Pattaya’s unique shopping scene: Classic Tailor

by Lesley Warner

I recently found myself in urgent need of a smart skirt and for anyone who knows me they will know that this would have to be for some special reason, as I hate skirts. My past experience of tailors in Pattaya has not been good (although I am sure there are many good tailors in the town that I haven’t tried) so I chose Classic Tailor as I had seen several items of clothes they had made for an associate. I also know that they have been in business since 1965 so are very experienced.

Marlowe - a master with over 36 years experience

When I walked into the shop I was immediately impressed by the choice of material on offer, straight off the shelf, or if that isn’t enough, there are several books of alternative materials to choose from. I was lucky with the colour and texture I wanted, as it was easy to find.

No one feels too comfortable about being measured, especially us ladies, but Marlowe performed this task quickly and efficiently so I didn’t have time to become embarrassed. It was like a finely tuned operation. Marlowe measured and told his assistant the details, and she did a quick sketch and jotted down the measurements. I was expecting him to say “scalpel!” at any moment!

Two days later, ‘voila’ my skirt was complete. I was amazed it was a perfect fit first time and needed no alterations. I asked Marlowe if he can supply tailor made clothes to people that don’t reside in Thailand, and he answered, “Yes, all we need are the measurements and a picture or description of what the customer requires.” Once they have your measurements at Classic Tailor you can order clothes at anytime, as all measurements are kept in a database of past clients. It’s easy, just order by email or fax and the garments will be made and posted to the customer anywhere in the world.

It’s a great opportunity to get a wonderful wardrobe of high-class quality clothes, in gorgeous materials and tailor made to make the best advantage of whatever shape and size you happen to be.

For more information contact Marlowe at Classic Tailor on 2nd Road (opposite Royal Garden Plaza), tel./fax: 038 426 240, email: [email protected]