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Vol. XVI No. 3
Friday Junuary 18 - Junuary 24, 2008


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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]: 

Full Moon River as celebrities welcome the New Year

Another full house at PCEC meeting

Intensive Care – in the air

Issan festival displays the best of the Northeast

Memorial ceremony held for Fr Daeng

Full Moon River as celebrities welcome the New Year

Reiner Calmund, Rene Pisters, Gerrit Niehaus, Franz Walter (standing),
 Brigitte and Bruno Licci.

Elfi Seitz
A full house was seen once again at the Moon River Pub, as tourists and locals celebrated the New Year. Amongst the many well known revelers welcoming 2008 were hotel owner Gerrit Niehaus, Germany’s top attorney Franz Walter, football expert Reiner “Calli” Calmund and his spouse Sylvia, Maurice Calmund, star hairdresser Bruno Licci and spouse Brigitte, “Bild” executive editor Vim Vomland and, of course, Thai Garden Resort general manager Rene Pisters.

Heidi Glemeau (2nd right) and Elfi Seitz (3rd right) welcome visitors from Canada: (from left) Gilbert, Clermont, Marie-Nicole, Monique and Gilbert.

Another full house at PCEC meeting

There was a noticeable full house which attended the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) meeting on Sunday January 6 at Henry J. Bean’s, as the series of full weekly programmes continues.
The week’s MC, Richard Silverberg started the proceedings by reminding the audience of the sad passing of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana. A minute’s silence was held in respect of her memory. Thor Halland, who was to appear again later, gave an overview of the life of the late Princess.

PCEC Treasurer Max Rommel (right) makes a presentation to the new nai amphur for Banglamung, Mongkol Thamkittikhun.

The meeting continued with Chairman Richard Smith making the announcement that in response to the invitation of Vice Chairman Andre Machielsen, the PCEC was honoured by the visit of the new nai amphur for Banglamung, Mongkol Thamkittikhun. In his address Mongkol remarked that it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to attend his first PCEC meeting and offered assistance in the event of any problems. In recognition of the nai amphur, Max Rommel presented him with a number of framed prints depicting previous members of previous Royal Families.
The familiar figure of Thor Halland returned to provide a detailed account of Thai politics particularly in the light of the recent general election.
Thor started with a brief outline of the life of the dearly beloved late HRH Princess Galyani before moving on to the main subject.
He described the Constitution of 2007 including the composition of the government which includes 480 elected representatives, 400 by constituency, 80 by party list and 160 senators. He equated the selection of senators by the selection committee to be similar to that of the House of Lords in the UK.
Thor listed the main Thai political parties as being the Democrats headed by Abhisit Vejjajva and the Peoples Power Party headed by Samek Sundarevej. He also provided details of the smaller parties which are the Thai National Party, the Great Peoples Party, the United Thai Heart / National Development Coalition, For the Motherland, Neutral Democrat and the Royal Loyalists.
Thor provided the election results which indicated that the PPP had the most number of votes. Thor expressed his opinion to say that it would appear that the PPP would create a collation government with the For the Motherland Party but that this was threatened by an imminent meeting of the constitutional court. He also stated that as a result of a new government, there were absolutely no immediate changes which were imminent to affect the status of foreigners living in Thailand.
Chairman Richard Smith announced that the planned visit to the GM Chevrolet manufacturing plant was now coming to fruition and the date of February 8 had now been set. PCEC member Bob Bisighini had been working hard to arrange the visit and full details would be announced at the next Sunday meeting.
Richard also confirmed that the Computer Special Interest Group was scheduled to meet on January 7 at 1 pm at the Markland Hotel. Board Member Michel de Goumois announced that the next Members Dinner would take place on Wednesday January 9 at the Hot Stone Grill, Jomtien Complex.
MC Richard Silverberg then provided his regular very interesting talk regarding all things computer. This week Richard delved into the subject of passwords and their management. He suggested that there are two types of password, those used to protect important data and those used for relatively trivial purposes such as access to forums. He made a series of recommendations such as ensuring that the password could not be easily guessed, for example, by using an old address incorporating an old telephone number, mix lower and upper cases plus punctuation, use the first letter of an easily remembered phrase. It was important to change the password regularly and not to use the same one to access a number of sites. The ultimate password creator and manager could be found at
The regular Open Forum was conducted by Bob L’Etoile with comedy partner Sig Sigworth in tow to receive the well intentioned jokes! As always it provided an opportunity for questions about living in Thailand with an emphasis on Pattaya to be asked. The Open Forum again proved to be the usual lively and entertaining session. For more information regarding, not only PCEC Sunday meetings but also the varied mid week activities, please see the Community Happenings section of Pattaya Mail or, for more details, visit the Club’s website at

Intensive Care – in the air

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya now has the latest in Intensive Care technology with their new Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (Sky ICU).

The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya displayed the latest in Intensive Care technology with their new Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (Sky ICU) to members of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA) and the media last week.
This new helicopter service is a first for SE Asia and is a joint venture between Bangkok Hospital Medical Center and Bangkok Airways and will link up all the hospitals under the aegis of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, which includes the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

Dr. Sutatphan Kachornbun, director of the Aviation Medical Department in Bangkok, explains the life support equipment on board the helicopter.
The Sky ICU has a range of 680 km and is suitable for all types of emergencies with experienced aviation medicine physicians and critical and emergency care nurses on board. The helicopter is set up with full ICU and resuscitation equipment and treatment of the injured commences at the site of the accident, rather than waiting to arrive at the hospital.
This type of ‘flying ambulance’ has been used to great effect in Europe and the US, and the adoption of this speedy service will undoubtedly save many lives in the future.
The new helicopter is also very adaptable, and can be converted within minutes to become an aerial limousine which can carry up to eight passengers and is available for charter. It takes only 45 minutes from Bangkok to Pattaya using this service, and costs B. 120,000 for the one way trip.
Further details can be obtained by ringing 1719, the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Contact Center.

Issan festival displays the best of the Northeast

Pramote Channgam
Issan people gathered at Pattaya School No 8 over the period December 28 to 29 to celebrate the food, music, handicrafts and culture of their region.
The Best of Issan 2007 was organized by the Issan People’s Club in Pattaya and opened by mayoral advisor Itthipol Khunplome.

Issan People’s Club Chairman Sukreb Krajai announces the Best of Issan 2007.
Club chairman Sukreb Krajai said the event was more successful this year than it was last year, as the date coincided this time with the New Year festivities.
During the two days, crowds of Issan people who have settled in Pattaya visited the event, along with tourists. The decoration was pure Issan, there was a good selection of Issan food on offer at the various food stands, there were booths selling OTOP products, and on stage, Issan performers put on a lively display of folk singing and dancing.

The Krua Mae Mai Team won the somtam competition and received 5,000 baht along with a trophy from mayoral advisor Itthipol Khunplome.
A highlight of the event was a competition for the Most Beautiful Issan Man in Pattaya, which was actually a beauty pageant for transvestites. There being no shortage of women of the second category in the city, this event was particularly well attended. The winner was Khemaksorn Pipattanalert, in second place was Merisa Suwanwet, and in third place was Waraporn Pormthep. They received 10,000 baht, 5,000 baht and 3,000 baht respectively.
Another highlight was the somtam competition, in which six teams participated. The committee of judges awarded the winning prize to the Krua Mae Mai Team, second place was awarded to the Musaloon Team, and third place to the Pasaiwod Chuenchum Team. They received 5,000 baht, 3,000 baht and 2,000 baht respectively. The three other teams received a consolation prize of 1,000 baht each: they were the Jamnien Team, the Pisamai Team and the Numai Team.

Memorial ceremony held for Fr Daeng

Fr Lawrence Patin (right) leads people in saying prayers
and remembering Fr. Daeng.

Vimolrat Singnikorn
A ceremony was held at St Nikolaus Church on January 2 in memory of Father Patrick Raymond Morrissey, or Father Daeng, who passed away four years ago.

Fr. Patrick Raymond Morrissey, Fr. Daeng, who passed away 4 years ago.
Fr Lawrence Patin, head of the Redemptorist Center in Pattaya and director of the Father Ray Foundation led the congregation. Prayers were said, followed by hymns, and then flowers were laid on Fr Daeng’s grave.
Fr Daeng was born on July 10, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was ordained in 1955 and came to Thailand in 1957. When Fr Daeng was 28 years old he created a Mission in Thailand, and dedicated the remainder of his life to working for the underprivileged and the impoverished in this country.
Much of his time was spent in the Northeast, working in provinces that included Loei, Nong Khai, Udon Thani and Khon Kaen, and then in 1979 Fr Daeng received orders to travel to Sriracha where he joined Fr Banjong Chaiyara in taking care of novice priests who were preparing to be ordained as monks.
For several years Fr Daeng’s main duty was in teaching the English language, and then in 1988 he received orders to become director of the Redemptorist Center in Pattaya. Later he became pastor of St Nikolaus Church, a position he held for nine years until he passed away at the age of 74 years.

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