusariya
Thai Garden

1 night stay in a lifestyle apartment incl. Breakfast

005 Warren
Thapprasit Car Rent
Sandwich Machine

325 R. Stranneborn
The Captain’s Corner
Bar-B-Q Dinner for 2 persons incl. 2 glass of wine

566 Alice Lim
The Green Park Resort
Double Standard room for 1 night with breakfast

373 M.Buschlter
The Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club
1 night Deluxe Room for 2 persons incl. ABF

237 Woody
The Kilkenny
Irish Pub &

1000 baht free food and drink at The Kilkenny Irish Pub

304 Janpim
552 Antoine De Cryper
The Montien Hotel Pattaya
A Complimentary Asian Buffet Dinner for 2 (excl. beverages) every Tuesday

480 Tanja
The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant
Meal for 2 to the value of 1000 Baht

317 Eraud
Wattana Systemation
Travel Bag

069 Clarisse
149 Les Nyesges 446 Komet Tabtim
Paradise Scuba Divers
1 full day, incl. 2 dives with instructor, transfer (in Pattaya), lunch & soft drink

298 Kasamsuk
Pamornsathit 365 Geoff Paston
Baan Dhewaran
Complimentary Meal for 2 persons up to the value of 500 baht at the Blue Lagoon

292 Neil
531 D. Jeleph
582 Simon Carey
Dear People of Pattaya,

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who helped support the Pattaya Mail PC Classic, Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta.

Without you we would not have been able to make it such a success. The moral support as well as your attendance made a big difference and encouraged us to work twice as hard to make it one of the most beautiful events in Pattaya.

On top of that we were able to raise a considerable amount of funds for the charity projects of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, details of which we will inform you on a regular basis in the Pattaya Mail and Pattaya Blatt.

Once again, Thank You.

The Organising Committee.