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Friday December 22 - December 28, 2006


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We will miss the big guy

A Wonderful Life Cut Short

We will miss the big guy

I was taking a shower when my cell phone rang, text messages kept coming and the house phone kept ringing. It was obvious something had happened - It had!
Steve Blumenthal, an old and dear friend, had a massive heart attack and died after playing squash! Efforts to revive him were futile and it took over 40 minuets to get him to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital.
Steve was one of the finest gentlemen to walk the face of this earth. He was an entrepreneur having arrived with little, doing and earning much. The most impressive earning was the respect he commanded. He was a giant in the community always busy, but had time for anything and everybody.
I would accompany him on occasion to research his extremely popular ďOut For A BeerĒ column, which he composed. Our research led us far and wide. I didnít matter where we went Steve knew everybody and everybody knew Steve!
I worked for Steve and it was a privilege and a lot of fun. He was a dedicated business man who knew his customers and how to run the business. He was receptive to any and all and business thrived because of it!
He leaves a wife and two beautiful sons.
Iíll miss the big guy, we all will.
Fred Huff

A Wonderful Life Cut Short

This past week, Pattaya lost another member of the business community. Young Steve Blumenthal passed away suddenly and without warning.
As many of those who have lived here in Paradise for so many years, the ageing process is catchiní up with most of us. As we get older, we become callous to the loss of friends due to illness related death, and able to cope easier with those caused by accident. However, to hear about a man thatís taken down before his time is the most tragic scenario of all.
This man at the young age of forty-one, had everything goiní for him. He came to Pattaya in his youth and decided to make his life here. He had already created a successful business in sport diving, the Mermaids Dive Shop. About ten years ago, against my best advice, he took on the unenviable responsibility of operating the Tahitian Queen 2 A-Go-Go on Soi BJ. As if all this was more than the average man could cope with, after a few more years, he decided to take on the greatest responsibility in life of marriage and family. He was able to find a good woman who was willing to share his dream. In due time, he became the loving father of two baby boys, much to his parentís satisfaction.
On Thursday of last week, he had decided to play some squash with a friend at the Ambassador Hotel, 15km south of Pattaya. After a fast paced session, they took a breather to have some needed refreshment. It was at this time he felt ill and passed out. His buddy, being proficient at CPR, attempted desperately to revive him, but to no avail. An ambulance was called, but arrived much too late to be of any assistance.
He was a good man, better businessman, a loving father and husband to his young family. Although I may not have been one of his best pals, we had a terrific working relationship, as he rented from my wife and I for almost 10 years. I always admired him for his honesty and ability to make both businesses and family life a success. He was a man of honor among the local expat community.
Enough cannot be said about his character; therefore, anything I could say in his honor would not be enough to describe his big heartedness and love for life. So Iíll just say that Steve will be sorely missed by one and all that ever had the pleasure of knowing him. I send my condolences to his parents, wife, and children in this time of unimaginable loss. God Bless. Steve Blumenthal -R.I.P.

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