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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Regent’s approaches 100,000 baht for AIDS awareness

Christmas comes early for one family in Isaan

I.S.E.’s 2006 Walk-A-Thon raises 130,000 baht

Assumption students send special birthday letters to His Majesty the King

Regent’s approaches 100,000 baht for AIDS awareness

Paul Crouch
1st December, World AIDS Day has come and gone but the money keeps coming in and the AIDS awareness badges are now thin on the ground. No more badges with the red ribbon on, no more pink elephants… students are now buying badges that represent their houses and wearing them proud, ready for Athletics Day on December 12: ‘Regent’s sport supports AIDS awareness.’

Dr. Philippe from Heartt 2000 answers questions from the RS Service Group.
Back in October the Round Square Service Group hesitated, ummmed and ahhhed over the ordering of 800 handmade beaded badges from South Africa. “Could we really sell all of these by December 1st and raise as much money as we did for AIDS awareness last year?” December 1 came around and the RS Service Group has just delivered a hard hitting whole school assembly in the Globe Theatre. The Primary Student Guild joined the secondary school and the audience was treated to a strong message of taking responsibility and not discriminating against people affected by the disease. The Year 10 IGCSE Drama students performed a powerful piece of drama entitled “Who Cares About AIDS? A Rehearsal For Life” that encouraged students to talk about issues such as AIDS and difficult decisions that have to be made when growing up.

36 different nationalities make an AIDS awareness ribbon in the audience.
Students representing the 38 different nationalities in the secondary school were invited to stand up in the audience and form the shape of the AIDS awareness ribbon, demonstrating the togetherness of many nationalities in supporting this global problem.
During the assembly it was with great pleasure that the RS Service Group welcomed Dr. Philippe Seur from Pattaya Heartt 2000 to speak to the Regent’s students and were able to present him with 30,000 baht. An informative presentation was made about HIV and AIDS and living with the disease, especially in Thailand. A number of questions were put forward by the students and informative responses were given by Dr. Philippe.
The RS Service Group and Student Guild hope to visit the Camillian Centre soon after Christmas and donate another 30,000 baht that has also been raised from the beaded badges. 30,000 baht has already been sent to South Africa, to the Kidzpositive organization that supports HIV / AIDS affected women and children in that country by making the beaded badges for an income.
The RS Service Group would like to thank everyone who has supported their AIDS awareness campaign this term, especially Mr. Thomas and the Year 10 IGCSE Drama group.

Dr. Philippe poses with the hard working RS Service Group.

The Year 10 IGCSE Drama students perform a powerful piece of drama entitled “Who Cares About AIDS? A Rehearsal For Life”.

Christmas comes early for one family in Isaan

In November, Peter Rottmann, past president of Rotary Club Krasang-Buriram visited Pattaya to attend a Rotary meeting and meet up with Malcolm and Christina Boden from the Charity Club of Pattaya. He wanted to ask if they could provide any help with a boy he had come across in the Buriram-Krasang area.

(L to R) Peter Rottmann, Vic King, Christina Boden and John Garbutt at the official presentation of the new wheelchair.
The boy is 12 years old and he lives with his widowed mother and his 5 year old sister. His father was a rice farmer who died of mouth cancer. Soon after his father’s death he began complaining of severe headaches. His mother took him to the hospital and they found he had a brain tumour.
He has since endured 3 operations, which has left his mother in debt and unable to work as she has to stay home and look after her two children. After the third operation the boy was left severely disabled, with no sitting balance, blind, dumb and incontinent.
He and his mother cannot leave the house as she cannot move him and she has no one to take care of her son. She did borrow a normal wheelchair, but that wasn’t suitable due to his inability to sit without proper support. He sits tied on a sun lounger all day, as this is the only thing his mother can do to stop him falling off.

Peter Rottmann, past president of Rotary Club Krasang-Buriram, brought this photo to the Charity Club of Pattaya, which prompted the club, the Queen Victoria Inn and the Lord Nelson to raise funds to buy the family a proper wheelchair.

Peter gave Christina the photograph you see here. After their meeting with Peter, Malcolm and Christina went straight round to see Vic King, the Charity Club’s treasurer and owner of the Queen Victoria Inn to discuss how they could raise funds to help. Vic then showed the picture to John Garbutt of the Lord Nelson.
As soon as they saw the photo and heard the terrible plight of this boy and his family, they got together and between the Lord Nelson and the Queen Victoria Inn the two bars raised enough for the Charity Club of Pattaya to purchase a special wheelchair that is light weight, lies back, has head support, seat belts to hold him in, foot rests and leg supports.
Peter Rottmann had come to Pattaya on Saturday Dec 9th to attend the Charity Club of Pattaya’s Christmas party at Jameson’s for the children of the Camillian Centre. Peter was very moved when the Charity Club told him that he would be taking the chair back with him sooner than he expected and that a presentation had been arranged at the Lord Nelson Soi 6 with Vic and John, as soon as the children’s party ended, as it was the two bars that raised all the money.
Peter said, “It will be a wonderful surprise for the mother and her son this week when I turn up with the chair. She knows nothing about this and neither did I!”
Thanks to the money raised at the Lord Nelson and the Queen Victoria Inn, Christmas has come early for one family; they will surely enjoy getting out and about, shopping, visiting friends and relatives, something they haven’t done for a long, long time.

I.S.E.’s 2006 Walk-A-Thon raises 130,000 baht

ISE High School
Student Council

On November 1st this year, all students of the International School Eastern Seaboard (I.S.E.) participated in their student-organized annual Walk-A-Thon. Together, the entire school was able to raise a total amount of 130,000 baht, which will be donated to the children of the Fountain of Life Center.
For two and a half hours I.S.E. students enjoyed the morning by walking around Burapha Golf Course, along with twenty-five students from the Fountain of Life Center. Children from both schools socialized and cheerfully took in one another’s company.
Following the walk was a pool party with swimming, pizza, and even a watermelon-eating contest for kids to join in on.
Overall, the walk this year was a huge success and full of fun experiences for both I.S.E. and Fountain of Life students. We all look forward to raising money and walking at next year’s Walk-A-Thon!

ISE High School Student Council hands out water to keep the kids hydrated during the walk.

It’s a race to the finish!

Just chillin before the walk.

Chai Yo! Here we go!

This is great!

What a beautiful day for a walk.

Thank you ISE.

Assumption students send special birthday letters to His Majesty the King

Some of the students whose letters have been sent to HM the King, together with English teachers Miss Heidi and Miss Kiki.

Mathayom 2 students from Assumption College Sriracha had their own special way of wishing His Majesty the King a happy birthday - they wrote him a letter explaining why they love His Majesty.
Teachers from the English Programme selected the best letters and sent them off to the Royal residence.
The students whose letters were chosen were Vipu Ngamrattanakul, Thanadol, Veravong Supatvanich, Kannarong Kangsadarn, Donlawat Jantaramporn, Viravat Pansotok, Chanatip Temsiripong, Vipat Vongvaraviphat, Apinat Benjamano, Kittithat Praditpon, Songplol Kietopas, Thanadol Tangdamrongtham, Ronnakorn Phajerakumjai and Ratchanon Tengtaworn.
All the students study in either Assumption’s English Programme or Special English Programme.
One of the students, Viravat Pansotok, wrote: “I love my King because he is very kind. He made many projects to solve everyone’s problem.”
Another, Songplol Kietopas, said: “At home my family loves the King of Thailand. I have a picture of the 60th anniversary celebrations and a picture of the Royal barges’ procession. The King loves everybody and everybody loves the King.”
To add to the celebrations, musical students from Assumption went to Sriracha’s health park to take part in a ceremony to honour His Majesty. They played a selection of songs as fireworks exploded and people lit candles to mark the birthday.
Assumption has more than 4,000 students and is the largest school on the Eastern Seaboard. For more details visit

Students from Assumption’s band play at Sriracha health park to mark the King’s birthday.

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