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The Market Pattaya looking for ideal spokeswoman

Ripley’s unveils its newest attraction: Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Pattaya Gay Festival 2004 and HEARTT2000 heading the right way

Long time resident Toni Leppar celebrates 75th birthday

The Market Pattaya looking for ideal spokeswoman

“The Market Pattaya Trendy Model” contest offers 1 million baht prize

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

Pattaya’s most beautiful, educated and qualified lady could soon be a cool million baht richer. The Market in Pattaya is promoting their, “The Market Trendy Model” contest for a prize of over 1,000,000 baht.

The Market Pattaya is looking for Pattaya’s most beautiful, educated and qualified woman.

The winner will not only be a lot richer, but will also become the shopping area’s public relations spokeswoman, and will participate in project activities.

People who are interested can apply from now until November 30.

The Market in Pattaya proposed “The Market Trendy Model” contest to support tourism, build on local youths’ abilities, and is a wholesome activity for the area’s young women.

The contest participants must be female Thai nationals between 18-25 years old, height not less than 165 cm, single by law or by confirmation, never having given birth to a child, education from pre-college to a Bachelor degree or equivalent, self confident, good human relationships, and showing special abilities.

Contestants must also not be bound to any organization or agency, ready to go forward under the company’s direction when a winner is announced, have no criminal record, and must not be engaged in an illegal occupation.

For more information, contact the Search (Live) Co. Ltd. tel. 02-5121929 or fax 02-5121960 or contact [email protected]

Ripley’s unveils its newest attraction: Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Decha Chalermyart

Just in time for Halloween, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum in Pattaya unveiled its new 40 million-baht attraction, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Local administrators and members of the media were taken on a spooky tour of the new attraction as part of the opening festivities.

“Step into my parlor ... Bruhahahahaha!”

As part of the opening for the new attraction, Tung Parthisenh, 79, a local Naklua resident, relayed the chilling story handed down by local fisherman concerning spirits of the sea (in Thai - Prai Talay) known as St. Elmo’s fire in other parts of the world.

Tung explained, “The spirits would rock the fishing boats so hard that it would cause someone to fall overboard. The spirits would then take the life and soul of that person. The only way fishermen could save themselves from the briny depths was to strip off every ounce of clothing so that the ‘Prai Talay’ spirits could do nothing to the person.”

Everyone present listened attentively as the old man told ancient sea tales from Naklua’s past. For many, it was the first time they had heard such a story.

Following the spooky tale, everyone was led to the new Haunted Adventure attraction. And no, they weren’t asked to strip down in order to save their souls.

Once inside, the history and legend behind the attraction was revealed. As the story goes, in 1891 the Grimsby and Streaper Casket Company was originally constructed over an ancient cave deep beneath the quaint city of Gatlinburg. The frequent disappearances of local townspeople were often blamed on this mysterious factory and its elusive owners. In 1926, both Grimsby and Streaper were added to the long list of permanently missing persons and production at the Casket Company came to a halt.

The original building was boarded up, and over the years the parkway property has hosted a variety of businesses. The Casket Company was all but forgotten until Ripley’s acquired the property. With plans to develop the valuable land, they demolished the storefront that had occupied the space, and unearthed this fabled factory of frights.

The Pattaya attraction has many scary rooms to explore and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. with a minimum of 8-10 people per group every 10 minutes, as they make their way through the haunted rooms greeted by the caretaker. The attraction is a self guided 15 to 20 minute walk-through tour.

Ripley’s recommends that their new attraction is not suitable for small children or people with heart troubles.

Pattaya Gay Festival 2004 and HEARTT2000 heading the right way

To end the 3rd Quarter of the year, Pattaya Gay Festival 2004 was able to proudly announce that the funds for HEARTT2000 and other local charities had exceeded 1.7 million baht.

Robbie (left) with the lucky winners of the star prize at Le Cafe Royale Wine and Cheese Night.

With the Mr. PGF competition and the final 4 days still to go, it would seem that the target figure of 2.4 million needed to give 200,000 baht a month to HEARTT2000 for the ongoing work of providing life-saving medication to the many AIDS patients treated by Dr. Philippe, will be reached and hopefully exceeded.

The PGF 2004 committee is grateful for the many donations received and for the various sponsoring businesses in holding events for the charity.

During the low season many events have been held and well supported, taking the figure nearer the 2 million mark. Throb-Splash Showbar has held two competitions “Rear of the Year” raising 95,000 baht, and “Mr. Body Beautiful” raising over 58,000 baht.

Casa Pascal hosted a gala dinner which raised over 101,000 baht. Boyz, Boyz, Boyz held a Super Mardi Gras and the 279 paying guests raised an astonishing 120,150 baht thanks to generous donations from Andre, Hans, Roger, Peter and Lee. Albury donated a sapphire and topaz ring as one of the raffle prizes in memory of his late partner and the Ambiance Hotel donated a gold chain as the main raffle prize on that occasion.

Balcony in Bangkok held a sponsor’s event which raised 15,000 baht and Dick’s Café, Jomtien, another sponsor, held its first anniversary party and donated nearly 21,000 baht. Le Cafe Royal hosted a cheese and wine evening recently and raised 60,590 baht.

The next event will be held on November 11 at Throb-Splash Showbar to choose Mr. PGF 2004. The event starts at 8 p.m. Entrance fee is 250 baht including a drink and 100 baht donation to the charity.

Long time resident Toni Leppar celebrates 75th birthday

If you’re only as young as you feel, Toni is 75 years young!

Long time Thailand resident Toni Leppar celebrated his 75th birthday with a multitude of family and friends on October 23 at his Naklua restaurant, the Taverne. Toni, who has lived in Thailand since the early 70’s and owns a string of restaurants in Bangkok and Pattaya, welcomed his guests to celebrate and found his friends had a few surprises in store for him.

Tony Leppar, cutting cake

“I came to Thailand after working in Bangladesh; it was East Pakistan in those days. Some of my colleagues suggested I come here for a visit and in the end I bought a successful restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 4. I didn’t know anything about running a restaurant,” Toni mused.

After having his share of troubles with a less than honest German business partner, he began to make money and opened more restaurants – the most recent right here in Pattaya.

Elvis, aka Mike Gerard, encouraged crowd participation, complete with ‘air guitar’ and wig.

During the night’s festivities the group was entertained by Elvis, aka Mike Gerard who doubled as ‘Tina Turn-off’. And then the birthday cake was brought out. Surprised, Toni took this in stride and blew out the candles to a chorus of “Happy Birthday” from his 100-plus friends and family.

Toni (second from right) with family and business partners during his 75th birthday party.

“At 75, I think I’m going to take it easy and relax,” said Toni after cutting his cake, despite many of those close to him knowing otherwise.

At 75, everyone is still young here in Pattaya. Many happy returns from your friends and family, Toni.