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Vol. XV No. 27
Friday July 6 - July 12, 2007


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Mail Bag


HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Dangerous transformer

Thanks Tony for cleanup

Taxis are the problem

Re: Full moon messes

Dangerous transformer

Dear Pattaya Mail
Can you please help us? Look at the photo of the leaking transformer, it is the main transformer that supplies Pattaya Hill 1 on Soi Kao Noi. The electricity company has been informed many times and this transformer is a bomb waiting to go off. I have seen one of these transformers blow up before on Pattaya Second Road and it is scary. This transformer is mounted directly above my garden, 33,000 volts. It needs transformer oil to keep it insulated and safe and most of the oil has leaked out. This transformer has been leaking now for many months and besides making a mess it is a danger to our community.
Please can you put this in your paper and maybe someone may take notice and stop this transformer from leaking and fill it up with oil? It will be too late when it blows up and someone is killed.
Ron James
Pattaya Hill 1 resident

Thanks Tony for cleanup

Congratulations to Tony and his staff from Tonyís Fitness Center! We see your staff regularly clean up 3rd Road and walkways way beyond your property line. Tony is not only a successful businessman, but he never hesitates to give something back to the community. If every one of us would contribute a little more, Pattaya would be much nicer and cleaner.
Let me remind you of another good deed by Tony. For years he as been taking care of hundreds and hundreds of abused animals, mainly dogs. Let us all help him taking care of these poor creatures. Donations at all of Tonyís venues are highly recommended. We have brought several animals to his shelter. This is the real thing.
Michael & Friends

Taxis are the problem

To Pattaya Mail;
Mr. Rosner would be thrilled if he could hail a taxi within the confines of Pattaya. Mr. Rosnerís understanding of what is a taxi, is that it is not a baht bus. Too many here refer to baht buses as taxis which they are not. The baht bus is for the most part a pickup driven by an uncouth character who specialises in provoking accidents and fleecing white people because they evidently have more money than the Thais. Mr. Rosner chortles at this ridiculous assertion.
While taxis transit Pattaya to and from Bangkok or the airport, they arenít allowed to stop and pick up a fare for local travel. The next time you see a real taxi, stop him on the street to ask him a question. Within seconds a criminal will pull up behind the taxi and start honking the horn. The criminal will be driving a baht bus.
More ridiculous is the belief held by many people that since they are not economically challenged, it is alright to overcharge since they live under the belief that they stole the dosh from the less fortunate. The thought has never crossed their small minds that it is possible that there are people who have no ambition, no drive and therefore no dosh. Why should those on a fixed income constantly be cajoled into overpaying? Mr. Rosner scoffs in complete disgust at those like Mr. Crossly who believe that if we get our cash nicked, that we have no right to complain. Mr. Rosner does not willingly suffer fools. If Mr. Crossly thinks that we should go home, I suggest he go back to blighty where the government has refined the fine art of thievery and will be quite happy to relieve him of his bankroll.
Mr. Jeff Rosner

Re: Full moon messes

Whilst I agree with Koto that the matter of discarded rubbish is a terrible plight to the ocean and for that matter mother earth, please do not for one minute blame it all on falang and suggest that you are the only one that cares. Thailand has a long way to go in the education of its own people into the disposal of rubbish. I have witnessed plastic bags half full of now watery soft drinks no longer tasty enough for the owner thrown from their motorcycle into the field they are passing and streets and surrounding areas in a place not far from Pattaya covered in old an new rubbish that no Thai seems to be bothered enough about to pick up even when its in their own backyard.
As far as the cost of visas going up if this was to pay for education on litter (as this is the only way to deal with the problem) to stop a beautiful country becoming a litter strewn tip, then itís a good thing but I very much doubt that it will be and if something is not done soon then a litter strewn tip it will become.

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