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A night at the beach for BCCT networkers

PCEC guest discusses need for medical checkups

New light through old windows

Pattaya Mail celebrates Songkran by paying respect to our elders

Irishman sets out to set world record in Bond style flyer

A night at the beach for BCCT networkers

Paul Strachan

The Beach, Pub & Grill was the venue for the April British Chamber of Commerce Thailand Eastern Seaboard Networking night. The Beach has been open for about 6 months and enjoys a steady flow of tourists and expats through its doors. However, on Friday April 23 the venue was set aside especially for the networking night.

(L to R) Graham Macdonald, vice chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard Committee, and Joe Cox from Defence International Security Services.

The event was sponsored by the Beach, Pub & Grill and Fluid Asia Pacific, which meant that as well as a bevy of beauties serving up the drinks, the networkers were treated to Fosters and Victoria Bitter as well as a finger food buffet.

John Woolvett, the MD of the Beach Pub & Grill who also happens to be the director of Fluid Asia Pacific, spoke to Pattaya Mail Television and stated that he was delighted by the amount of expats that frequented his establishment. He said that his menu and assortment of beers including, Kronenberg 1664, were the main draw. He also spoke about his love of music and even demonstrated that he was a talented singer.

(L to R) Steve Duckworth, vice president of Thailand sales & HSE for Waste Management Siam Ltd.; and Krissada Rachamuneesuk, sales & marketing at Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.

Peter Smith from AA Insurance was looking confident as he talked about how his company was weathering the financial storm very well.

Mark Bowling from Colliers International said that these networking evenings could serve as a gateway for new business and that social networking sites such Facebook had changed the way many companies were marketing their portfolio.

Helmut Buchberger from Asian Business Development Centre stated that although tourism might be down he found that his business was doing very well, especially on the legal side of things.

(L to R) Robin Hyde, overseas manager for Seabra Mover, International Association of Movers; and Ian Robertson, business development director for Grant Thornton.

As ever, there was many other familiar faces with BCCT board members Vice Chairman Graham Macdonald, Executive Director Greg Watkins and Steve Graham, who was also there as MD of European Safety Concepts.

Also attending were the ever jovial Cees Cuijpers from Town and Country, recruiter David Pollock from PRTR, Greg Pitt (Mackenzie Smith & Law), Ian Roberts of Grant Thornton, Simon Matthews (Manpower Services), Alain Deurwaerder, MD of Katoen Natie and Rob Murray the MD Fluid Asia Pacific Company.

(L to R) John Woolvett, managing director of the Beach Pub and Grill, and Pattaya Mail TV’s Paul Strachan.

Also in attendance was Renita & Maurice Bromley, Tracy Cosgrove, Jim Howard, Peter Malhotra, MD Pattaya Mail Publishing, Joe Cox (Defense International Security Services) and the some new faces from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya: Sergey Kolmakov and the lovely Nattamon Puangkaew.

All in all it was another convivial networking night at a new and different venue. The next one will be publicized beforehand in the Pattaya Mail.

Peter Smith, director of AA Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. and Nan.

(L to R) Greg Watkins, executive director of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand; Steve Duckworth, vice president of Thailand Sales & HSE for Waste Management Siam Ltd.; and Krissada Rachamuneesuk, sales & marketing at Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.

(L to R) Maurice D. Bromley; Renita Bromley, committee member and treasurer of the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes; and Graham Macdonald, vice chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard Committee.

(L to R) Rob Murray, managing director of Fluid Asia Pacific C., Ltd.;
Peter Smith, director of AA Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.; John Woolvett,
managing director of the Beach Pub and Grill; and Krissada Rachamuneesuk,
sales & marketing at Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.

(L to R) Issaran Saithong, sales manager at Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa;
Nattamon Puangkaew, international marketing coordinator in the International Marketing Department at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya; Kerati Chantaravisutlert,
director of sales at Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa; Sergey Kolmakov, marketing executive in the International Marketing Department at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya; Neil Maniquiz, marketing executive in the International Marketing & Communication Division of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya; and Krissada Rachamuneesuk, sales & marketing at Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.

(L to R) Chris Thatcher, director of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand; Simon Matthews, director of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand; Gregory Pitt, managing director of Mackenzie Smith Law; and Simon Philbrook, client advisor with MBMG Group.

(L to R) Pratheep S. Malhotra, managing director of Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd.; Greg Pitt, managing director of Mackenzie Smith Law; and Kerry Matisin, Eastern Seaboard general manager of the BCCT.

PCEC guest discusses need for medical checkups

This week’s meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) on Sunday, April 25th was in a new venue for its temporary relocation due to the Amari’s renovation of its regular meeting place at Henry J. Bean’s Bar and Grill. The meeting was held in the Haad Sai Room on the 6th floor of the Markland Hotel.

Doctor Dr. Phurin Sutanthavibul, M.D., from the Health Promotion Center of BHP, addresses PCEC members about the need for regular medical checkups, and the optimum scheduling for them.

Master of Ceremonies Roger Fox welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked any new visitors to introduce themselves. He also pointed out that a nurse from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (BHP) was available to provide free blood pressure checks and blood sugar tests. He continued with the opening announcements and then introduced Doctor Dr. Phurin Sutanthavibul, M.D., from the Health Promotion Center of BHP. Doctor Phurin’s topic was about the need for medical checkups.

Dr. Phurin received his degree in 2001 from the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital at Mahidol University. He has received advanced training in Cardiology Life Support and is a member of the Medical Council of Thailand.

Neil Maniquiz of the International Department of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya advises the current specials on offer at the hospital.

Dr. Phurin began by pointing out that the most common reason people go to see a doctor is that they have a problem needing diagnosis and treatment or need continued monitoring of an existing medical problem. However, he said it is also a good idea to see a doctor for periodic medical checkups of your body. The purpose is basically for the same reason you take your automobile or motorcycle in for periodic servicing; to identify and take care of any problems before they become serious. The type of check up would depend on age, sex, and the person’s health condition.

He gave several reasons why a person should get a medical checkup. He noted that health problems can develop because: (1) organs may have been attacked by a serious disease in a person’s youth; (2) if members of a person’s family have had problems such as hypertension or diabetes, that person is at higher risk of developing the same problems; (3) environmental factors such as smog or climate can affect the rate your body ages, especially the skin; (4) stress and strain that may cause abuse or overuse of alcohol can create a health problem in one’s middle years; (5) a serious disease of a person’s endocrine glands can lead to early aging of organs; and (6) emotional stress at work or home can lead to medical problems in middle age, such as heart disease or arteriosclerosis.

MC Roger Fox gives PCEC’s usual formal introduction to Nat, new liaison officer in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya’s International Department.

Dr. Phurin emphasized that the earlier a chronic disease is detected, the better chance that its ill effects can be arrested.

As to which tests a person should have, Dr. Phurin said that will depend on the person’s age, sex, lifestyle and risk factors. If a person has a strong body, no family history, and good health, they are low risk and should have a check up at least every 5 years until age 40 and then every 1 to 3 years thereafter. If a person has a family history of medical problems or a previous medical condition, then they should get a checkup annually. He also recommended that during checkups, you discuss whether you are experiencing any sadness, lack of energy, or other emotional feelings because emotional health is just as important as physical health. He concluded by saying it is better to be early than sorry.

After Dr. Phurin answered many questions from the audience, Nat from BHP handed out a brochure showing the hospital’s current buy one get one free checkup promotion and discounted prices on some other diagnostic tests and procedures.

Roger Fox then updated everyone on upcoming events and called on Les Edmonds to conduct the always informative and sometimes humorous Open Forum where questions are asked and answered about living in Thailand and Pattaya in particular.

New light through old windows

Lighthouse Club reinvents itself

Paul Strachan

The Lighthouse Club has given itself something of a shakeup, as they have a new board that is intent on creating exciting events at innovative venues. This is according Dave Buckley who is the new media spokesman for the club. Dave was talking to Paul Strachan from Pattaya Mail Television at the April Networking Event which was held at the Mezz, which is above the famous Hard Rock Cafe.

(L to R) Achawin Sornthip, assistant sales manager at Nova Platinum Hotel; and Chalida Srisok from Amari Nova Suites.

The event, which took place on Friday April 30, signified a restart to the club whose primary cause is to assist children who have been disadvantaged or orphaned due to the construction industry.

The Lighthouse Club is a global organization and here in Pattaya it is Tracy Cosgrove from the Melissa Cosgrove Foundation who facilitates the needs of local children by creating kindergartens within the workers’ camps, taking kids for days out to the beach or various venues in Bangkok and beyond.

(L to R) Roland Phillips, director of Sunbelt Asia Co, Ltd; and Robert D Watson, sales director of Five Star Villas & Condos.

The April event was well attended with many familiar faces, including John Seymour (Northern Thai), Peter Smith (AA Insurance), Cees Cuijpers (Town & Country Property), Sascha Kunze from Nova Gold, Mark Bowling (Colliers International), staff from Alan Bolton Property Consultants, and representatives from the evening’s sponsor, Heights Holdings.

Guy van Harten from Heights Holdings spoke to PMTV about how sponsoring this type of event was a two way win for him, as it continually pushed his company image and it also supports the local children with the help of the Melissa Cosgrove Foundation.

(L to R) Oliver Nabarro, VP Corporate Strategy of Heights Holdings; Mark Black, Customer Services of Heights Holdings; Jack Levy, managing director of MLG Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

There was also a number of people who are not connected with the industry and were not LHC members but were happy to pay 500 baht for a couple of hours of drinks and snacks, a great way to kick start the evening and help local children.

The next Lighthouse Club Networking event will be held at the Ice Bar at the Amari Orchid Tower at 6 p.m. on June the 4th. You can also keep up with them via Facebook.

(L to R) Thomas Kjeldgaard from Pagemodo; Jakob Lykkegaard from Pagemodo; Herman Van Gucht, director of Town & Country Property; Uli Kaiser, VP Intl Market Development with Town & Country Property; Sascha Kunze, hotel manager of Nova Gold Hotel.

(L to R) Michael Gadegaard; Peter Beger; Ole Rudggard; and Kim Jensen.

(L to R) Svetlana Katorgina, George T Strampp,
John H Rohan, and Jittikan Thongmalai.

Pattaya Mail celebrates Songkran by paying respect to our elders

Marlowe Malhotra, managing director of Massic Travel and Pratheep Malhotra, managing director of Pattaya Mail Media Group pour scented water on the sacred Phra Buddha Chinnarat image praying for the wellbeing of all our loved ones.

Phasakorn Channgam

Busy covering the area’s many festivities, the Pattaya Mail celebrated Songkran a little later than everyone else, holding our annual blessing ceremony for company elders and executives on April 23.

More than 50 Pattaya Mail Media Group staff attended the ‘Rod nam dum hua’ ceremony in which employees poured scented water on the sacred Phra Buddha Chinnarat image, which is highly revered by the Malhotra family whose origins are in Phitsanulok province.

The staff then paid respects and received blessings from the company elders, including Pratheep ‘Peter’ Malhotra, Marlowe Malhotra (Massic Travel) and Supatra Samleekaew, the devoted and long-serving chief accountant of the Pattaya Mail group of companies.

In his traditional Songkran address, Peter expressed his gratitude to his family saying, “Even though we are all going through some very tough economic times caused by many factors, not least the political strife in Thailand, I call on all of you to be strong in body and spirit and persevere in your dedication to do your work exceptionally well.

“The Pattaya Mail Media Group is strong because of the bondage of love and respect for each other that has grown amongst our family throughout the years.

“Our organization is considered to be our home. I am an employee of this unique organization just like all of you. We strive to make a living to be able to care for our families and give them a good future. But now through situations beyond our control we must tighten our belts. Only by hard work and resolve can we overcome these trying times. “Even under these difficult conditions, the company endeavors to look after everyone as best as we possibly can. I ask you to understand and abide by your responsibilities and perform your duties to the best of your ability.

“I call upon all that is holy to grant you and your loved ones good health, success and happiness for all eternity. Let us all pray that peace and prosperity will return to our country and its people as soon as possible.”

Primpao Somsri, Pattaya Mail’s executive manager of sales and marketing,
takes part in the ancient Songkran tradition of pouring scented water on the hands of (from left) Marlowe Malhotra, Supatra Samleekaew and Peter Malhotra.

Peter Malhotra inspires the staff with his words of wisdom and encouragement.

Irishman sets out to set world record in Bond style flyer

Paul Strachan

Norman Surplus from Larne County Antrim in Northern Ireland was born with a sense of adventure; he is the captain of Larne’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution all weather rescue boat, has had a considerable amount of sea survival training, is an experienced mountaineer, he climbs, skis, cycles, goes spelunking, canoeing, sailing, surfing, scuba dives and has experienced joint exercises with the RAF Air Sea Rescue.

Norman Surplus from Larne County Antrim in Northern Ireland poses with his record setting MT-03 autogyro.

However, in 2003 when Norman was just 40 years old he was diagnosed with advanced stage of bowel cancer. Norman endured the various medical procedures, including chemotherapy, and has since made a full recovery.

This episode in Norman’s life made him look at the bigger picture and he decided it was time to take on a bigger challenge.

There was only one form of aircraft that had yet to go round the globe, a vehicle that many will remember from the James Bond Movie: You Only Live Twice, the famous ‘Little Nellie’.

There are many names for this type of aircraft: GyroCopter, GyroPlane or AutoGyro.

The MT-03 autogyro used in Norman Surplus’s circumnavigation record attempt has an open cockpit, and is quite a different animal to either a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter. In the Bond Movie Sean Connery flies a one seat version, Norman’s has two seats; however, he is undertaking this challenge completely alone.

The major issue for the pilot is safety. As a result he carried out extensive research and worked closely with the aircraft and technical support team to achieve optimum safety.

Long open stretches of water, most notably the North Atlantic, offer the greatest logistical challenge.

To meet this challenge, the aircraft was also fitted with additional collapsible fuel tanks. They have been specially designed by Turtle-Pac of Australia to extend its range. The normal range of the Gyro (approx 300 miles) will be extended to over 800 miles to allow for the longer distance “hops” linking Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Hebrides and finally Scotland.

His four month adventure began on St. Patrick’s Day, 22nd March 2010, setting off from Sandy Bay, Larne, Northern Ireland in order to gain the “First Absolute World Record”. He has now completed roughly a quarter of the 27,000 miles (43,400 km) with 13 more countries left to travel through.

On Thursday the 29th of April, Norman touched down at Nongprue Airfield just east of Pattaya where he was met by the Flying Club.

In the early hours on the next morning Norman granted an interview to Pattaya Mail Television, during which he stated that he didn’t look at it as a huge challenge, but more of a vast series of small excursions. He would normally travel for about 3 hours everyday at 85mph at a height of 200-2,000 metres and although he was alone in the cockpit, he felt that his fans of over 2000 who were following him on his website were somehow sitting behind him, encouraging him on his way.

From Northern Ireland he flew over SW Scotland, England, south through France, Italy, and the Greek Islands before crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, across the gulf of Oman then onto Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Prior to Thailand he visited Myanmar.

From his cockpit he has seen vast deserts in scorching temperatures, hundreds of camels, and on the ground he has been warmly welcomed by locals who were delighted to meet and spend time with him.

Norman was so taken with Pattaya that he decided to stay another night before he took to the skies again onto Samui, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, then across the Bering Straights, to Alaska, Canada, USA, then back up to Greenland, Iceland, Faeroes, Hebrides, NW Scotland, and finally back home to Northern Ireland.

Norman is doing this not just for the accolade of the world record but is also raising funds for Bowel Cancer UK.

You can follow Norman’s journey on www.gyroxgoes and also donate to the charity via his website.

Norman takes off with a guest for a look around Pattaya from the air.

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