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Friday November 19 - November 25 , 2004

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]: 

Russian couple ties knot at Nong Nooch Garden in traditional Thai ceremony

All are welcome to Doc’s Natter Nosh & Noggin at Shenanigans

Rotary Club of Taksin Pattaya installs new president

Good turnout for Scandinavian Day at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

Long Boat races to compete for the Royal Princess Cup

Gidavi Co. Ltd. holds grand opening

Engagement Party

Henry J. Bean’s celebrates 7th birthday


Russian couple ties knot at Nong Nooch Garden in traditional Thai ceremony

Pacharapol Panrak

Russian businessman Pavcl Zvydgintsev and his fiance Anna Chaplina were recently married in a traditional Thai ceremony at Nong Nooch Garden. The wedding was a splendid display of ancient ritual in lush tropical surroundings, and a day the couple would never forget.

Anna Chaplina and Pavcl Zvydgintsev, dressed in traditional Thai clothing, take their sacred vows.

Pavcl is the owner of a Russian chemical import company and he and his fianc้e came to Thailand on a holiday. The couple was so impressed with Thai culture they decided to wed in Pattaya. After visiting the magnificent Nong Nooch Gardens, they spoke with the Garden’s management to arrange a traditional Thai wedding for them.

The groom, Pavcl Zvydgintsev, who arrived on the back of the big ‘Plai Bird’ elephant, was announced with a tom-tom parade.

The wedding was a magnificent performance and a mix of elegance, glamour, excitement and romance. The couple, in traditional Thai dress was wed in an old-style Thai house with Nong Nooch employees dressed for the occasion. A tom tom parade was led by the smiling groom Pavcl, who arrived on ‘Plai Bird’ the elephant.

The newlyweds were blessed by placing a mark on their foreheads made from sacred powder, they were then draped with floral wreaths and holy water was poured over their hands. Then the happy couple was led to the bedchamber where the bed had been decorated with rose petals in the shape of a heart.

Pavcl and his lovely wife Chaplina explained that this ceremony had been their dream marriage, ever since they saw it on the Internet and in tourist brochures. Glowing with joy, Chaplina said, “This day has been a dream come true for us. It was just like a page from history. It is the happiest day of our lives.”

Pavcl said that his Russian friends who had holidayed in Thailand had told him one of the most impressive cultural traditions was the Thai marriage ritual. He said he and Chaplina had decided to have their first wedding in the Thai style and would make it legal once they returned home. He added that he was certain more Russians would come to Thailand to get married in this beautiful ceremony.

All are welcome to Doc’s Natter Nosh & Noggin at Shenanigans

Louis Coatalen

I accepted the open invitation in the Pattaya Mail and went to Shenanigans Monday November 8 to Dr. Iain’s Car and Motorcycle enthusiasts club (Natter Nosh & Noggin). I was made most welcome as was new boy John from England. There was not a sign of this meeting being a “clique”, and the dozen or so attendees were all interested in the background and experience of each other. The discussions were lively to say the least as personal photographs were commented on and several magazines, some old some new, were reviewed.

Some of the gathering of motoring enthusiasts.

While motoring in one form or another was the main subject, the raconteurs in the gathering enjoyed entering us with humorous stories. Notably Pea Wee, who acted out his characters, had us in fits of laughter.

The management provided welcome snacks and in return some of us downed several Heinekens.

The allotted two hours passed without notice, hence, Dr. Iain, I will be there at Shenanigans again next month.

Rotary Club of Taksin Pattaya installs new president

Stephan Heynert assumes office ahead of schedule

President Marliese Fritz resigned her Rotary Club of Taksin Pattaya presidency due to personal reasons. Therefore, Stephan Heynert, who was elected as president for the year 2005-2006, was installed as new president ahead of time, which became official last week.

In the first meeting Heynert chaired, he savored the merits Marliese Fritz gained as member, board member and president of the club: “Marliese Fritz always set as her target to support the poor and needy in our society. To this aim she worked in all her positions with great personal effort and passionate commitment. Therefore, the board as well as the club assembly accepted her resignation with great regret.”

Stephan Heynert, retired officer of the German armed forces and head of an IT-company in Pattaya, explained the aim of his presidency as follows: “Rotary stands for fellowship. But Rotary means as well to achieve the ethical purposes which are common to us, in our vocational environment as well as in our private surroundings and in the society in which we live. Therefore a main purpose of my presidency will be to win leading members of our community over for the idea of Rotary as well as young people who will continue our work in the future.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that Rotary should not be a closed circle but a vivid part of our society and is open to all people who are prepared to support the ideas of Rotary. “Especially in a community like Pattaya with members of different nationalities, languages and social origins, it is important to tear down prejudgments. In this context it is our challenge to communicate to the people our aims and to welcome everyone who wants to join us to achieve these aims – may it be as a guest or as a member.”

At this occasion President Heynert announced that on November 26 the club will organize an event in the German language to inform in detail about purposes and regulations of Rotary. A similar event in English language will take place in due time.

Good turnout for Scandinavian Day at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

The Scandinavian Day Open House, hosted by the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital’s International Marketing Department on October 29, was a great success with more than 55 attending.

Mats-Erik Karlsson, Swedish coordinator at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, addresses the assembled crowd.

After a welcome speech from Neil Maniquiz,, Mats-Erik Karlsson, the Swedish coordinator at the hospital, showed a video presentation and a picture show about the hospital’s services, presented in the Swedish language.

A variety of free tests were available. Two attendees who took the blood pressure test were diagnosed with very high blood pressure and were advised to see a doctor immediately.

A variety of free tests were made available.

Dr Chawalit then gave advice and answered many questions.

The open house was also attended by Paul from PCD, who provided information about insurance.

During the hospital tour, the attendees met many members of staff and commented on the high standards at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and their friendly staff.

Many will be returning for health check-ups and dental treatments in the near future.

The Scandinavian day was a “job well done” by all the staff of BPH.

Long Boat races to compete for the Royal Princess Cup

Coming this weekend, November 20-21 at Mabprachan reservoir

Decha Chalermyart

Chonburi Province, in conjunction with the Provincial Administration Department in Pattaya City, TAT Central Region 3, local officials and private organizations will organize the 4th Long Boat competition to honor Her Royal Highness Princess Theprattanasuda and Princess Soamsawalee, on November 20 - 21 at the Mabprachan reservoir on Soi Siam Country Club.

Sontaya Khunplome, minister of tourism and sports is the competition organizer. The 2-day event will also feature other contests, including wind surfing, tom-tom native drums, buffalo racing and booths will be set up selling One Tambon One Product goods. There will be plenty of fun, food and activities for everyone to enjoy.

This is one of Thailand’s most colorful traditions and a favorite with tourists and locals alike. The long boats have always played an important role in Thai society. Throughout history communities along the rivers, canals and waterways of the kingdom have depended on boats for fishing and transporting goods.

One of Thailand’s most ancient and uniquely indigenous boats is the ‘Rue Yao’ or Long Boat. Originally designed for battle against aggressors, this unique and beautifully crafted vessel is now used in races. Young, powerful rowers from towns along the waterways compete against each other in crews of 30 and 55 rowers, in friendly rivalry to bring fun to this vibrant celebration that pays tribute to nature’s gift of rain and water.

For more information contact the Nongprue sub-district Administrative tel. 038-249820 or TAT Central Region 3 tel. 038-428750 and 038-427667.

Gidavi Co. Ltd. holds grand opening

Unique cake decoration products for export

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

Gidavi Co. Ltd. held an official opening for its export production division on November 5. The company has installed the highest technology to produce cake decoration products in many shapes and forms for export to European and Asian markets. The company invested over 30 million baht for the plant on more than 4 rai located on Soi Chaiyapornwithee in Banglamung.

Belgian Ambassador HE J. Matthysen (2nd left), owner Van Den Bogerd, his general manager Sompong Blianwithee, and VIP guests cut the ceremonial ribbon to declare open Gidavi Co. Ltd.’s export production division.

Owner Van Den Bogerd and his general manager Sompong Blianwithee gave a warm welcome to distinguished guests who turned out to convey their best wishes for success, including special guest of honor HE J. Matthysen, Belgian ambassador, who came down from Bangkok. Other VIPs attending the event included Chalerm Ketchae, Chonburi provincial administrator, and Mai Chaiyanit, Nongprue executive president.

A religious ceremony was carried out in the morning by 9 monks from Nongprue temple. Management, guests and staff then joined up for a delicious lunch and were entertained with a delightful show from Thai dancers.

The company produces cake icing decorations in a wide variety of shapes for all occasions, including flowers, animals, houses, cartoon characters and even Santa Clauses for Christmas.

Engagement Party

The newly engaged couple, Rob Watson and Miss Mesiya Aksom (May), shared their special day with a few close friends by hosting a celebration dinner party at the Mata Hari Restaurant (2nd Road) on Friday November 12.

The happy couple (3rd and 4th left), and their friends went on to Shenanigans to party until the wee small hours.

Rob, 47, an accountant from Barnsley, England met May, 23, a marketing manager for NSI Insurance, five months ago and they have been devoted ever since. The wedding date in March 2005 has yet to be confirmed.

Henry J. Bean’s celebrates 7th birthday

‘Hank’s birthday bash packed with well-wishers

Suchada Tupchai

My how time flies! Henry J. Bean’s Bar & Grill celebrated its 7th anniversary on November 6 with a grand party to mark the occasion. The festivities were held in the front garden of the establishment and a massive crowd of loyal customers and distinguished guests gathered to convey their congratulations for the restaurant’s extraordinary success in the past 7 years.

Banglamung district chief Worawit Saisupatphol fills the champagne glasses as GM Dominic Stamm, Michael Goetz and the crew cheer him on.

Guests were given a gracious greeting by Michael Goetz, executive assistant manager, Dominic Stamm, Amari Orchid general manager and hotel staff. Special guest of honor Worawit Saisupatphol, Banglamung district chief turned up to convey his best wishes and hopes for future prosperity and success.

The party was held from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and featured a superb layout of Tex-Mex cuisine. There was plenty of fine wine flowing and a ticket raffle draw with great prizes.

Later in the evening a 7-layer pyramid of champagne glasses was set up and Worawit Saisupatphol did the honors of pouring. Guests were then treated to a live concert given by well-known singers from the famous bands of Thailand, the “T-Bone” and the “Skalaxy”.

Henry J. Bean’s Bar and Grill was established on November 8, 1997 within the Amari Orchid Resort in Pattaya. The venue is especially popular with its customers, both Thai and foreign, who appreciate the warm service, smiling employees and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is open from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. on Sundays.

The venue is also a family-friendly establishment, which contributes much to its enormous popularity. Happy Birthday Henry J. and many more returns!

EDITORIAL: The peaceful path

Suchada Tupchai

His Majesty the King, concerned over the rising violence in the country’s south, has called on the Thaksin government to take a softer and more controlled approach to resolving the problems there. Prime Minster Thaksin met with HM the King at the Klaikangwol Palace in Prachuab Khirikhan on October 31.

The situation in Thailand’s south has escalated, even though officials attempt to reduce the violence. The overall picture sees Thais carrying weapons, killing and destroying each other over numerous disputes.

More disturbingly is the force used by the military to quell the violence, creating further problems, as the destruction wreaks havoc in the affected communities. By and large, in the fight over control it is a strong representation of a war zone, similar to what is now occurring overseas. It is a picture that one would never think possible in Thailand, particularly when the death toll and the numbers injured in the conflict has reached well into the 100s and is increasing.

With the search for a separate state and with the rising pressure in the south, Siam - The Land of Smiles- is a picture that reflects events around the globe: it is a scary situation, not only in the affected areas but throughout the nation and the rest of the world, as news speeds along the information superhighway.

The consequences are taking a toll via a loss of life, property, the economy and tourism - a sign of the times in a world under siege - Thais killing Thais over ideals and governance with the innocent paying the ultimate price. The government and the military are desperately trying to find a solution and seeking closure to the ongoing unrest.

The important directive HM the King has imparted to the government is to encourage residents to become part of the solution in a soft approach at finding cooperation and not through the use of force. It is a way that seeks benevolence and solidarity as Thai people, with everyone joining together to seek peace and not add fuel to the fire. The peaceful path requires finding common ground without dispute or ego, regardless of race or religion, and finding the most precious aspect of all, “Thai people as one.”

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