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It’s a clean sweep for Kenya at 13th Pattaya Marathon

Pattaya Marathon celebrates birthday with its media sibling

Deborah Bundityanond elected president of Skål International Pattaya & East Thailand

Australia Thailand Institute visits Pattaya

Dibbayawan household throws a party for all occasions

Ten Lions Clubs in Chonburi install new Presidents

It’s a clean sweep for Kenya at 13th Pattaya Marathon

New course records set as African runners dominate on city’s streets

Narisa Nitikarn
Photos by PM Reporters

Kenyan athletes were once again at the forefront when it came to collecting awards at last Sunday’s 13th International Pattaya Marathon.

Joel Kiplimo Kemboi celebrates his marathon victory in a new record time.
With no appearance money on offer this year to the overseas stars it had been anticipated that a fair number of the East African runners, who have come to dominate this race in recent years, would be absent this time around. As things transpired however, the final result in the Men’s marathon showed that the Kenyan’s were indeed out in force, and they continue to maintain a stranglehold on this popular annual event.
This year a strong contingent of top Thai runners were also in the line-up, hoping to score a home victory in the Kingdom’s oldest marathon and in the year of His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday. Those hopes were soon dashed however, as from the starting gun the Kenyan runners quickly moved to the head of the pack and slowly built up a lead over all their rivals.

Young at heart - Grandpa Din Toprongsri (age 83) accepts a special prize for being the oldest runner at the event.
The early pace of the leaders in fact was such that it soon became apparent that the course record of 2:26.06hrs, set by Japanese runner Kawakubo Kenichi in 2000 would come under serious threat. Indeed, as the eventual winner, Kenya’s Joel Kiplimo Kemboi, entered the final straight on Beach Road, it was clear that those who braved the early morning chill to cheer on the athletes were about to witness a new Pattaya Marathon record.
Kiplimo Kemboi eventually crossed the finish line near Soi 4 in a time of 2.19.41hrs, knocking over 6 minutes off the old mark. He was duly followed home by six of his compatriots, with Phillp Kipsang Kipso (2.23.12hrs) and John Chir Turbei (2.23.25hrs) taking second and third places respectively.
In an interview with a Pattaya Mail reporter following the trophy presentations, a clearly delighted Kiplimo Kemboi said that although this was first time he had run in Pattaya and he found the course to be tough, he had also thoroughly enjoyed the race and said he’d be delighted to come back to defend his title next year. After collecting his trophy along with a 200,000 baht first prize cheque and an additional 50,000 baht for breaking the old record, it could be said who could blame him.

Aekachai Chanthorn was the champion wheelchair athlete.
There was brighter news for home supporters in the Women’s marathon where perennial winner Sunisa Sailomyen once again defended her title in style in a time of 2.58.33hrs to claim the first prize of 150,000 baht and the winner’s trophy. Sunisa also won the overall Thai women’s event worth 70,000 baht in prize money and collected an additional 50,000 baht for beating the old record.
Only 2 minutes behind in the women’s classification was Saifon Piyawongse in a time of 3.00.30hrs who claimed 75,000 baht in prize money, and in third place was Tatina Perepelleina who won 50,000 baht prize money.
Other results of note were as follows: Men’s Overall Half Marathon winner, Bunthoeng Srisang 1:12.37 hrs; Women’s Overall Half Marathon winner, Vilawan Khampitak 1:29.47 hrs and the Wheelchair Full Marathon winner, Aekachai Chanthorn in a time of 1.40.00hrs.
A special prize was also awarded this year to the oldest athletes to take part in the day’s races. Stalwarts Grandma Yindee Kasiwong (age 68) and Grandpa Din Toprongsri (age 83) were the happy recipients of the awards and they both promised to get back into full training for next year’s event.

Grandma Yindee Kasiwong (age 68) was the oldest female athlete to take part.

Del “Roger Rabbit” McCarrick was once again in Pattaya for his fund raising efforts.

Perennial favourite “Je Maa” brings her dogs along for the run.

Thailand’s Sunisa Sailomyen crosses the finish line first in the Women’s marathon event.

More than 10,000 runners took part in the road races last weekend.

The spotlight was never far from the wheelchair athletes and the ‘champions of tomorrow’.

Pattaya Marathon 2007
Official Results

Marathon (42.195km)

Winner: Joel Kiplimo Kemboi (Ken) - 2:19:41

1st runner up: Phillp Kipsang Kipso (Ken) - 2:23:12

2nd runner up: John Chir Turbei (Ken) - 2:23:25

3rd runner up: Sammy Kiprop Kiptoo (Ken) - 2:27:47

4th runner up: Richard Tiropssio Kessio (Ken) - 2:30:19

5th runner up: Christopher Rond Chumo (Ken) - 2:30:38

Female Marathon (42.195km)

Winner: Sunisa Sailomyen (Thai) - 2:57

1st runner up: Saifone Piawong (Thai) - 3:00:30

2nd runner up: Perepelleina Tatina - 3:02:

3rd runner up: Ketmanee Sanapan (Thai) - 3:06:47

4th runner up: Fridah Chepkita - 3:11:11

5th runner up: Rael Cheptoo Murcy - 3:12:00

Wheelchair Marathon (42.195km)

Winner: Akachai Jan (Thai) - 1:40:00

1st runner up: Prawat Warorum (Thai) - 1:41:20

2nd runner up: Saichon Konjen - 1:43:15)

Male Half Marathon (21.1km)

Winner: Bunthoeng Srisang 1:12.37

1st runner up: Sirichai Suthichart 1:14.10

2nd runner up: Bunyu Kaveetonkachorn 1:15.00

Female Half Marathon (21.1km)

Winner: Vilawan Khampitak 1:29.47

1st runner up: Rattanaphan Ritloet 1:31.43

2nd runner up: Matika Rakphan 1:33.19

Pattaya Marathon celebrates birthday with its media sibling

The front cover of the first ever edition of the Pattaya Mail dated July 23, 1993, celebrates the victory of Kenyan athlete Nicodemus Ongeri in the inaugural Pattaya Marathon.

As dawn broke and the 13th running of the Pattaya International Marathon got under way last Sunday morning, it was apt that the occasion also marked the 14th anniversary of the Pattaya Mail - as two of the city’s most recognizable institutions jointly celebrated their birthday together.
Indeed, it was way back in July 1993 that the newspaper and the now internationally famous road race both took their first, fledgling footsteps in the world and then, just as now, the city and the paper celebrated the victory of a Kenyan runner as the first to cross the finish line.
Fast forward to today, and like the Pattaya Mail, the city’s marathon has blossomed over the intervening years into something unrecognizable from its humble beginnings. But the race is not just about fast times, lithe-limbed athletes and large cash prizes.
Over 10,000 people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and cheered on by many thousands of spectators, took to the streets on Sunday morning for a variety of reasons. Some were just out for the exercise, some were hoping to raise money for good causes and some were just taking it on as a personal challenge. But for whatever reason, all would agree that the Pattaya Marathon has become more than just a road race. Like other such events around the world it is a mass celebration of human spirit and endevour, and of Pattaya itself ... and just like the aspiring newspaper that first saw the light of day along with the race 14 years ago - long may it continue!

Deborah Bundityanond elected president of Skål International Pattaya & East Thailand

Pledges renewed vitality and direction to the club of professionals in travel, tourism and hospitality

Newly installed president Deborah Bundiyanond (center) with her board of directors. (l-r) Alexander Haeusler, Chookiat Srivatjanapong, Ingo Räuber, Paisan Bundityanond, Andrew Khoo, Panga Vathanakul, Kamolthep Malhotra and Pratheep Malhotra.

Pratheep Malhotra
Many moons ago, Pattaya hosted what is considered to be the most important congress on travel and tourism anywhere in the world. Even today, in the circle of professionals in the travel and tourism industry, it is still hailed as the best ever. But it didn’t come easy.
The campaign began in 2002 when a handful of Skålleagues attended the congress in Cairns, Australia to successfully bid to bring the 67th Skål World Congress to Pattaya in October of last year.

Pascal Schnyder (left) a member in the Skål’s newest category of International Restaurants poses with Andrew Wood.
Elected as president of Skål Pattaya & East Thailand in 2005, Andrew Khoo was also chosen to head the congress organizing committee who with his team, arduously worked together in planning and implementing the programs which included not only the seminars and meetings, but also the functions, parties, tours and accommodations...in effect to practically look after every whim of what turned out to be almost one thousand Skålleagues and their families from all over the world, converging onto our fair city for one whole week of ‘exploring’ and fun. This does not count the pre and post congress tours that most of them undertook to various parts of Thailand, injecting the much-needed revenue into our economy.
With the congress behind us now, we look forward to reaping the fruits of our labours in terms of an increase in tourism from diverse markets that had previously not noticed us for what we are…a world-class tourist and business destination.

Somsak Kiratipanich (left) and David Holden (right) were also present.
For two exciting and eventful years, Andrew Khoo led the Skål Club of Pattaya to dizzying heights of success and world recognition.
His labours being ended, Skålleagues came together at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday July 6, in amical, to renew friendships, discuss new avenues of cooperation and sustain ongoing relationships in their respective businesses.
But most important of all they came together to elect a new president and the board of directors, who would lead the club into brighter horizons of unbounded success.
The event was of such great significance that the movers and shakers of the Skål movement in Thailand came to Pattaya to be part of the celebrations. They included Malai Sakolviphak, President of Skål International Thailand, Andrew Wood, International Councilor Thailand, Bob Lee, Past President of Skål Pattaya & East Thailand and now wearing three hats as Executive Secretary of Skål Asian Area, Skål National Committee, Thailand and Skål Bangkok and Somsak Kiratipanich, Vice President of Skål Bangkok.
Before the elections were held, Andrew Khoo presented Meritorious Service Awards to the congress organizing committee and also to those who had worked untiringly throughout the years for the benefit of the community in travel and tourism related undertakings, in keeping with the ideals of Skål International.

Tony Malhotra (left) and Rungratree Thongsai (2nd left) chaperone the winners of the Pattaya Young PR Ambassadors for 2006 and 2007 to the Skål function.

Deputy Mayor Wuttisak Rermkijakarn spoke about the city’s Pattaya Young PR Ambassadors project. He said that this worthwhile project was implemented to educate Pattaya’s future generation with advanced knowledge of how best to develop and promote our city to encourage more visitors both Thai and foreign to visit us.
Skål International, is the only world body that is a staunch advocate of developing, innovating and safeguarding the integrity of the travel, tourism and hospitality business. A major campaign of the international organisation, is to support and encourage the younger generation to develop their skills and know-how in this line of work.
With this in mind Skål Pattaya in cooperation with the Charity Club of Pattaya held a fund raising dinner for this purpose. With more than 100,000 baht collected, Skålleagues were able to assist underprivileged children in our community by giving them the opportunity to further undertake special training to learn more about the travel, tourism and hospitality business.
Christina and Malcolm Boden, Vic King and Kevin Fisher of the Charity Club of Pattaya presented the donation.

The Charity Club of Pattaya presents a cheque of 104,165 baht to Deputy Mayor Wuttisak Rermkijakarn in support of the Pattaya Young PR Ambassadors Project.

Rungratree Thongsai, Public Relations Specialist and head of the project said, “How many of us including the children know the real history of Pattaya? We want to educate our children about their own history. Once they understand their roots they can be proud of who they are and help to promote Pattaya to the world. Most of the children don’t have the financial resources to get this extra education, so the help of the private sector is vital. We are confident that this extra training will see the beginning of a new generation of Pattayans who will be the spokespersons to give proper information about our community and be an asset to the tourism and hospitality industry as a whole.”
Andrew Wood and Bob Lee acting as the referees conducted the elections, the results of which proclaimed Deborah Bundityanond, President of Skål International Pattaya & East Thailand. Vice Presidents are Ingo Raeuber, Director of Operations of the Pinnacle Grand Group and Andrew Khoo, GM Hard Rock Hotel. Alex Haeusler, GM of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort was elected as both the Secretary and Treasurer.
Other elected directors included, Chookiat Srivatjanapong, GM of the Asia Pattaya Hotel, Pratheep and Kamolthep Malhotra of the Pattaya Mail. Panga Vathanakul, MD Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Paisan Bundityanond, MD Rabbit Resort and Christina Boden were appointed as Advisors to the Board.

Message from President
Deborah Bundityanond

During 2007-2008, Skål International Pattaya and East Thailand has a great opportunity to assist the travel and tourism industry. Our new Executive Committee includes many of the finest and most respected professionals in the Country. It’s a dynamic team that will focus upon helping the City of Pattaya achieve its greatest potential.

Pattaya is on the threshold of expanding from a price sensitive accommodation market. It is shifting to an upscale destination resort with excellent 4 and 5 star properties. This trend will continue to evolve (partially because of escalating land prices) with the construction of new properties throughout the region. Our goal is for Skål to continue to be an integral part of this transformation process, assisting with tourism education of our membership as well as the overall community.
Last year, our club organized the successful Skål International Congress, which drew delegates from around the world making it one of the best ever. This year we are focusing our efforts at home, helping the city of Pattaya, improving the community and preparing us for future challenges.
Now is the time for Pattaya to forge ahead and achieve its greatest potential through tourism. Environmental protection and developing a moral society is of grave importance. If this is not accomplished we will not be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

President Andrew Khoo presents Meritorious Service Awards to outstanding Skålleagues and supporters

Ingo Räuber

Paisan Bundityanond

Harinderpal Singh

Malcolm and Christina Boden

Johanna Stetten.

Chookiat Srivatjanapong

Roger Soland

Andrew Wood

Deborah Bundityanond

Alexander Haeusler

Bob Lee

Malai Sakolviphak

Panga Vathanakul

Pratheep Malhotra

Australia Thailand Institute visits Pattaya

Paul Wilkinson, General Manager of Eastern Seaboard of AGS Four Winds International Movers , Malcolm Scorrer from AA Insurance Broker, Tony Emmett, Esb Coordinator of AustCham Thailand, Marco Palestrini, Volunteer Camillian Social Center and Peter Smith, Director of AA Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

By Dr Iain Corness
The Australia-Thailand Institute came down in force to visit Pattaya, with the delegation led by The Honorable Tim Fischer (AC), a previous Minister for Trade and Industry as well as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. To celebrate and welcome the delegation, AustCham (Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce) arranged a surprise Seaboard Sundowners at the Marriott Resort and Spa.

R.M. (BOB) Coombes, Director of Choice Foods Thailand Ltd. , Pornravee Vaughan from Choice Foods Thailand Ltd. and Luis Zamora from Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa.
Delegation Leader, Tim Fischer, spoke with Pattaya Mail TV in an exclusive interview and revealed that whilst the Australia-Thailand Institute does not have a long history of association with Thailand, however he personally has had a very long and enjoyable association with the Kingdom. To emphasize this point, he said that in Australia he drives a car made in Thailand!
It was in 2005 that the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Alexander Downer announced the establishment of an Australia-Thailand Institute to further promote the relationship and expand institutional, cultural and people-to-people links. Alexander Downer made mention of the fact that its appointed leader, Mr Fischer, also had long-standing associations and contacts in Thailand and his knowledge and leadership will be major assets as the Institute develops its work program.
He said, “Our relations with Thailand are already strong and broadly based with close cooperation across a wide range of areas including law enforcement, counter-terrorism, education, defense, migration and tourism. The depth of our partnership was illustrated after the Boxing Day tsunami where both countries worked closely together to trace the victims of the disaster and help those in need.”
Other objectives were to promote the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) covering economic relations more broadly; develop professional networking and institutional links; encourage Australian community interest in Thailand and vice-versa; and promoting increased knowledge of Australia’s educational, scientific and technological capabilities. Returning to Tim Fischer’s Thailand built car, he quickly added that the tail-lights and the gearbox were manufactured in Australia!
During the afternoon, the delegation toured some of the industries on the Eastern Seaboard, including ANCA manufacturers of CNC machine tools and represented by Mark Patman, the GM in Thailand.
The delegation was welcomed to Pattaya by AustCham Executive Director Martin Kyle and director Shane Torr, who in the daytime is the Senior Consultant for ISM Technology Recruitment: with the Cluster GM Somsak Tanruengsri of the Marriott Resort and Spa in attendance.
Adding a touch of ‘glam’ to the event was Nawaporn Fuengfoo, the legal director of Oz Thai Sports, who arrived in ‘style’ in her three-wheeled Trident, an imitation A Series Mercedes-Benz with one less wheel and several hundreds of thousands of baht cheaper! The Marriott was so taken with this unique vehicle, she was allowed to park it on the forecourt, a space normally reserved for Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s!

Dr. Iain Corness , Colin Cousins, Country Manager of AGS Four Winds International Movers and Paul Wilkinson, General Manager of Eastern Seaboard of AGS Four Winds International Movers.
With the Marriott being the venue hosts for the Seaboard Sundowners, the usual high standards were maintained, with Aussie Kitchen operations manager, Luis Zomora, providing some wonderful Australian roasts, with the beef coming from Queensland, he assured me.
The event was also the ideal opportunity for the vivacious Juanita Bromley to announce that she had changed her name to “Renita Bromley”. I shall have to try to remember this in the future!
One man with a foot in both camps was Jimmy Howard who arrived with a luridly red shirt with a Union Jack on one arm, and when accosted by the Aussies, then turned around to display the entire Australian flag on his back!
A donation of funds raised at the AustCham golf tournament run by Tony Emmett and Paul Wilkinson, GM of AGS Four Winds International Moving with his Country Manager Colin Cousins in attendance, was made to a representative volunteer from the Camillian Center, who took the opportunity to thank everyone, and to also point out that the Camillians is a world-wide charitable organization.
Arranged at short notice to cover the visit of the Australia-Thailand delegation, this was yet another of the very successful networking evenings put on by the affable Aussies!

Heather Anderson, John S. Anderson, Associate Director of Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd. , Sutharm Valaisathien, Senior Partner/Docteur de I’Universite de Paris of International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd. and Panida Kaewpradit, Manager Branch Office of Diethelm Travel (Thailand) Ltd.

Pratheep ‘Peter’ Malhotra, Managing Director of Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd. , Tony Emmett, ESB Coordinator of AustCham Thailand , Martin Kyle, Executive Director of AustCham Thailand and Stuart Saunders, Esdesign (Far East) Co., Ltd.

Antony Chapman, Managing Director of Blue Wave Watersports Asia Co., Ltd. , Peter Cummins , Nawaporn Fuengfoo, Legal Director of OZ Thai Sports Co., Ltd. , Jitra Wongjuan, Client Account Manager of AA Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. and Renita Bromley, Committee Member/Treasurer of Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes.

Mark Patman, General Manager of ANCA Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. , Deb Patman , Yanisa Ninlawong and Kanchana Jithan, Accounting Office of ANCA Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.

Douglas Hall AM , Director of Queensland Art Gallery, Sean Riley, Senior Trade Commissioner Minister-Counselor (Commercial) Australian Government , Somsak Tanruengsri, General Manager of Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa, Tim Fischer AC , Chairman Australia – Thailand Institute , Shane Torr , Director of AustCham Thailand , Prue Holstein, Executive Director of Asia Society Austral Asia Centre , Anthony Milner , Australian National University Centre for Asian Societies and Histories, Mike Courtnall from Australian Government , Maurice D. Bromley, Managing Director of GoIndustry (Thailand) Ltd. , Everett Schmidt, Director & Country Manager of GoIndustry (Thailand) Ltd.

Dibbayawan household throws a party for all occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries and blessings all rolled into one

Pratheep Malhotra
It seems that Premprecha must have had all his family’s anniversaries planned to fall in the same week every year.

Pa Prem blows out the candles on his birthday cake.
On the 19th of June, not only did Premprecha and Supanee Dibbayawan celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary, but the day also coincided with his birthday and as a bonus it was also the 8th wedding anniversary of his son Laksanalert and Oranuj.
Pa Prem as he is affectionately known is famous for organizing some very unique parties in the sprawling gardens of his home but this year’s festivities topped them all.
The evening of celebrations commenced with a Catholic holy mass held in the front yard of the Dibbayawan residence, with Father Pichan Jaiseri presiding. Father Pichan was the head priest of St. Nikolaus Church in Pattaya for many years and has remained a very close friend of the Dibbayawan family.
In a most heartrending homily, he blessed the couple and light heartedly said that the fact that someone has lived with Prem for 41 years proves that he is a very good man, and that Supanee is a most extraordinary wife too, having loved and cherished him for so long and continues to do so.
Prem was born the 7th of 9 children in a Catholic family in Bangkok. He is the chairman of Swiss Siam Company and one of the leading lights in Thai Rotary, having served two terms as president of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya and as District Governor of District 3340 Rotary International.

A very happy couple, Supanee and Prem.
Supanee spent many years in the US watching her children grow up as they attended American schools, before deciding that ‘those long lonely periods away from Prem was too much to bear.’ She returned to her native Thailand and is now the pillar of strength at the law office, as she watches over the operations like a doting mother.
Prem and Supanee have four children, Rungnapa, Veerasak, Malinee and Laksanalert, who are all grown up and have families of their own.
Immediate family flew in from as far away as the United States and Australia where the Dibbayawan kin have wandered off to set their roots and ‘sow their seeds of love’ for future generations to thrive and carry on the family name.
Friends from Rotary and the business community including Prem’s ‘flock’ from the Catholic community were also in attendance.

Father Yuthana Yindeedej (left) and Father Pichan Jaiseri conduct the holy mass of joy.
Prem told us, “I believe that success comes from the ability to serve others. I ascribe this way of thinking to my upbringing as a Catholic, when as a young boy this was instilled into me. I remember with much fondness a Spanish cleric who showed me the path of personal devotion, a man who one day walked 5 kilometres to visit me in hospital and who also summoned me down to Sriracha when he felt I was slacking in Bangkok and slapped me very hard. But I harbour no resentment over the incident, and even named my first son after him.”
With work as a lawyer and a dedicated Rotarian taking up so much of his available time, his only hobby these days is gardening, which he does in the early mornings before work. Even there he uses his garden as an opportunity to serve, inviting all the neighbours to come and take vegetables whenever they need to.
Prem had once considered becoming a priest. He says, “I tried to talk to the church elders about my desire to become a man of the cloth, but they laughed at me and told me to go away.”
At 68, Prem would like to retire, “But I am not sure I could sit at home and do nothing.” says he resignedly.

It was also Laksanalert and Oranuj’s 8th wedding anniversary.

Prem’s kinfolk at the holy mass.

Grandpa Prem having a fun time with little Patrick.

A family gathering.

Siblings Prem, Pat and Nora prove that they have thespian blood in them,
out performing the Likay troupe.

Rotarians bring gifts of flowers and affection.

Ten Lions Clubs in Chonburi install new Presidents

Ariyawat Nuamsawat
District Governor Kowit Thianthongnukul of District 310 C Lions International presided over the joint installation ceremonies of the new presidents and directors of ten Lions Clubs in Chonburi for 2007-2008.

Sonthaya Khunplome, former Minister of Tourism and Sports, presents a plaque of achievement to Lion Satawat Saemapan of the Lions Club of Naklua- Pattaya.
The event was held at the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel on June 15
The newly installed presidents of the Lions clubs in District 310 C are, Narong Suthirankul of Chonburi-Bangplasoi, Mukda Pattana-Anek of Chonburi-Bangsaen, Tatawan Thammawaritkul of Chonburi-Wachiraprakarn, Ploynapat Chanputhimet of Chonburi-Sriracha, Sirilak Pongpanit of Chonburi-Panat Nikom, Surachai Laopoolkit of Chonburi-Banbung,
Raewat Siangchin of Chonburi-Pratamnak, Mai Chayanit of Pattaya, Charin Wasikarat Sattahip of Chonburi, and Yonhyut Sukthongchaikul of Naklua-Pattaya.
Lions International has over 1.3 million members around the globe in 200 countries. Their motto ‘We Serve’ stands proudly as a commitment to assisting the community and helping those in need. Beginning in 1917, the association of Lions clubs has provided millions of people with the opportunity to give something back to their communities.
In Thailand this extends to 10 main projects, such as helping the blind and vision impaired, aiding the deaf and hearing impaired, promoting education, promoting community relations and social stability, preserving the environment, promoting health and hygiene, drug prevention, understanding international communities and promoting better relations across the globe and other free-style projects.

Out going president Charan Kanokkanchana (right) congratulates Mai Chaiyanit on taking office as the new president of the Lions Club of Pattaya.

Rewat Chiangchin (left rear) takes over from Tasanee Khakhay (left) in the Lions Club of Phratamnak and Tatawan Thamwiratikul (right rear) takes over from Thanawadee Panklang (right) in the Lions Club of Chonburi.

Out going president Wilawan Hengtrakul gives a sisterly hug to Mukda Pattana-Anek, new president of the Chonburi -Bangsaen Lions Club.

Lions from 10 clubs in Chonburi bear witness to the installation ceremonies.

New members are inducted into the Lions clubs in this honourable ceremony.