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League tightens as top 3 teams lose

Mickey Mouse Friday Night Dart League

Double the fun, 2 weeks of Pattaya Softball Action

Bridge in Paradise

Bennett claims ‘Birthday Cup’ with a scorcher at Green Valley

Helmut shoots personal best

The Rock slips to a thirty

Findon finds some magic at Phoenix

Willy finds form at Greenwood

Marie scores one for the ladies

Bandit country at Crystal Bay

New dad Martin leads the way

Eastern Star in need of intensive care

Arnold takes a step up the podium

Regulars make it their week

Pattana shows its teeth to PSC golfers

Wooler wins by seven at Greenwood

The Sheppard leads the flock down the Valley

Kenyan athlete stars in charity mini-marathon

Travel agents invited to golf challenge in Pattaya

Pattaya City lose out in championship race

Pattaya United suffer another defeat


League tightens as top 3 teams lose

Pattaya Sports Club Bowling League

200 Bowlers: Samrit, Mio, Kaew, Nok, Konrad, Ooy & Kran.

This league is looking like it might go down to the wire as most teams are in the hunt for trophies after week 13. Sala Thai Restaurant remains in first place but they lost three points to Jack Tar. Second place Green Chilli lost four points to Indiana behind La Montgomery’s 538 series.
Brother D bowled good but still lost three points to a hot Sabai Sabai Friday team. Nok Kennedy led Sabai with games of 203, 203, 268, 674 series and Samrit added a 537 series. Konrad Foerg led Brother D with a 526 series.
Café Kronborg had all three bowlers bowling over 500 as they took four points from Swethai. Bavaria took three points from Café Ole and Canada won three from VFW Post 9876. Ooy Pluemkamon rolled a 208 game, 576 series for Canada and Kaew had a 211 game and 561 series for VFW. Mio Aamlid bowled a 211 game and 572 series and Tum had a 582 series both bowling as Pacers.

Mickey Mouse Friday Night Dart League

Results & Standings May 22 (week 9)

The Persuaders led the Posse in a cavalry charge against Cheers. Stan’s Boys & Girls broke with tradition and even though Stan won his singles match (a sure sign of impending doom), Cheers went on to take the game. The Posse filled up the spittoon and took the beer.
Palmers Crew explored the depths of Mee Chew Bar and found the ocky. They then became a little claustrophobic, and a bit worried by the scary faces of Melly’s crew, resulting in Mee Chew taking both game & beer.
Stars visited the Blue Mountain and found themselves outnumbered by the Coffee Shop Quartet. Money changed hands and players changed sides. BM took the game and Stars took the beer, however it was Lek (BM) who checked out the beer for Stars. I bet they won’t give her away again!
The Helicopter commanded by Speedy Gondolez led the assault against Team Lucky Time. At the break both teams were on the same game wins. The beer leg saw point for point scoring with both teams reaching a finish, Lucky Time managing to check out first. This win keeps Lucky Time at the top of the table.
In a similar game, the Rising Sun were hosted by the Bunker where Capt’ Mick had a cunning plan! He had hired a couple of Go-Go girls to dance on top of the customized golf buggy in the hope of putting the Sunshine Boys off their game. However, the girls never showed up, and even though Plymouth Geoff tried his best it wasn’t the same. There again maybe it did help as both the honors rested on the beer. Graeme (B) scored a 180, and to celebrate he checked out the beer for the Bunker Boys. The St Johns Ambulance took Steve away on a stretcher; the remainder of the Sunshine Boys leaving on foot and shaking their collective heads.
We are now half way through the season with it still all to play for.

Double the fun, 2 weeks of Pattaya Softball Action

PSC Pattaya Softball

The whole softball gang on May 17 after another
glorious Sunday afternoon at the ballpark.

Diego Wells
The barrage of hits continued to fall over the last two Sundays of Pattaya Softball. Scores over the last month in the games have never been higher. Maybe it is the new ball that seems to be juiced or the ineptitude in the defense that is causing the rise in scores? More likely though, it is due to some of the lads actually going out of their way to meet up on Wednesdays and practice the game (who has the time for such nonsense?). Whatever the reason, Pattaya Softball has become a hitter’s paradise, and is now, even more fun for all.
A recap of the action on May 10 and May 17 follows.
Sunday, May 10 – Rick’s Rodents v Diego’s Dogs
Rick and Diego were given the role of captains/shortstops for their respective teams. Rick aptly named his team the Rodents, as Perry had returned from his triumphant tour of Cebu, and Beck had successfully pulled off a ‘sicky’ to stay another month in happy Pattaya land. Shawn, John S., Odvar, Josh, John E., and Scotty rounded out the Rodent team. They batted first in game one and smashed the ball around well, scoring 4 in the first.

Co-MVP Joe belts another ball deep to right field, with John Stockton about to run to second, while opponents Steve playing first base, and John CF deep in right field, get ready to make the play.
Not to be outdone, Diego’s Dogs, named mostly due to old hounds Rocky, and Nick, and new puppies Dave and Mark (who is finally starting to enjoy his dog days in Pattaya), came back with 5 runs in the bottom of the initial inning. Hits by past weeks MVP Steve, who also successfully played hooky from work, led the charge. The Dogs went on to win the hitters battle by the score of 21 to 16.
A special thank you goes out to “The Fonz” who mistook our softball game for an airfield and piloted his way to a few key hits before his eventual takeoff.
Game 2 was another unmerciful pillage on the new softball. Both teams continued to blast the ball around the diamond and score often. Overall, Rick went 8 for 10 in the hitting department to lead his team, while Perry was back to his old tricks hitting 9 out of 12, and John Eden solidly stroked the ball, going 7 for 10.
The Dogs countered with Rocky going 9 for 12, with Diego and Mark hitting 10 of 12 with lots of extra base hits. But it was newly added John CF (our humble leader of Pattaya softball) who earned player of the game status with his flawless 6 for 6 hitting performance. In Pattaya softball it seems, an old dog can learn new tricks!
Final score was 22 to 16 for the Dogs and a double header win for Josh, Dan, John CF, Mark, Steve, Nick, Rocky, Dave and Diego.
Sunday, May 17 – Rocky’s Raccoons v Stockton’s Statisticians
Week 2 of Pattaya softball was a tale of two blowouts. Rocky and John Stockton were captains of the week and named their teams the Raccoons and the Statisticians, respectively. Rocky’s infield was rock solid, with Beck at 3rd, Kevin (happily back from an extended vacation) at Short, Dave at 2nd, and Nick at 1b.
Shawn, Joe and the leader of the Raccoons, Rocky himself were a pretty solid outfield combination as well and the Raccoons ravaged their way through the sloppy Statisticians to win by a huge margin, 25-12.
Stockton had to make a few key trades to give his Statisticians a chance in the bottom half of the double header. He wisely added recent returnees Joe and Kevin, and gave away ex-MVP Steve and our Prez, John CF. As well, Jim-Bob Krocker joined in on the Stats side, and had a solid game, despite his still injured collarbone (please don’t tell his doctor that he actually played).
Reluctantly, we admit that Perry’s moonball pitching also slowed the Raccoon bats down, but mostly it was the trades that sparked the turnaround. Joe and Kevin earned co-MVP status for the week, and were the only 2 players to walk away undefeated on this day. They led the Statisticians to a surprising 22-4 thrashing of the Raccoons, as the game was called after 4 innings due to the 10 or more run lead mercy rule being put into effect.
The Pattaya Softball boys wish to extend an invitation to all battered and bruised former athletes, who enjoy being on a ball diamond on a Sunday afternoon. We start play at 1 p.m. and the fun doesn’t stop until we finish both games of the double header (usually around 4:30 p.m.). For directions to the field, please see Perry or John CF at the Pattaya Sports Club, or email me at [email protected] Hopefully, we will see you out there soon!

Bridge in Paradise: Patience and karma pay off

Buddhism teaches the value of patience and mindfulness.  If your karma is good, all will be well.  Some people also learn patience from Bangkok traffic, as you wait powerlessly for what seems like hours in order to move forward a few meters.  Other people, however, react to Bangkok traffic with impatience.  The first type of people are probably the better bridge players.  Mindfulness includes awareness of one’s thoughts, motivations and actions.  Thai Buddhists should be good players, since bridge certainly benefits from patience and mindfulness, as we will see.
Many players use a bid called a negative double.  For those who are unfamiliar with this bid, it is quite simple, but very useful.  When your partner bids a suit and the opponents immediately overcall in another suit, your double is not for penalties, but is “negative”.  It denies your partner’s suit and shows the two unbid suits.  Most particularly it shows any unbid major (lying some about having the unbid minor is usually acceptable).  For example, your partner opens 1S and RHO overcalls 2C.  Your hand is:

S: 98

H: KQ542

D: Q976

C: 76

You have a decent heart suit, but cannot bid 2H (which shows a minimum of about 9 or 10 points), because you do not have enough points.  So you keep the bidding low by doubling to show the red suits.  Alternatively, your hand is:

S: 98


D: A976

C: 763

Now you have enough points to bid at the two level, but only four hearts, not enough to bid at the two level.  Again, you double to show the red suits.  But what do you do if your hand is as below, RHO overcalls 2C and the opponents are vulnerable?

S: 8

H: A64

D: 9754

C: AJ1098

If you double, partner will think you have the red suits, so this is where patience comes in.  You pass.  Your partner knows that pass in this position means either that you are weak, or that you are lying in wait in clubs.  If your partner thinks you are lying in wait, he or she must double to give you a chance to pass (or, if you are actually weak, to bid something).  The full deal is shown below, with you sitting West and East dealing and NS vulnerable:

                        S: 10952

                        H: 852

                        D: KJ108

                        C: 43           

S: 8                                      S: KQJ64

H: A64                                H: QJ103

D: 9754                               D: AQ63

C: AJ1098                          C: -

                        S: A73

                        H: K97

                        D: 2

                        C: KQ7652   

This was the bidding:      

East      South            West       North

1S         2C                  P               P

Dbl       All pass                        

South made a reasonable overcall, with a good six card suit, 12 high card points and a singleton.  But, your partner looked at his void in clubs and knew to double.  Your karma must be good because this has delivered South into your hands, with nowhere to run to - NS’s longest combined suit outside clubs is spades, your partner’s opening bid.
Declarer took your spade lead with the ace, and then led the club queen (a low club is better), hoping to drop two opposing trumps.  You take it and switch to a diamond.  Partner takes two top spades (with you throwing diamonds), and switches to the heart queen.  Now, no matter how South twists and turns, you take a total of ten tricks (2 spades, 3 hearts, 1 diamond and 4 clubs), for down 5.  Soon, you are writing plus 1,400 on your side of the score sheet. Ah, the rewards of patience!
I would like to hear from readers about their favourite hands - please do contact me at: [email protected]

Bennett claims ‘Birthday Cup’ with a scorcher at Green Valley

PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Joey’s column
Monday, May 18, Burapha - Stableford
Bobby Lindborg’s Outbacker Birthday Cup attracted a field of 32 to take part in his better ball pairs competition. This is the first time a B’day Cup has been played using this format and it was a welcome change from the traditional singles stableford.

Bob Lindborg presents the Birthday Cup to Joe Mooneyham, pictured here with his lovely wife, Jessica.
At around 9.30 a.m., the teams assembled to do battle on the Crystal & Dunes course and the sky looked ominous as the rain clouds could be seen gathering over the hills south of the Laem Chabang course. Sure enough they swept across the valley hitting Burapha with two sharp but heavy showers lasting for not more than twenty minutes, then they cleared away leaving it soggy underfoot with a few bedraggled players, who soon dried out to enjoy the remainder of the round.
Joe Mooneyham & Kevin Moraghan set the pace from the onset, teeing off first and posting 46 points to win the Outbacker B’day Cup and the trophy kindly donated by Bob Lindborg. This is to be an annual trophy and Joe & Kevin’s names will be the first names to be added to it.
The runner up spot was taken by the unlikely pairing of Bob St Aubin (Canadian) & Marty James (Aus) who had never met each other before, let alone played golf together; with another fine score of 45.
There were two more teams also on 45 points in the battle for third & fourth places, which could not be separated having hole for hole, identical back nines, so Capt’ Bob awarded them both with joint third place.
As is customary, Bob also sponsored the food back at the ranch later in the day and the near pins, that were won by Eddie Blackwell (C5), Paul Greenaway (C8), Bruce Milner (D2) & Joe Mooneyham (D8). Thanks for the day Bob and Happy Birthday!
There were only two ‘2’s from Paul Greenaway (six inches from the hole) & Toni Dauth.
1st Joe Mooneyham (11) & Kevin Moraghan (16) 46pts
2nd Marty James (10) & Bob St, Aubin (13) 45pts
3rd Paul Greenaway (10) & Bernie Stafford (12) 45pts
3rd Eddie Blackwell (9) & Apple Blackwell (12) 45pts
Tuesday, May 19, Pattaya C.C. - Stableford
Another near perfect day for golf at the friendly Pattaya Country Club for the 12 Outbackers who made their way for the usual Tuesday game. We welcomed Tony Garnett playing with us for the first time.

Thursday’s winner Robbie Bennett with Geoff Doody, the day’s sponsor.
The recent rain had helped the course and with some work by the under employed caddies, we found the course acceptable – particularly with the deal for seniors – those over 55.
Well, last weeks ‘stunning’ stars fell by the wayside this week! Leading the pack was regular PCC member Alan Pearce (18) with 36 points winning on count back from the caddy’s friend, Frank O’Neill (17) who would have won but signed for a lower score. Just a point back was the other ‘Pearce’, Bob (14) with 35 and the final place on the podium was Tom Byrne (14) with 33 points.
The colour sergeant was the organiser and the responsibility must be getting to him as he was bottom of the pack today. Never mind Chad – there is always next week!
Outbackers play at Pattaya Country Club every Tuesday with a tee-time of 10 a.m.
1st Alan Pearce (18) 36pts
2nd Frank O’Neill (17) 36pts
3rd Bob Pearce (14) 35pts
4th Tom Byrne (14) 33pts
Wednesday, May 20, Phoenix - Stableford
A change in the weather would have been welcome as the 13 Outbackers faced another wet and soggy day on Mountain & Ocean. It doesn’t seem to matter where they choose to play; the rain is affecting most of the courses on a daily basis. At least this morning (Thursday), the sun was out with a clear blue sky, auguring for potentially a drier day at Green Valley.
The scores reflected the conditions, with only three players breaking thirty and no ‘2’s. Graham Faithful headed the list with 36, just one point ahead of two players on 35, Bob Lindborg and Kevin Moraghan, with Bob just edging out Kevin on count back.
1st Graham Faithful (16) 36pts
2nd Bob Lindborg (15) 35pts
3rd Kevin Moraghan (16) 35pts
4th Bruce Milner (11) 28pts
5th Henry O’Brien (20) 28pts
Thursday, May 21, Green Valley - Stableford
As if Geoff Doody needed another day to add to his, mostly planned, prolonged birthday celebrations, this Outbacker Birthday Cup, the second this week, had been postponed from Thursday last week due to heavy rain. It was a kind of anti-climax being a week late and the big day already gone, nevertheless is was a great day out that produced a surprising overall winner, particularly after his poor performance on Monday in Bob Lindborg’s event at Burapha.
Perhaps a case of horses for courses, Robbie Bennett produced a excellent round to amass 41 points to comfortably win the day by three. Graham Faithful continued his run of form to take Div A scoring 38 points, ahead of two players on 37, ‘stunning’ John Lawton and the other recent birthday boy, Bob Lindborg, who edged out John for second, on count back. The scoring in Div B was lower with Geoff’s good mate and sparring partner, Chad, winning with 34; ahead of the Sugarman, Pottsy and Suzi.
Back at the ranch, Geoff sponsored some good pub grub, Outback hotpot and chilli con carne as well as the near pin prizes that were won by Rick Evans (2), Bob Pearce and the resident Turnip, Dennis Persson.
There were only two ‘2’s from Rick Evans & Gary Saunders.
1st Robbie Bennett (17) 41pts
Div A (0-17)
1st Graham Faithful (16) 38pts
2nd Bob Lindborg (15) 37pts
3rd John Lawton (16) 37pts
4th Rick Evans (5) 34pts
Div B (18+)
1st Barry Chadbourn (19) 34pts
2nd Sugar Ray Handford (18) 33pts
3rd Campbell Potts (19) 32pts
4th Suzi Lawton (21) 32pts
Friday, May 22, Bangpakong - Stableford
On a fine sunny morning 17 Outbackers made their way along route 7 to the challenging Bangpakong golf course. An excellent green and caddy fee had been negotiated previously but upon arrival we were told, the now commonplace ‘one to a cart’ (all new carts!), no problem for those who walk. In addition the prices at the drink stops were more expensive than our more local courses.
Whilst the course was wet from overnight rain there was no order to keep carts off the fairways and with the caddy’s driving – in their new smart uniforms - there must have been some unnecessary damage done. In addition the light rough was a little long and time was taken to locate balls. Other than that the course was in fine condition, particularly the greens and whilst busy we all kept going – they do not allow any players to start at the 10th.
All enjoyed the day despite some rain towards the end. There were just three players beating their handicap – that man again B1, aka, Bruce Milner (11) was top with 38 points. It was a count back for second and third between Mark Rigall (17) and Apple Blackwell (12) with Mark beating Apple by one on the back nine.
The fourth and fifth places went to ‘The Management’ with General Jack (11) on 36 and Capt. Bob (5) on 35.
There was only one ‘2’ from B1 and he rang bell to celebrate his day.
Apart from the main competition there was a ‘challenge match’ for the “Roo Cup” currently held by Paul Greenaway and Bernie Stafford (England) versus Capt Bob and Rosco. The result was a tie so the English retain the cup.
The Outback Golf Bar welcomes all golfers, ladies included - and we were pleased to welcome Apple Blackwell with husband Eddie playing with us this week.
1st Bruce Milner (11) 38pts
2nd Mark Riggall (17) 37pts
3rd Apple Blackwell (12) 37
4th Jack Moseley (11) 36pts
5th Bob Philp (5) 35pts
NOTE: If you played this course, the Outback would like you to comment on our forum, outbackchat – topic, “course reviews”, which can be found on our website, This would help others as to the current condition of the courses in the area. For example: value for money (green fee & cart etc), pace of play, condition of the fairways, condition of the greens, caddies, and drink stops & restaurant. Even if you played a different course, please send in your review for all to read. The more the merrier.
The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country. All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit. Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.

Helmut shoots personal best

PSC golf from the Caddyshack

Monday, May 18, Crystal Bay - Stableford
The Caddyshack travelled to the very lovely course of Crystal Bay, and with dark rain clouds and a few claps of thunder around them it was touch and go on finishing.
Les Hall was fortunate to be in one of the front groups and posted 32 points and was leader in the clubhouse, then the heavens opened up and the rain fell in buckets, within minutes the course was under water. The last group playing was unable to finish so they could only post a score from 17 holes, so that left Les Hall dry in the clubhouse in first place. Taking second and third places and soaked to the skin were Ted Gardner with 31 points and Roger Moore with 30.
Wednesday, May 20, Greenwood – Stableford
Today was another trip up north to Greenwood golf course. Again the weather looked like it was going to ruin the day, but unlike Monday it never closed in so a dry day was had by all golfers.
Some good scores were recorded with Roger Moore finishing in third place with a very creditable 38 points. In second place, also with 38 points but a better back nine was Ramsay Smith; but the honours of the day have to go to Helmut Hebstrett with a remarkable 42 points, this goes down as a personal best for Helmut as its the first time he has broken 80 gross, so well done for a great achievement.

The Rock slips to a thirty

IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, May 18, Green Valley – 4-Man Scramble
1st Masanori Takano, Bill Quon, Suichi Kodaka, Kazu Agune (8.8) 55.2
2nd Alan Pilkington, Tom Atkins, Grant Cadell, Peter Aitcheson (8.0) 58
3rd Dennis Willett, Bill Thompson, Tony Oakes, Russell Finch (6.9) 58.1
4th Robert Lamond, Peter Sumner, Chris Knapp, Geoff Picken (6.9) 59.1
Long Putts: #7 Chris Knapp, #18 Roy Thornton
Near Pins: #2 Dennis Willett, #9 Gordon Duncan, #12 Arthur Hancock, #16 Rick Holmes
In a fitting tribute to one of the newest and youngest golfers in the area, Russell Exley, who has supported all other major golf tournaments, no matter if the organisers be from the PSC, the IPGC, a Charity group, a company day or a privately run competition, and tried to bridge the gap in the process, an extremely large and diverse group of teams assembled at Green Valley to take part in a 4 person scramble to celebrate his 30th birthday.
Accepting all handicaps from any of the various groups in the area, the teams were allowed 12.5 % of their combined playing handicaps, without any form of capping but with the proviso that, no team member should take more than five tee shots or less than three. With Russell providing some sponsorship for the prizes and The Haven sponsoring the buffet, the cost of the day was a very reasonable 1,250 baht, which attracted a large number of entries despite the current downturn in the golfing scene and ensured that the full number of scheduled tees times were required and effectively “sold out”.
With the current PSC President, and Public Relations Chairman and several prominent members of the IPGC committee playing, it certainly was a field that bridged many of the old differences as evidenced by the cordiality of day including the discussions at the prize giving buffet later in the day.
Things were looking pretty bleak just 25 minutes prior to the scheduled start as the rain bucketed down flooding the areas of the course that could be seen from the clubhouse, but mercifully the skies cleared and remained overcast for most of the rest of the day which provided wonderful weather for a fine days golf, and with the greens having been softened up nicely, all was set for some good scoring and a competitive and enjoyable day.
With only four and half shots separating all the teams handicaps, it promised to be a very closely run contest and so it turned out to be with the top five teams all shooting within 4 shots of each other and the whole field covered by eight.
The fifth place team consisting of Ted Morris, Barry Traynor, Roy Thornton and Mikael Andersson, known as the Birdie Boys, playing off a combined handicap of 5.6, and usually always to be found among the prizes, just missed out by point three of a shot to the fourth place team of Robert Lamond, Peter Sumner, Chris Knapp and Geoff Picken as they blended well together to return a gross score of 66.
Third place was taken by Dennis Willett, Bill Thompson, Tony Oakes and Russell Finch with a gross score of 65 as they had to overcome the additional handicap of Russell playing in the team after a five year lay off and the lack of practice showing a bit.
The second placed team of Alan Pilkington, Tom Atkins, Grant Cadell and Peter Aitcheson also scored a gross 66, but their slightly higher handicap proved sufficient to see them through by the slimmest of margins at just 0.1, as Alan and Tom led from the front.
The day’s winners were as surprised as anyone, as they cruised in to top spot with a gross 64, whilst carrying a couple of higher handicappers, but were worthy winners by almost three shots with Masanori and Bill doing the anchor work for the team.
Back at The Haven Stephen Beard announced the day’s winners whilst Russell Exley handed out the prizes after everyone had been fully sated by the usual buffet which featured the new addition of “a curry just like Ali used to make”
Wednesday, May 20, Pattana - Stableford
1st Alan Pilkington 38pts
2nd Russell Finch 34pts
3rd Russell Exley 32pts
With many players taking a break after waking to thunder and heavy rain in Pattaya, it was a small group that ventured forth to take on the B and C courses off the yellow tees on B and the white tees on C, and it afforded a very stern test of golf as the course offered little assistance in the way of run following the rain.
Alan Pilkington continued where he left off at Green Valley with some very tidy golf that netted him a two under total that was enough to see off the challenge of Russell Finch (Russell the Large), who after going out in 54, waltzed through the back nine in eight shots less, to claim his first win in his ongoing wager with “those in the know out of the Haven” and his first solo placing for over five years. Russell Exley (The Small) took third spot with a less than sparkling performance as the excesses of the previous days celebrating took their toll.
There were no 2’s in either of the divisions.
Prior to the prize giving, The Doc welcomed back Stephen Lewis.
Friday, May 22, St Andrews - Stableford
1st Alan Pilkington 44pts
2nd Bob Lamond 40pts
3rd Tony Barritt 39pts
4th Paul Taylor 37pts
5th Trevor Schirmer 36pts
Target golf from forward tees will always see the par for the course under pressure and such was the case at St Andrews where the tees had been set forward to take account of the lack of run on the fairways. This left the par sixes nothing more than long par fives, and it meant that the stableford scores were going to be high.
So it proved as Alan Pilkington again figured in the prizes and again in first place with an excellent 44 points that bettered his best result ever against par, of just three over, which was good enough by four clear to see off the stern challenge of Bob Lamond. Tony Barritt also got into the act with a creditable three under in third, to finish two ahead of Paul Taylor in fourth place. Trevor Schirmer did well to get nowhere with a level par round.
Once again there were no 2’s in either division as the par threes seemed to be the only holes playing to their full yardage and difficulty.
Before the presentations The Doc welcomed back Paul Taylor.

Findon finds some magic at Phoenix

Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, May 18, Phoenix – Stableford
After our Hua Hin trip last week it was a pleasure only to have to drive 20 minutes to our first course of the week.
With rain threatening most of the games last week it was the same today: Mountain and Ocean were the only two courses open so the six groups teed off spot on time. The clouds rolled in and it became very dark and dismal indeed after seven holes, but luckily enough, as with last week, we missed all the bad weather.
It was back to our normal contests and with no other score in the reckoning, a fantastic round today of 22 points on the Ocean back nine and 18 on the Mountain won Ben Findon first prize in division 1 with John McLoone second on 35 points and in third place was Kari Aarnio with 30.
Jean Morel’s 35 points was good enough to win division 2, with Joe Kubon 1 point behind and Tom Novak in third, just one point behind Joe.
There were no ‘2’s in division 1 so a rollover to Bangpra and Tom Novak birdied the 8th on the Mountain course to take the maximum pot in division 2.
Wednesday, May 20, Bangpra – Stableford
We set off in some very dubious weather conditions for our journey to Bangpra and before reaching Sukhamvit one four-ball had already cancelled and the journey up the 7 in torrential rainfall put the day in doubt.
Upon arrival the skies looked brighter with a very fine drizzle but we were informed that five more of the group had cancelled after reaching half way to the course. After a 15 minute deliberation in the club house we all decided to carry on.
There were five groups out now and with three rollovers in the 2’s, plus the day’s purse in division 1, this was set to be an interesting day.
As we tee’d off, a little later than normal, the sun came through, and with a ‘pick, clean and place’ rule in force and just a few sodden fairways, everybody enjoyed the round.
Kari Aarnios scored 36 points to take first place in division 1, with John McLoone second on 34 and in third was Ben Findon with 33. Jimmy Johnson’s 35 points was enough to win division 2 with Bryan Rought second 3 points behind and Evan Millar third with 30 points.
There were an amazing four ‘2’s in division 1, from Kari Aarnio on the 2nd, Reijo on the 8th, and Ben Findon and John McLoone on the difficult 17th, all four sharing the large rollover pot.
Friday, May 22, Eastern Star – Stableford
After the rain over the past few days it was a welcome sight to see blue skies in the horizon as we approached Eastern Star, but even more welcoming was the return of Khun Sui to the management desk after her five month maternity absence - welcome back Khun Sui.
The divisional cut today was 10-20 for the top flight and 21+ in the second tier. Thirty two points won division 1 for Stan Everingham, Geoff Stubbs came second 1 point behind and in third place was Tom Sathrum with 28. Tom Novak’s 34 was good enough to win the second division, and without the old man here, Miss Nom came in second with 28 and believe it or not the organiser took third with 26, his best score for some time.
There are no ‘2’s in either division so a rollover to Pattana on Monday.

Willy finds form at Greenwood

PSC golf from P J Pool Bar

Neil Duncan
Tuesday, May 19, Plutaluang S & E (White tees) - Stableford
Fourteen turned out to take on the Navy course and we were allocated South and East, which we found to be in good condition for the time of year.

Willy Nachbur outside Greenwood about to set off for some rehydration activity.

Yours truly had the best of the day for two on the trot, having 39 points off his manual-cut handicap of 14. John Roddis (11) had 38 points for second place before catching a flight to U.K. to visit his Mum. Willy Nachbur (22), Cliff Saveall (6) and Allan Freeman (23) came in third, fourth and fifth with 34, 32 and 31 points respectively.
Cliff Saveall, Barry Scuffil and Roddo had near pin bonuses with Roddo further offsetting the cost of his air fare with the longest first putt on the 18th green.
Thursday, May 21, Greenwood C & B (White tees) - Stableford
F/O Mike King flew just himself up to join ten others for a round at Greenwood, which was a pleasure to play being in such excellent condition.
Willy Nachbur gleefully deprived yours truly of a hat-trick of wins taking the day with a magnificent 42 points and earning himself a two shot two revisions manual cut to his handicap. Willy’s efforts made the scribe’s 39 points look pedestrian whilst Ray Bridgeman’s 36 points and Jim Fortune’s 35 points were sufficient for third and forth places.
Bob Drumm joined Willy, Neil and Ray in the near pin money whilst Ian Campbell sunk the longest first putt on the 18th green.
Having barely recognized himself in a bonking mirror recently, Aka O’Reilly decided it was time to do something about the wretched shape of his body and joined a well known fitness club in Pattaya. He bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour but by the time he had got his new paccoesque leotards on, the exercise class was over.
NOTE: Any golfers seeking to play with our group that wish to know about the format please visit P J Pool Bar & Restaurant on Soi Watboonsamphan (Soi Kanoi) or phone Neil on 089 511 0575.

Marie scores one for the ladies

PSC golf from The Café Kronborg

Derek Brook
Monday, May 18, Pleasant Valley – Stableford
The Pleasant Valley Country Club was the host for a stableford event in one flight. The course on the day was wet but playable even though we had several heavy downpours during the round.
Tony Leece took first with 34 points ahead of Monte Sykes in second with 32 points with Per Olaf Baarli in third with 31, and a name from the past, Gordon Cockerell, in fourth with 29.
Thursday, May 21, Phoenix - Monthly Mug
This month’s Mug seems to have come around really quick, but then it usually does as life flashes before our eyes. On this day we had a reasonable turn out considering the fact that the city appears to be nearly empty.

Dave Richardson presents the Monthly Mug to Marie Rowles.

So down to Phoenix where we were told we would play the Ocean and Mountain in that order. We actually got out pretty much on time, with only a short wait as players were clearing Mountain nine and were starting their second nine. The weather was hot and humid and those who walked were perspiring greatly, it was even hot for we who watched them and sat in carts. I felt quite sorry for them. However, the wind did get really strong at times and that promised a day of relatively high scores.
Back at The Cafe Kronborg it was obvious that a score below net par would have a chance and so it proved. The winner of the flight was Walter Baechli with a net 72 ahead of a count back on net 73 that saw the scribe in second and Monte Sykes in third. In fourth was John Hemmingsen with a net 75 and in fifth was Per Olaf Baarli with a net 77.
The winner of the Mug was Marie Rowles with a net 70 and she was the first lady we have had win for some time. Well done Marie. T.T.F.N.

Bandit country at Crystal Bay

PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Thomas Cotton
Tuesday, May 19, Crystal Bay - Stableford
1st Thomas Cotton 36pts
2nd Frank Pilkington 33pts
3rd Mashi Kenata 32pts
Near Pins: Thomas Cotton (2), Derek Brook, Peter Whitehead
The usual rabble, augmented by a few defectors from Cafe Kronborg, assembled at Bert’s Tuesday morning to prepare for their assault on Crystal Bay. After we arrived at the course there was considerable discontent regarding the unavailability of carts due to the wet fairways. But our doughty golf Chairman, Perry McNeely, fixed that for the few players who struggle with walking, including himself, and we were off.

Tuesday’s top three, from left, Mashi Kenata, Frank Pilkington, Thomas Cotton.

That is, except for that very fine Irish artifact, Kevin Dinan, who had emerged from hibernation but had missed the u-turn on Sukhumvit Road for the course and was halfway to Bangkok. So our Captain had to give Kevin re-directions and then rearrange the groupings enabling Kevin to join the last one.
Finally, Kevin and Stan were able to share a cart, but the cart was balking at the considerable load and there were fears that if it left the path there would be deep track marks which would damage the fairways. But we were very happy that our invalids could finally join the fray, even at the risk of tearing up the course.
Now, as one may glean from the little hints, the fairways were a little damp and the greens were a mite bumpy. This was going to give the edge to the course over the golfers, who geared-down their expectations, except for our correspondent, who was in a semi-pickled state from a heavy dinner replete with Argentine wines consumed at Moooore Bar the night before and whose mind was not really on golf at all.
But sometimes luck is better than skill and this day seemed to be frowning on the talent. The course appeared to dry out as the day progressed and some of the scores improved. By then, the word bandit was being tossed around, but as we all know, bandit is just a synonym for winner. Well, the rabble is full of bandits, but they change from week-to-week, as do their victims.

New dad Martin leads the way

PSC golf from Mulligans Lakeside

Tuesday, May 19, Green Valley – Stableford
Tuesday was another visit to Green Valley, where the course was in good condition, with consistent greens and well grassed fairways.
In good form lately, other than a bit of a hiccup last week, Martin Hayes (12) was the winner on the day with a solid 38 points. The minor placings had to be separated by count back, as 4 players had 35 points. Finally getting second was Monty Sykes (4) with 21pts on the back 9 (incl. 16 on the last 6), just edging Jeff Wylie (8) with 15 on the last 6 holes. Terry & Ken were the other 35 pointers with 18 & 16 respectively, on the back 9.
Technical awards were shared amongst Jeff, Monty & Ken.
Thursday, May 21, Crystal Bay – Stableford
Thursday was a trip up north to Crystal Bay where unfortunately, with the plentiful storms about recently, the fairways were found to be a bit wet and the grass long as the mowers would chop the ground up too much if used.
Justin Hiskett (11) handled the conditions best (again, you say) to lead the field home with 37 points, closely followed by Paul Taylor (15) on 36.
Technical prizes were picked up by Paul, Jeff, John C, & Graham.
All the crew at Mulligans Lakeside offer their heartiest congratulations to Martin and his wife on the arrival of their new son; how does Ray Dave John John Jeff Ken Keith Yves Graham Terry Brian Steve Monty Martin Jnr sound for a name?
Good Luck with that & sorry if I have missed someone.
NOTE: Mulligans Lakeside plays golf on Tuesdays & Thursdays from Lake Mabprachan. Affiliated with the PSC, we access the coupons negotiated by the PSC, passing on the full discount to golfers. Currently in Low Season we also utilise Sports Day offers from other golf clubs. Give Jeff a call on 089 094 1841 or Ray 081 935 8088 for scheduling details. Cheers & Good Golfing!

Eastern Star in need of intensive care

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at Rabbi’s Elephant Bar

The Pattaya Golf Society played a stableford competition at Eastern Star on Tuesday, May 19. After a four month absence they found the course was anything but set up for competition play as a result of the interminable green repairs. Patience was tested from the first when newly laid turf and a relaid fringe impeded short play and even defining the limit of the green was impossible for all but the keenest agronomist.
Where were the GUR notices and markings? Give a blind man a couple of pots of white paint and he certainly could have done better. Please ESR, find someone who knows something about maintenance before the course and club becomes defunct, extinct, expired. Apologies to Monty Python and parrot lovers!
In spite of the problems the field made a good fist of things with Tony Thorne taking third place with 32 points, and Chris Hardy scoring 33 for second place. The winner was Chris Voller, his 34 points emphasizing his current run of form.
There were four birdie ‘2’s with Masa Takano, Chris Hardy, Joop Medze and Tony Thorne sharing the pot.
Ignoring the claims of the course management for the Booby Bevy it went instead to Wichai Tananusorn whose round was fully eleven points worse than his previous two rounds and represented one of the poorest of the day. But who could blame him, the course at Eastern Star is an absolute shambles.
No surprises at Phoenix
The Pattaya Golf Society had the pleasure of visiting Phoenix golf club on Thursday, May 21, to play a stableford competition over the Mountain and Ocean nines. The course was well prepared as usual but the greens were surprisingly inconsistent on the back nine. An added bonus for the day was the inclusion of a Ladies’ Flight, in addition to the two Gentlemen’s divisions which had been cut at twenty and under.
The scene was set then and the group got away before time on a relatively empty course. In the top flight Chris Hardy took third with 34 points, just being nosed out by Bob Watson’s 35, emphasizing his consistent form of late. The flight winner was Chris Voller whose best gross of the day, 78, eclipsed even that of the returning Paul McNally for whom work has taken the edge off his three handicap. For Chris it was yet another par round to add to his recent collection of fine scores.
In the second flight Ian Hart and Len Jones returned respectable scores of 34 points to share third place, one behind Kazu Agune’s second placed 35. The flight winner was Steve McGill, his 37 points being the only sub par round of the day recorded by the gentlemen.
In the Ladies flight, Ann Silawong put together a level par round of 36 points for runner-up whilst Prasong O’Connor repeated her feat of last time out with the best score of the day, 39 points.
The day’s only birdie ‘2’s were in the top flight and Chris Voller had the honour to share the pot with Jean Morel. The Booby Bevy meanwhile went to Bill Birkett, a competent thirteen handicapper whose drive failed to make the red tees on Mountain three.
The day’s honours had belonged to Khun Ae (Prasong) and for Chris Voller it was another case of being the best man.
Rich pickings at Green Valley
The Pattaya Golf Society rose with the larks on Saturday, May 23, to visit Green Valley for a stableford competition, hopeful of avoiding the holdups caused by later visiting golf tourists, hell bent on spending as long as possible on the excellent course. It worked and the group got away well before time on an empty track.
The course was as well prepared as anyone had seen it in many a month and some tasty golf was in prospect. All the principals beat par with Don Nellis finding his way to a good score of 37 points for third place. Ahead of him was a reborn Mikael Andersson, on 38, enjoying a renaissance of his game after a year in the doldrums, which saw his handicap rise by seven shots.
The winner was Richard Hurley, new to the golf course but no stranger to the practice range, and for once his tee shots were strong and relatively accurate, helping him to a splendid score of forty points. He also had the bonus of two birdie ‘2’s, on the second and sixteenth, to move his score along.
The Booby Bevy was kept back for an unusually reticent Tony Thorne, a man who had tried all day to keep the secret of his birthday. But, as ever in golf, the harder one tries the more likely it is to fail.

Arnold takes a step up the podium

PSC golf from The Three Sisters Bar

The clouds floating around the Pattaya Country Club did not get together for rain. The groups had great weather to play in with the clouds and slight breeze. Last week, May 12, your erstwhile photographer was “rained out”. While a few die hards played the scribe was not one of them.

Tuesday winner Arnold Van Der Graaf (left) with runner up Dale Murphy.

Today, May 19, a larger group ventured forth. Michael Fischer jointed today’s group and rumor has it he kemoyed the cute caddy belonging to Paul Donahue who was out due to illness. Won’t happen next week Mike.
Richard Hall was last week’s winner with a 33, but no photo was taken. Arnold Van Der Graaf was last week’s second place winner with a 32, as well as being this week’s winner with a 38. Dale Murphy came in second this week with a 36.
The group retired to Caddy Shack II where Herbie Ishiniage had provided some home baked meat loaf that was enjoyed by all, along with a beverage or two.
Next week will be the end of the month trophy play where the winner gets his name engraved on the trophy.

Regulars make it their week

Golf from the Travellers Rest

Barry Hooper
Over my last few reports I have been stressing regularly on how it was “new faces” to the TRGG that had been taking the spoils. Well not so this week: all the events went to what I call the “regulars” -those who play with us week in and week out.

Three of this week’s winners: Frank Kelly, Ted Senior and Fergus Brennan.

The winners were the boss himself Fergus Brennan on Monday at Bangpra, Jim Sykes on Tuesday at Khao Kheow, Frank Kelly at Phoenix on Thursday and Ted Senior at Green Valley on Saturday. All of them with scores in the thirties. Well Done!
Monday, May 18, Bangpra - Stableford
1st Fergus Brennan (10) 39pts
2nd Jim Sykes (10) 36pts
3rd Ted Senior (16) 35pts
4th Alan Evans (25) 31pts
On Monday we had a small but quality following and again all of them were regulars, their being a distinct shortage of new faces.
The boss Fergus had invested in a new three wood just a couple of weeks ago and that is obviously now paying off. He came home with a quality thirty-nine pointer to take the day, followed in by Jim Sykes and Ted Senior (please remember those two names).
The ‘2’s went to Fergus and Roger Wilkinson.
Tuesday, May 19, Khao Kheow C & A - Stableford
1st Jim Sykes (10) 36pts
2nd Ted Senior (16) 31pts
3rd David Gray (32) 30pts
4th Eddie Towsend (14) 26pts
It was off to Khao Kheow on Tuesday and this course is true quality and always a pleasure to play.
Fergus however struggled on this occasion thus allowing Jim Sykes with a great thirty-six and Ted Senior thirty-one to move up the ladder and take first and second places. David Gray was third at thirty.
The ‘2’s were shared by Jim Sykes and Eddie Townsend (yes, the big man is back in town).
Thursday, May 21, Phoenix (Mountain & Ocean) - Stableford
1st Frank Kelly (13) 35pts
2nd John Goudge (6) 34pts
3rd Mod Chaviraksa (10) 32pts
4th Ted Senior (16) 32pts
Yet another of our regular outings to Phoenix and this time the weather behaved itself and we had a good turnout.
It was close at the top with just a single point taking it: Frank Kelly at thirty-five just pipped John Gouge at thirty-four, with Mod Chaviraksa taking the third spot at thirty-two but only after a count back over Ted Senior (I seem to be writing his name a lot this week).
Saturday, May 23, Green Valley - Stableford
1st Ted Senior (16) 38pts
2nd Fergus Brennan (9) 38pts
3rd Frank Kelly (13) 36pts
4th Mod Chaviraksa (10) 30pts
Saturday saw us at our regular weekend venue of Green Valley. The weather behaved itself again, thank goodness, and although the numbers again were a little depleted to the norm, some tight play was found with a tit for tat fight taking place all the way round the course between Fergus Brennan and Ted Senior (yes them again) who were found in the same group.
As is often the case, players can find they produce their best game when they are found in a shot for shot scenario. This was just such an example and it was only finally decided after count back, with Ted edging it by 19 to 18 on the back nine. Frank Kelly however could not match his form from Thursday and slipped back to third, this time at thirty-six.
The ‘2’s pot was split three ways by Fergus Brennan at the second, Alan Evans at the twelfth and Frank Kelly the sixteenth.

Pattana shows its teeth to PSC golfers

The PSC 87th Monthly Golf Tournament

Derek Brook
Friday, May 22 - Pattana
The year rolls on, and this was really due to be the last monthly tournament before the Annual A.G.M., when either the Golf Chairman will be re-elected of we will be subjected to a new style. However, for the uninformed, Perry has slipped another monthly in next month before the A.G.M. and this will be on a Tuesday. This will give the incoming, or re-elected, Golf Chairman a little breathing space before the trials and tribulations of the July monthly tournament.

A Flight winner Alan Beck (right) receives his award from Golf Chairman Perry McNeely.
The May tournament is usually the least supported in the year, this being in the low season, and we were especially pleased to see a reasonably good turnout, that despite the financial downturn was above that of recent years.
Players really do like the way the monthly tournaments have been dealt with this year, and that is understandable. This has developed into a really great day out at a really fine price. A great year Mr. Golf Chairman and his many helpers - but particularly Max, Mike, Tony and Derek. Well done all.
This week’s tournament was to be held at Pattana, with a great rate negotiated by Perry, and when we got there we discovered it was to be the B & C nines and off the White Tees. With a strong wind and a course of some 6,800 yards, this promised to be a bit of a monster, and so it proved.
The B Nine starts with the drive into the wind on a long par 4 with water left and right. As I am sure happened in many other four-balls, three of ours put their ball in the water, whilst the ‘Scratch’ golfer in our midst got under the ball and hit it high in the air, straight down the middle but only 240 yards or so. He was most disappointed. The rest of us played three for our next shot, whilst he put it around the green. It is interesting to see how different levels of players look at situations, and quite disillusioning to we mere mortals.

The Golf Chairman collects the B Flight prize from Emcee Mike.
The two nines were quite a bit different in one respect, the greens. The greens on the B Nine were fine and fast, whilst the greens on the C Nine were well if you could stroke your putt between the holes that had not yet ‘healed’. Sounds like a living person, well some seem to think a green is alive, vicious, and nasty - others that they are their friends. There’s “nothing as queer as folks”, unless it is golfers.
We got around in a quite good 4 hours or slightly over, and the only exciting thing to happen was that Tom saw a bird, flying type, that he had not seen before, and some golfer who found it difficult to hit the ball straight landed his tee shot on the top of my cart with the Caddy stood on the back. She was quite good about it really, when she came around, and the golfer did apologise. I, as you can understand, was not happy. Be careful on the golf course or get insurance.
The facilities at Pattana are really magnificent and whilst many courses are well endowed with fine clubhouses, this has to be the best changing rooms, superb dining room, prices that are second to none, and a view that is breathtaking. World class!
Playing a little early it gave time for us all to get back to Pattaya and have a break for a few hours. Always nice to rest you eyes before you embark upon a night out, and that is what essentially this night develops into, with a meeting at the presentation restaurant, on this occasion The Moooore Bar, then see what happens and have a few cold one’s.

C Flight winner Sukhi Gill with Perry
When I arrived the night was well underway and the clang of cutlery on plates was to be heard all over. The food on this night was really first class and all the players, and for some, families, tucked in and were fed for the week. It was some time later that the Emcee, Mike Gerrard, called the ‘Listen in’ call and we were welcomed by the Golf Chairman Perry McNeely.
Perry thanked all his sponsors, particularly on this night Pattana Golf Club and Moooore Bar, and all his other sponsors of whom there are many. I must mention the following for their support: Shenanigans, Jameson’s, Green Bottle, Trattoria Italian, Blue Parrot, Moon River, Tequila Reef, Pattaya City Golf, and all the local media.
The Emcee then declared the results and followed up with the ‘Lucky Draw’ where nearly all were ‘Lucky’. T.T.F.N.
A Flight (0-14)
1st Alan Beck (12), Net 69
2nd Bengt Borg (11), Net 73
3rd Damien Trent (11), Net 75
B Flight (15-19)
1st Perry McNeely (15), Net 70
2nd Kevin Hamilton, Net 71
3rd Ken Hole, Net 73
C Flight (20-36)
1st Sukhi Gill 41pts
2nd William Chang 39pts
3rd John Deardon 37pts
Near Pins: Mike Phillips, Bengt Borg (3), Peter Blackburn, P.S. Basi, Bryan Rough, Dick Warberg, Arne Dahlin, Dave Richardson, Phil Dwyer, Perry McNeely (2).
Long Drives: Jeff Wylie, Gary Saunders, Frank Pilkington.
2’s: Ronald Edwards, Bryan Rough, Helmut Hebstreit, Derek Brook, Peter Blackburn, P.S. Basi, Bengt Borg.

Wooler wins by seven at Greenwood

PSC golf from The Bunker

Monday, May 18, Eastern Star - Stableford
The Bunker Boy’s haven’t played at Eastern Star for a while and when we go on to the greens we remembered why! The fairways were in good condition but the greens were pretty poor to say the least, but we persevered anyway.

Jim Wooler scored 40 points at Greenwood.

The cut was handicap 14 today which put John King in the B Flight for a change and he gladly took advantage of it by winning with 34 points. Ken Davidson was runner up yet again and Geoff Parker came in third place.
Tony Berry won the A Flight by a few points ahead of Stuart Tinkler, who was closely followed in third place by William Macey.
A Flight
1st Tony Berry (9) 35pts
2nd Stuart Tinkler (12) 32pts
3rd William Macey (16) 31pts
B Flight
1st John King (16) 33pts
2nd Ken Davidson (22) 31pts
3rd Geoff Parker (16) 30pts
Near Pins: Tony Robbins, Tony Berry, Ken Davidson and Mashi.
Wednesday, May 20, The Emerald - Medal
There were some pretty average scores at Emerald where only Geoff Hart had anything to write home about.
The cut was handicap 16 and Geoff won the B Flight with a one under par round; Eddie Martin was the nearest to Geoff and he was six shots back and Ken Davidson came third a further four shots behind.
Burnley lad Geoff Williams won the A Flight in his last game before returning to the UK, a net 76 being enough to take the kitty. Mashi was a shot behind in second place and Bob Gaskin came in third with a net 81.
A Flight
1st Geoff Williams (16) net 76
2nd Mashi Kaneta (10) net 77
3rd Bob Gaskin (12) net 80
B Flight
1st Geoff Hart (21) net 71
2nd Eddie Martin (18) net 77
3rd Ken Davidson (22) net 81
Near Pins: Bob Gaskin, Geoff Williams and Dave Keats (2).
Friday, May 22, Greenwood - Stableford
Geoff Parker got back into the winning groove playing a stableford round at Greenwood today. Geoff won the A Flight with 37 points and a count back was used to determine the runner up spot; Paul Smith having a better back nine than John McDonald to take the honours.
The cut was set at handicap 16 again and the winner of the B Flight was more clear cut; Jim Wooler winning with 40 points, a full seven points ahead of second placed Graeme Preston who was well pleased with his first round back in Thailand for some time. Geoff Hart took third place beating Alex Kilcoyne on a count back.
A Flight
1st Geoff Parker (16) 37pts
2nd Paul Smith (5) 36pts
3rd John McDonald (10) 36pts
B Flight
1st Jim Wooler (23) 40pts
2nd Graeme Preston (25) 33pts
3rd Geoff Hart (21) 32pts
Near Pins: Alan Sullivan (2) and Tony Berry.

The Sheppard leads the flock down the Valley

IPGC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday, May 17, Green Valley - Stableford
A Flight
1st Ian Grout (6) 40pts
2nd Seamus Cotter (11) 37pts
3rd Bob Newell (6) 35pts
B Flight
1ST Tom Byrne (14) 39pts
2nd Jim Munns (12) 37pts
3rd Vic Hestor (12) 36pts
C Flight
1st Chas Sheppard (18) 44pts
2nd John Deardon (22) 43pts
3rd Kathy Doody (17) 39pts
Near Pins: #2 Kevin Mcentee, #9 Doug Campbell, #12 Nick Payne, #16 Kathy Doody
2’s: Eight
Sunday, May 17, as I am sure every one is aware is Norway’s constitutional day. To celebrate this special day, Jon Haugen kindly sponsored the near pins with a bottle of wine for each hole. A big Lewiinski’s thank you to Jon.

Charles Sheppard scored a tremendous 44 points at Green Valley.

So on with the golf: Ian “Gizz a fag” Grout posted a splendid 40 points to win A Flight; Seamus V C followed Ian home three shots back leaving Bob “seamless” Newell to close the flight, with a count back verdict over CB Thompson, both knotted on 35.
Tom Byrne took charge of B Flight with a more than impressive 39 points. Captain Fogg chased Tom home two shots adrift and Vic Hestor celebrated in third place with the birth of a daughter. Best whishes to Vic and family.
Chas Sheppard “the man of leisure” amassed an outstanding 44 points to take the day’s honours in C Flight followed by John Deardon with an equally outstanding 43 point haul for second. The Shropshire belle Kathy Doody filled out the flight carding 39 points.
Tuesday, May 19, Bangpra – Stableford
A Flight
1st Kevin Mcentee (7) 39pts
2nd Bob Newell (6) 36pts
3rd Peter Henshaw (15) 35pts
Bangpra was the venue for Tuesday, and it was that man Kevin Mcentee who took the honours with a very creditable 39 points. Bob “Seamless” Newell was a shot back in second place, followed by the President a further shot back. The count back victims were the Donkey and Matt Doyle.
The donkey got a little compensation by splitting the ‘2’s pot with Jon Haugen.
Wednesday, May 20, Greenwood - Stableford
A Flight
1st Jimmy Day (13) 39pts
2nd Paul Henshaw (11) 39pts
B Flight
1st Matt Doyle (17) 43pts
2nd Lou Sigzag (20) 39pts
Big Matt Doyle put together an amazing 43 points to easily win the junior flight at Greenwood: Matt took the man of the match, and a trip to the handicap secretary. It did not take Zig Sag long to make his mark after retuning from Australia, carding a very good 39 points to relegate the captain into third place on a count back. Welcome back Lou.
The senior flight also needed a count back to separate the top two with Jimmy Day emerging the victor over Paul Henshaw, both knotted on 39 points. Another count back was needed to separate Vic Hestor and Justin Fowlis, the scales tipping in Vic’s favor.
Justin did how ever post a ‘2’ along with Jimmy Day.
Amazingly only one competitor managed to score under 30 points.
Friday, May 22, Royal Lakeside - Stableford
A Flight
1st Paul Henshaw (11) 43pts
2nd Bob Newell (6) 38pts
B Flight
1st Peter Henshaw (15) 39pts
2nd Mick Healy (16) 35pts
The Lewiinski’s gang traveled to the Sumitomo designed Royal Lakeside course on Friday. Seamless reported the course to be in good condition and dry, while the Donkey reported it to be wet all over; the Donkey knows a thing or two about grass so make up your own mind.
Wet or dry it did nothing to dampen the Henshaw boys; Peter winning B Flight with a very good 39 points, with Mick Healy coming second four shots adrift.
Peter’s boy Paul amassed 43 points in A Flight to make it an all Henshaw affair. Seamless garnered 38 points to finish runner up.
Back at the ranch was party time as we celebrated the first year of current ownership and excellent golf.
I heard it on the ‘Wireless’
Reliable sources have informed me, that Wilcko has caned his first ace while on holiday in Hollywood U S A. No doubt we will get the full story on his return.
The term “mulligan” is really a contraction of the phrase “maul it again”.
NOTE: Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street. Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in, and add your name to the list or call Bob on 080 096 8232. Transport is provided.

Kenyan athlete stars in charity mini-marathon

Pramote Channgam
Kenyan athlete Bernard Kou left the field behind to reach the finish line first and win the KFC Charity Run Pattaya mini-marathon held on May 17. Thai athlete Prarichat Sathirasart won the women’s category in the 10.6km run.

Kenyan Bernard Kou receives the Men’s winners trophy from Chattrin Pongkittikul.
Deputy Mayors Wattana Chantanawaranon and Weerawat Khakai, together with Chattrin Pongkittikul of Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) (KFC), opened the charity walk-run that was contested by 500 Thai and foreign runners at the Jomtien Pattaya Beach Field.
The marathon was divided into two categories: men and women ages under 60 and women over 60 years and men over 70 years of age over a distance of 10.6kms.

Prarichat Sathirasart from the Thai-Japan Team, is presented with the Women’s trophy by Chusak Sriwatchanapong.
The course started from Jomtien Beach then went on to Wat Bunkanchanaram, Sukhumvit Road, left onto Thepprasit Road and back to the finish line at the multi-purpose field at Jomtien.
The highlight was the win by Kou from the Micky Running Team who only applied to compete a few minutes before the run started. The remarkable Kenyan runner led from start to finish and took the trophy with a time of 33.01 minutes. Prarichat, from the Thai-Japan Team, won with a time of 45.41 minutes.
The KFC competition was a walk-run event under the “KFC for Society Project”. The money raised after deducting expenses will support the education of children in rural areas of the country.

The runners set off from Jomtien Beach

Travel agents invited to golf challenge in Pattaya

Saksiri Uraiworn
Travel agents from 18 countries are coming to play golf as guests of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at the Golf Travel Mart 2009.

Niti Kongkrut, Director of TAT Pattaya Office, speaks at the press conference held at the Amari Orchid Resort Pattaya on May 12.

In this way TAT and Chonburi Golf Club aim to boost the sport and tourism by showing the facilities of Pattaya’s 17 golf courses to some 340 players in a competition that was announced on May 12 at Amari Orchid Resort Pattaya.
Golf entrepreneur members in Chonburi Golf Club own the 17 golf courses that are offering golf traveling packages to travel representatives and agents from many countries.
The competition selection rounds begin in May and end in October with four winners being selected each month from games at all the golf courses. Players from the ranks and from lucky draws will form a total pool of 340 competitors. The final rounds in October will be played at Siam Country Club and Phoenix Golf Club.
Niti Kongkrut, Director of TAT Pattaya Office, said travel agents from 18 countries have been invited from Beijing, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Moscow, Los Angeles, New Delhi, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo and Osaka.
He said that this was a good opportunity to show the world the many beautiful golf courses here which meet international standards and are inexpensive compared to other places.
It is hoped that invited agents will put the golf courses on the tourist maps and include them in travel plans for marketing, while Thais and foreigners will now know more about golf courses available in this region, he said.

Pattaya City lose out in championship race

MBMG International League 2008/2009

Paul Frain
With title contenders Londoner winning the previous week, and then taking a 2-1 victory over Woodstock in the early kick-off last Saturday to secure the title, it left Pattaya City needing to win their last game of the season against French side Les Gaulois JVK to have a chance of finishing as runners-up.
Both sides were keen to win this match and the City defense nearly conceded a goal at the very start when one of the defenders was caught in possession and the French forward shot just over the bar. Both teams were fighting for every inch of the midfield and City’s Alan Mulberry’s snap shot just skimmed the French team’s bar. Les Gaulois retaliated but City’s defense held firm, then City forward Paul Derbyshire shot straight at the keeper when in a good scoring position.
Finally the deadlock was broken when a long punt up field by Les Gaulois caught City’s keeper well off his line and he could only finger tip the ball into the net to make it 1-0 to the French.
Shots rained in on Les Gaulois’ goal but some good opportunities were missed by Pattaya, including a golden chance to Yannis Mantas, but he delayed his shot and a Gaulois defender had time to run back and block it.
The French counter attacked, but again the City defense held firm and then Pattaya gained three corners but to no avail. Half time came with City still one nil down.
After the break the French put a lot of pressure on the Pattaya defense and nearly scored a second goal but the ball hit the side netting. City stormed back up the field and gained a free kick, and from a wonderful ball by Earnest Dipita, Emmanuel Tshuma made no mistake to equalize for City and make it 1-1.
Both sides now went looking for the winner and the game started to get a little niggly as the players tired. Good saves by City’s keeper kept the scores level as the French team finished the stronger of the two, but they were unable to find a way past the staunch Pattaya defense and the game finished 1-1.
A tired City were disappointed not to win their final game, but to win championships you have to beat the lower teams and this is were City have sadly faltered this season.

Pattaya United suffer another defeat

Pattaya United midfielder Ittipol Pulsab (left) evades a tackle from an Osotspa M-150 defender during their Thai Premier League fixture last Saturday, May 23. High flying Osotspa moved into third place in the league after securing a 1-0 victory over Pattaya thanks to a goal from Jakkrit Boonkham in the 45th minute. United are now currently lying 12th in the league with 11 points from 11 matches. The ‘Dolphins’ next game is this coming Sunday at home against Samut Songkram F.C. Kick off is at 6 p.m. (Photo by Ariyawat Noumsawat)

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