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Friday 9 May -15 May 2003

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Sujarit ‘Iron Legs’ Jirojwong wins the 1st Lions Club Mountain Bike Championships

Bira motor racing - some new faces and some old ones!

Payne & Baxter on combined form

Three Sisters moves into third place

Pattaya Marathon 2003 to be held on July 21

Mickey Mouse Darts League

Pattaya Pool League

Fitness Tips

“The good Old days”

Spendley’s happy return at Khao Kheow

Emmerson and McHugh continue their assault

Doc dishes out the medicine

P.S.C. Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

PSC Three Sisters Golf

Colonials abscond with 4th Dream Team Cup

P.S.C. Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60’s Bar

Camel CHARITY Classic Summer Tournament

Koh Samui Regatta shapes up: bigger and better

The Square Ring


Sujarit ‘Iron Legs’ Jirojwong wins the 1st Lions Club Mountain Bike Championships

Songklod Kaewvisit

National athletics team cyclist, Sujarit Jirojwong powered ahead of the rest of the field to claim the first place trophy in the 1st Lions Club Mountain Bike Championships last Saturday.

Sujarit Jirojwong, winner of the Men’s Open, stands atop the winners podium with the other top finishers.

Off to a fast start in the 1st Lions Club Mountain Bike Championships.

"Superman" is a regular at mountain bike races.

The racing began at 2 p.m. from Mini Siam in Pattaya as Sansak Ngamphichet, advisor to the ministry of tourism and sports fired the starter’s gun.

The day was hot and despite the humidity, mountain bike enthusiasts from around the country entered to compete in 4 categories including the A level racing at 40 kilometer distance, B level at 30 kilometer distance, C level at 20 kilometer distance, and D level for youth racing at 10 kilometer distances (results below).

The event attracted national and international mountain bikers and was aimed at promoting healthy exercise, sports and create interesting activities for tourists.

Proceeds collected from the event are be used for charitable projects in Pattaya such as providing educational scholarships.


Winners Category A (40 kilometers)

Men’s Open: Sujarit Jirojwong

Men’s 30-39 year old class: Herman Verhoeven

Men’s 40-49 year class: Prayu Jareonsri

Men’s Over 50’s class: Prajin Rungroj

Women’s Open Class: Lamooy Pobsamai

Under 18’s Women’s: Jantras Navanu

Category B (30 kilometers)

Men’s Open: Sompong Kongwong

Men’s 30-39 year old class: Somrak Tanomrod

Men’s 40-49 year class: Pairat Rasrirat

Men’s over 50: Surachai Thungsunawan

Men’s Under 18’s: Jan Boonprasob

Women’s Open: Nachaiyani Suwanpong

Women’s over 35year: Rumphai Phanjantuek

Category C (20 kilometers)

Boy’s Under 15: Chadiayu Issraporn

Men’s Open: Peerapong Thungkasen

Men’s 30-39 year old class: Suriya Phankamnert

Men’s 40-49 year class: Niran Nuenjamnong

Men’s over 50: Nares Tupklut

Girl’s under 15: Sunanta Chaiyar

Women’s Open: Malee Limpui

Category D (10 kilometers)

Boy’s Under 10: Viroj Ruengsuk

Boy’s Under 12’s: Kanit Nopsaromkij

Girl’s Under 10: Patraporn Rungroj

Girl’s Under 12: Kuekorn Ruengsuk


Bira motor racing - some new faces and some old ones!

By Dr. Iain Corness

The first round of the AIM Motor Sports TGTC series kicked off at the Bira Circuit last weekend. It was a well attended event, with a Gymkhana championship run on the Bira Kart Track, involving the BF Goodrich tyre people, being run at the same time as the circuit racing events, so there was plenty of action for the spectators.

A new category for Bira, but an old one, was the Mini race, put on by members of the Mini Clubs in Thailand.

A new category for Bira, but an old one, was the Mini race, put on by members of the Mini Clubs in Thailand. Proving that old Mini’s never die, nor do their owners, the event was won by Khun Manus, who only admitted to being "very old" when I asked him after the race.

The Sport Challenge event was won by Narongchai, with the two Frenchmen Christophe and Gilles in 2nd and 3rd places.

The Group N+A was a closely fought event, with several changes of the lead in the huge group. Apatron in the Honda eventually winning from the works Toyota Altis entry of Nattavud, followed by Hatai (Honda), "Pete" Panthakorn (Toyota) and the Australian David Auger (Toyota), who had the bit between his teeth to finish 5th in the class.

The main event, the 35 lap Sport Grand Champion race, which included a compulsory pit stop for two tyres, was a Singha Beer benefit, with Birombhakdi family members Piti and Sant coming 1st and 3rd, split by Chayanin.

As well as the competitive events, the All Japan Gymkhana champion put on a superb display of trick driving on the main straight, finishing with a series of doughnuts which would have used up more rubber than the entire fleet of public busses would use in one month! The Nissan Cefiro club also managed to rustle up 58 of the old model cars for a demonstration run around the circuit. (I actually believe the previous model looks much better than the current shape, and those with the R34 Skyline fronts look particularly good.)

The next round will include a Pick-Up series. These will all be locally manufactured 3 litre diesels. Also from the second round there will be drives around the circuit in a race car for some lucky members of the viewing public. Other dates for the AIM series events are June 14/15, July 26/27, September 6/7, October 25/26 and December 6/7.

Payne & Baxter on combined form

Jason Payne and newcomer Paul Baxter each contributed an almost equal share in Shenanigans Pairs Combined Stableford competition at Pattaya Country Club on Tuesday 29th April, to produce a winning total of sixty-eight Stableford points. The ‘Banchang Boys’, Arthur Hancock, and ‘in form’ Ken Leadstone, were just two points behind with a combined sixty-six to take the runners-up spot.

MC Mike Franklin is flanked by the happy winners, Jason Payne and Paul Baxter.

The field of twenty-four players competed for the technical prizes on offer, with near pins claimed by Jason Payne, Ken Leadstone, Paul Baxter and Usa Chaiyusit. Usa also had the longest putt on the 18th hole, and Banjob Franklin on the ninth.

The course was in reasonable shape and for some reason the putting seemed unusually difficult. A heavy storm threatened for much of the round but never quite opened up on the players (the luck of the Irish again!), apart from a little light rain.

Back at Shenanigans the ‘Tuesday Special’ of pork chop & french-fries proved very popular and it was another of those typical social gatherings of Shenanigans Very Friendly Golf Society. Newcomers Paul Baxter and Matt Tindall were duly welcomed during the prize giving.

Back on schedule now, the next outing is on Tuesday May 13th. Venue to be announced, so watch the notice board at Shenanigans or check the web page at www.shenanigans-pattaya.com

Three Sisters moves into third place

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League

Three Sisters has been moving up the ladder and is now in third place after taking three points from VFW Post 9876 and knocking them down to fourth. Captain Morn rolled a 222 game, 549 series and Ooy knocked down 526 pins for Three Sisters. Tukata was best for VFW rolling over 515 pins and Tue had a 202 first game to help VFW win their only point.

200 bowlers: Kran, Toy, Somrak, Morn and Tue

House of the Golden Coin continued their winning ways and took three points from Shakey Pete’s. Golden Coin was led by Jon who had a 519 series and Mio with a 504 total pins. Toy rolled a 209 game and had a 513 series for Shakey Pete’s.

Cafe Kronborg took three points from Cafe Ole with Kran leading the way for Kronborg with the best game of the day, tipping over 234 pins. Kran also had the best series of the day with a 582 total.

Nice & Sleazy took all four points from last place Winchester Club. Somrak rolled a 202 game and 509 series for the Nice & Sleazy team.

Domicil moved back into fifth place after taking three points from Jack & Tar with Suraphan rolling a 513 series for Domicil.

Pattaya Marathon 2003 to be held on July 21

This year’s prizes will total over 1 million baht

Suchada Tupchai

City management and TAT officials met with the marathon planning committee at Pattaya City Hall to work out details of the Pattaya Marathon 2003, to be held on July 21.

The planning committee met at city hall to plan out this year’s Pattaya Marathon, scheduled for July 21.

Pol. Col. Siroj Piasakul represented the Thai Athletics Association and is president of the organizing committee for the marathon. This year’s event will yet again be a joint effort involving the provincial and local government departments, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thai Athletics association, which is under Royal Patronage. The goal this year is to further develop and promote Pattaya City as a center for both sports and tourism, both nationally and internationally.

Pol. Col. Siroj said, "Although we hope for maximum participation it is possible that the SARS outbreak could reduce the number of runners from Asian countries. We have increased this year’s first place prize money by 50,000 baht, bringing overall total to over 1 million in prizes. H.E. Sontaya Khunpluem will attend the opening ceremonies and has honored us with a trophy in his name."

The 2003 Pattaya Marathon will again start on the beachfront area between Sois 4 and 5. Further meetings to finalize details along with a press conference are scheduled in the middle of June to officially announce the event.

Mickey Mouse Darts League

Pattaya Pool League

Fitness Tips: On the flip side ... The Top Ten Worst Foods

Part 1 - The first 5

G’Day Readers,

This week we look at the first of the Top Ten Foods that will minimise your nutrition but maximize your waistline!

Yogurt covered raisins - a little fruit and yogurt sounds like a healthy snack, right? But buyer beware! These things are coated with sugar palm kernel oil, partially hydrogenated coconut oil and hydrogenated palm oil. A quarter-cup of raisins will give you a quarter of your day’s fat maximum needs. Instead, for zero grams of fat, try sticking to the plain raisins. You don’t see a lot of these in Thailand but if you open your eyes I’m sure that you will see the parallels to similar pseudo ‘healthy’ candies and snacks.

Corn chips - The coconut oil that these are fried in is twice as saturated as lard. A cup will give you almost half of your daily limit for saturated fat. Try baked, low-fat tortilla chips instead.

Fast food bagel sandwiches - no, not the bagel itself, it’s the stuff inside the bagel that gets you. The fillings of these types of foods can yield up to 700 calories, 40 grams of fat, 300 mg of cholesterol and 1600 mg of sodium. Try a turkey with 1 slice of cheese, lettuce and tomato for a tasty alternative.

Extra cheese pizza - Even if you split this baby with three other people (yeah and who is going to share that!), your two slices will end up with 760 calories and almost a full day’s limit of saturated fat and sodium. A pizza like this really is a bad version of cheese on toast. All those calories, fats and sodium still do not include the sausage, pepperoni (both pretty nasty in themselves) and anything else! Go for the veggie pizza instead.

Extra large chocolate chip cookies - a single cookie has more than 300 calories and as much saturated fat as a 12-ounce sirloin steak plus 7 teaspoons of sugar. If you can’t resist, try going for the oatmeal cookies or you could always share you cookies! Here is a radical idea, snack on fruit!

Final thought for the day: get yourself a goal to complete a rigorous athletic/sporting/exercise goal. Make sure you allow sufficient time to prepare for it; 1 month at a bare minimum, 3 months is better. Your preparation for the event should allow for gradual adaptation of your mind and body to the demands you will have to meet. Training should be in phases that include base foundation, transition to improve speed per unit of time, specific speed work and taper into the actual event day to ensure that all the training niggling injuries and soreness has gone so you are at your new performance and health peak on race day. So find something that you think might be interesting to you and get some help, it will change every facet of your life for the better.

If you don’t want to travel far for the first of your goals there is a good one coming up in a little over 2 months, so plenty of time to prepare so you have no anxiety about finishing the event come race day. The Pattaya Marathon is in mid July and races are 10km, 22km and 42km. To put those in perspective, a very average or even below average runner should be able to do the 10km race in 1 hour. The sense of achievement will boost your ego a little after every training session in preparation and a whole lot more when you finish the race. Notice I wrote finish, not win, just completing the thing is enough for 99% of us.

Next week: "The rest of the list..."

Carpe’ Diem

“The good Old days”

PH3 Run #999

Just imagine 999 weeks ago they started the hash in Pattaya, for anybody who has been here in Pattaya for 999 weeks there is absolutely no way that you will have the undamaged mental ability to think back that far, so I will try to help you remember what it may have been like (In Brackets).

Monday the 28th of April 2003 and it’s the big celebration of PH3 run #999. The sign up in the Scandi Bar as usual (sign up in BJ’s bar in "the strip" cars driving past and nobody trying to sell you a jacket and tie). Two buses this week to accommodate all the visitors, 171 sign ups in all ride out to the "A" site, an elevated plateau with a breathtaking view out to Bang Suray and the islands. Dr Pinky (cheerfully throwing bricks in football grounds) and Blowfly (full rack of teeth) taking the late sign ups (THB 150).

The Grand Master Fini (natural grey hair) called for a circle, and as is customary we did a check for any new shoes and surprise, surprise Hammer’s (average mid west American farmer) latest squeeze (not yet conceived) are brought in to christen the shoes. The hares for the day comprise the entire committee though Tampax (Virgin) and Vi Vi (boots with heels remaining) seemed to know the most about it and informed us that we should follow pink paper and the checks were grey. The paper was in fact blue with just the odd glimpse of pink, which is probably exciting if you are an Eskimo.

I noticed our King Yao Yao (nut brown bare knees) was tucked in behind some interesting tattoos and hare colours. Karamba (wrestling crocodiles) tuned into his music, over the hill and into two more shady gullies, we caught a glimpse of the A site in the far distance and the beer truck (red colour), we drop into another gully scramble down a small waterfall on a riverbed through virgin jungle. I follow Apples Turnover (friendly with sheep) and Fossil (no comment) - suddenly there is a shriek and there in front of us is a warrior with black fuzzy hair complete with spear and war paint. For a moment I was fooled until I noticed the eski full of beer next to him and the boots with no heels. Hash flash (Olympus OM10) was there to capture the moment, out of the bush and the On In, up and up the hill to the A site. A truly beautiful run, some, particularly the FRB’s thought it the best PH3 run ever, a point difficult to find argument with.

Charlie Manson (no bullet holes) eventually came in after another famous short cut. 1/4 pounder with cheese (Dengs Hot Dog) as always close to the beer and Energizer Bunny (match stick thin with a red head!) working hard selling raffle tickets.

It threatened to rain, but this day was meant to be a success and it held off. The GM called for a circle, we gathered around, it was a bit of a squeeze with so many hashers, predictably the Aussies (dressed in stripes, rowing) were a bit vocal joining in the action.

First up was the raffle by the lovely Ewok (1st grade). 15 prizes this week so a nice long session on the ice for some. Next we had all the mismanagement as hares followed by some selected visitors. Time for some religion - Sir Airhead (hair on top of his head in equal proportion to his back) on in, Teeny Weeny (geriatric day care nurse) on ice with Derelick (Nacho Noi’s boat trip organizer), a vote to see who was hash trash, not even close it was Derelick.

Apples turnover and Tampax had a song for the Chicken Fellow (assistant beer truck driver only Singha, Kloster and Amarit) to the tune of Waltzing Matilda with a chorus of "ice chicken Fellow".

The hash Hymn was sung with gusto and it was back onto the bus (baht buses) for the ride back to town. A great hash, thanks to the hares, just like the Good Old Days.

On On BNB (could turn around in crowded bar without injuring snoring organ)

Spendley’s happy return at Khao Kheow

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

On Tuesday, 29th April the Bunker Boys took their weekly medal play tournament to the delicious Khao Kheow Country Club, journeying through a very heavy rainstorm which delayed the start of play by almost an hour. This made the course very difficult to master, with wet fairways and slow, heavy greens.

The field was split into two divisions, as usual, with the cut at 16 and under and in division one Michael Dige shot another fine round on a course he loves. His gross 77, converted to net 72, was too good for Magnus Johansson (74) and Jeff McLaury (75).

In division two Seamus Brennan made the frame yet again with a fine net 77, a shot behind a resurgent John Preddy (76), but a long way behind the hero of the day, Dave Spendley, who fired a super net 70 on the eve of his birthday. In fact, Dave had sponsored a longest putt prize to celebrate and the returning Jim Payne will be enjoying his winning putt in fine style at Dave’s Soi 7 "Love Hearts Bar".

Per Ascan scored the first birdie two in the Bunker’s last three outings to win the Bunker Super Sawng award whilst the list of candidates for the Bunker Banana Booby included Seamus, who travelled to the course without his clubs, Paul Rose who failed to complete the course and "Fireman" Danny Greer, who showered afterwards, without realising until it was too late, that he still wore his panama! However, Ciano Glavina, never short of a quip, gave Mr. Loy the perfect opportunity to present him with the fruit after a miserable net 87. For Dave Spendley, however, the day was to provide him with many very happy returns.

Terry purrs with pride at Plutaluang

What better way to celebrate May Day than taking a trip to the superb Royal Thai Navy course at Plutaluang! This was the choice of the Bunker Boys for their weekly Stableford challenge on Thursday, 1st May, and when they arrived there was little room in the car parks and even less room on the course, but the starter did his job well and all twenty combatants were safely away on the South and East nines, almost on time.

It was to be a day of resurgence for two of the Bunker’s regulars and also a day of sadness. It was to be their last round for a few months as Bill Hewitt, Steve Nowell, Wilf Latham and Remy Guy all returned to Europe afterwards.

In division two "forgotten man", Norman Brooks, without a win for so long, finally made his mark again with an assured round of 37 points, four ahead of visitor Roger Griffin (33) and Len Jones (31).

Division one saw three of the reluctant leavers scrapping it out for the minor places with Remy Guy scoring 34 points, just being headed by Wilf Latham and Steve Nowell with 36. At the top of the table, for the first time an outright winner, was Terry Phur and his score of 38 points was the best of the day.

Mr. Loy and Wilf Latham took a share of the Bunker Super Sawng award for their birdie two’s and Bill Hewitt bade farewell with a special duty free bag of Bunker Bananas as his farewell round of 26 points bore little other fruit. The good news is that all will be back later in the year to tackle the superb challenge at Plutaluang again.

Emmerson and McHugh continue their assault

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday April 27
Green Valley - White Tees

1st Place A Flight - John Emmerson - 41 points

2nd Place A Flight - John McHugh - 39 points

3rd Place A Flight - Klaus Schackt - 37 points

1st Place B Flight - Joe McArdle - 38 points

2nd Place B Flight - Bob Lindborg - 35 points

3rd Place B Flight - Willy Turnbull - 35 points

The dominance that mates John Emmerson and John McHugh continue to show on road trips and the wide variety of courses in the area is becoming so significant that the respective bars who host golf outings might do well just to co-write a column outlining their successes of the week past. They were the top two men in the traditional Sunday outing at Green Valley for what seems like the nth time. Klaus Schackt, himself no stranger to Victory Row, was left with third despite his better than handicap 37 points.

Joe McArdle, who has seen his handicap creep rather steadily up from 13 to 15, served notice that his extended Pattaya stay was useful in readying him for the his home season in Ireland by taking first in B flight with 38 points. Bob Lindborg edged Willy Turnbull on count back to round out B Flight.

The boys bid a fond adieu to Jack Spencer and David Stockman as they each confronted the distasteful task of working for a living.

Tuesday April 29
Bangpakong Riverside - White Tees

1st Place A Flight - John McHugh - 37 points

2nd Place A Flight - An Kaesavane - 35 points

1st Place B Flight - John Hillier - 37 points

2nd Place B Flight - Colin Davis - 36 points

In a first for many of the lads, Lewiinski’s took the No. 7 Motorway north to play the well-maintained, friendly fairways of Bangpakong Riverside. John McHugh and John Hillier took little time getting comfortable with the new surroundings as they both bettered their handicap for the top spot in A and B, respectively. It was John Hillier’s best return to form since he copped this month’s Monthly Medal.

An Kaesavane showed that her game is starting to catch up to the meteoric plummet her handicap has taken in recent months, a process that was finalized in the Friday’s fixture, below. An’s 35 was good for second in A.

Colin Davis, in need of some pocket money, scrambled about in 35 points, bettering Joe Sebastian on the back 9 count back of 19 to 17.

Wednesday April 30
Khao Kheow - A & C - Yellow Tees

1st Place A Flight - An Kaesavane - net 71

2nd Place A Flight- Gary Blackburne - net 72

1st Place B Flight - Dave Porter - net 77

2nd Place B Flight - Frank Pilkington - net 77

As mentioned above, An signaled she was ready to go back down to an 11 handicap as she shot a gross 83, net 71. The significance of this effort was amplified by the fact she played off the whites, the forward men’s tee, at this demanding Dye design layout.

Gray Blackburne, himself showing steady progress down the handicap ladder, saw his level to handicap gross 79, net 72 good for the silver in A Flight.

The high handicappers were a bit overmatched on this day but there were no complaints from Dave Porter and Frank Pilkington who walked out with loot despite lukewarm efforts of net 77, which bettered on count back Eddie Blackwell’s effort of the same humble magnitude.

Friday May 2
Burapha West -
White Tees Stableford

1st Place - Eddie Blackwell - 45 points

2nd Place - Rick Sharp - 42 points

3rd Place - Mark Grygiel - 42 points

Eddie left nothing to chance on this day after falling to count back on Wednesday. Eddie shot a career best net 77 that amazingly had to be adjusted downward to 76 due to a triple bogie! That translated into 45 points but his handicap will not be totally abused as the field handled the short white tees of the West Course quite handily. That is further emphasized by the 42 points that Rick Sharp and Mark Grygiel had to round out the pay podium.

Doc dishes out the medicine

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

Monday 28th April
Century Ban Chan

1st Stephen Beard, 38 points

2nd Bob Morrison, 36 cb9 21

3rd Trevor Edge, 36 cb9 19, cb6 15

4th Richard Garland, 36 cb9 19, cb6 12

Bob Morrison, returning to play with The Haven after a prolonged rest, found the competition to be just as keen as when he last played and had to give second best to "The Doc" who is running into a bit of form as his handicap continues to plummet following a lesson from Richard in how to stand to his ball, which now seems to be working. Trevor Edge continued his run of good results to take third place from Richard Garland after the usual count back with Richard, still suffering from the jet lag caused by 29 hours of travelling from Costa Rica where he has to go on a regular basis to count his money.

The twos were shared between John Taylor and Trevor Edge who had two to take the lion’s share.

Back at The Haven Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed new members Seamus Brennan and Alan Grainger.

Wednesday 30th April
Khao Kheow

1st Bob Lindborg, 33 cb9 16, cb6 13

2nd Al Rolnik, 33 cb9 16, cb6 10

3rd Dave Spendley, 33 cb9 15, cb6 12

4th Dave Stockman, 33 cb9 15, cb6 8

It would be kindest to draw a veil over the day’s efforts at Khao Kheow as the field struggled to come to terms with the woolly greens and wet fairways. Suffice to say Bob Lindborg was the best of the worst after a count back on the lowest winning score for a considerable time, from "Big Al" Dave Spendley and Dave Stockman.

Arthur Hancock redeemed an unusually poor round by taking the twos pool on his own with an extravagant chip in. It being a celebration day for Dave Spendley’ s Sixtieth Birthday, he donated a prize for the longest putt, which Mo Bertrand duly won.

Friday 2nd May
Burapha West

1st Stephen Beard, 42 points

2nd Trevor Schirmer, 40

3rd Doug Campbell, 39 cb9 20

4th B.J. Smith, 39 cb9 19, cb6 13

5th Mo Bertrand, 39 cb9 19, cb6 12, cb3 6

6th Dave Lacey, 39 cb9 19, cb6 12, cb3 5

Playing from the white tees turned out to be a slight mistake as the field took the course apart following the previous outing’s poor performances. But not having played the course for a little while when the rough was plentiful and extremely deep, that was the original plan. In the event the players found the course to be in excellent shape with almost perfect fairways and even greens, which made for the low scores achieved.

"The Doc" following an exceptionally weak p.p.p. in the previous outing regained some of his composure to lead the field home by a clear margin even though he only picked up one point on the last hole. Trevor Schirmer headed the chasing pack by a shot with Doug Campbell taking third after a close count back involving four players.

Despite having the equal lowest points total, Stefan Hoge managed the only two of the day to sweep the pool and derive a little joy from the day.

Prior to the prize giving Richard welcomed back Stefan from the sand pits of the Middle East and bade a fond farewell to Doug Campbell, who is travelling to Canada to practice bouncing babies on his knees, and Dave Lee who is on his way to sunny Blighty to work on his tan.

P.S.C. Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday April 28
Plutaluang South & East Courses

The Plutaluang Royal Thai Navy’s Golf Course was host for a Stableford Competition in two flights, A flight 0 to 18 and B flight 19 and above.

Eric O’Brien

Hwang Yong Hwan congratulated by Mick O’Connor

Peter Vanderwork congratulated by Mick O’Connor.

Big Eric O’Brien took the A flight with 39 points, Swiss Philippe Berra, back in form, was second with 38 points and steady Ebrahim was third with 34 points.

In the B flight Korean Hwang Yong Hwan took the win with 39 points ahead of a count back for second on 36 points which was won by John Swanson with Claus Thomsen third.

As usual the course services were excellent and the staff friendly so a good day was had by all.

Thursday May 1
Magical Mystical Tour (Stroke)

One of the good things about playing at the Kronborg is that the courses to play are booked well in advance by the Thai staff in the ‘Head Office’ who personally phone the courses up and talk to them so no mistakes can be made, very professional and it works very well.

So it was that an avalanche of cars set off for Noble Place, a long drive on a difficult road, on May 1st to play a stroke competition, "After all," as the Admiral said, "Noble Place always takes care of us".

On arriving at the course I was met by agitated players who said we couldn’t play till 1230 as, "We had not confirmed," as if playing there for years on end and using the same system was not enough. Enough said, 3 hours of tee times, or honour our bookings.

Off to Treasure Hills, but surprisingly the place was packed out, so where to next? This is where the mobile phone came in handy - a call to Pattaya Country Club and lo and behold off we went back down that dodgy road.

Arriving at Pattaya Country Club we were speedily processed and proceeded to the first tee where our competition was able to get underway and the Magical Mystery Tour found a home.

Pattaya is a course that we use a lot because whilst it is not the most scenic of courses, it has a friendly staff, good fairways and fast greens, and so it proved this day and thanks to the staff for reacting so swiftly.

On the course it was just a pleasure to tee off after a wasted journey on a road I do not like driving on. The game got underway with our group enjoying the feel of grass under our feet. Some good golf was played and the front nine completed in short time. Unfortunately, as we went from ninth green to tenth tee the sky darkened and the rain started. And it rained and rained, until we started to play in the rain. The back nine proved very difficult and many a promising score was destroyed.

Back in the clubhouse, after a hot shower, as the scores started to trickle in, a few good scores were interspersed with some that left a lot to be desired.

In the A flight, 0 to 19, the winner was Peter Vanderwork with net 69 ahead of Ebrahim on net 70 and Dave Richardson in third with net 73.

In the B flight, 20 up, the form player of the week Hwang Yong Hwan ran away with a fine 66 ahead of another good round in the circumstances by Mick O’Connor, who had nightmare start, and Claus Thomsen in third with net 74 on count back over Barry Kerr.

What do we learn from this day? Well, we’ve been pretty lucky for a long time and it is nice to know your friends. T.T.F.N.

PSC Three Sisters Golf

Monday April 28 brought out 6 groups of golfers to battle it out for the bragging rights at Siam. The course was in great shape and greens in excellent condition. The group consisting of Gerry Carpenter, George Davis and Herb Ishinaga fought it out for the bragging rights as all three played better than their handicaps. At the turn, Herb was in the lead with 23 points and Gerry close behind at 22. George was drifting back with only 19 points.

Herb (left) got the bragging right while Dick (right) doubled up his bag collection.

As usual, the turning point was the 15th hole. At this point Gerry Carpenter was in the lead by a couple of points but got tripped up and did not score a point at the 15th. Herb slowly but surely kept his game together and pulled past Gerry and scored 20 points on the back to come in with a blazing 43 points - 82 gross off the stick. This was Herb’s best game in the past few years. Gerry came in second place with an excellent score of 40 points but it was not enough for the day.

Holding the bag again this week was Dick Caggiano. Although Dick tried, he could not get rid of the bag as he lost on count back to old Jim Tully. Both came in with 28 points but Jim managed to score much better on his back nine than Dick. I heard that Dick was looking for a trophy if he makes it three in a row next week.

Colonials abscond with 4th Dream Team Cup

The 4th Dream Team Ride Her Cup was played at Burapha Golf Course on Monday, April 27. With the enforced absence of the toothless Kim Fletcher, Team Europe was fortified by the addition of John Kennedy and multiple Heinekens. Continental USA kept to their tried and tested Kurt Farnham and Ernie Bakke.

The format of the 2-man scramble saw the European paring of Jack Levy and John Kennedy start par-par-par before a beer stop brought a sudden halt to this surge of golfing prowess.

The Dream Team tribute to Wayne Tischbern - "Gone but not forgotten", left to right Kurt Farnham, Ernie Bakke, Jack Levy and John Kennedy.

Kurt and Ernie, playing the steadier golf, finished with an 88 (44-44) against the Europeans 88 (41-47). Thus the Colonial pairing won on count back.

The Americans also won the coveted beset looking caddy award, but the Europeans denied them a clean sweep by drinking more beer.

A new and welcome addition to the awards list was the most balls lost category, and this was claimed by John. With the popularity of this award and the tight race to win it, in which all competitors featured, it will surely be in next year’s event.

In an even match the overall victors were friendship and sportsmanlike behavior. Next year’s event to be looked forward to.

P.S.C. Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60’s Bar

Friday May 2

Has the world gone mad? What with SARS and the low season one would expect I could turn up at Bobby Joes in the morning and peacefully eat my free breakfast in my post night out daze. But this wasn’t the case, as I was met with the bustle of a busy restaurant. It appears Bobby Joe’s culinary fame is spreading and the turnout was excellent, so a cavalcade departed for Bangpra leaving Bobby behind to prepare the food for our return.

Giggly presents to winners John (R) and Andy (L).

Bangpra was in its usual fine condition and it is always a pleasure to walk around this scenic course and see how this oldest of courses in the area has matured into a thing of beauty.

With the large field we split into two flights, A flight 0 to 17 and B flight 18 upwards, and that meant we had 8 near pins out and 4 long puts. Bob Benda set off on his round with the cart full of pins.

In the event we had a great day out, the greens were not at their most vicious and good scores could be posted. Mention must be made of the eventual A flight winner, John Emmerson, who had one of his best days ever with a gross 74. John said the highlight of his day was on the stroke index one hole where the monkeys were up in the big tree on the left, throwing mangoes at all whom passed. When John threw a mango up to them and to catch and eat it, one of the monkeys threw a brand new Pro v 1 down at him. When its your day its your day!

It was still pretty hot so it was a pleasure to have a cold shower and slip into the big hot bath that is a feature of Bangpra and allow the aching muscles to be soothed.

Hot bath over it was time to visit the restaurant and so to the highlight of the day, recommended by resident gourmet Pete Galle, the Bangpra rainbow ice cream. This after a hot round is worth its weight in gold.

Back in the transport and back to ‘ranch’ where Bobby Joe had been ‘stoving over a hot slave all day’ (no, probably correct) to produce the evening meal, which was a lamb stew.

Meal over Bobby was so tired that he asked ‘Giggly’ to do the presentations and, surprise, surprise, nobody complained about the change.

Winner A flight: John Emmerson

Near pins A flight: #2 Eric O’Brien, #8 John McHugh, #12 Derek Brook and #17 Peter Vanderwork.

Long putts A flight: #9 John Emmerson and #18 John McHugh.

Winner B flight: Andy Evans

Near pins B flight: #2 Claus Thomsen, #8 Mick O’Connor, #12 Herb Schweiterman and #17 Len Dingemans.

Long putts B flight: #9 Ray Spurling and #18 Herb Schweiterman.

Lucky draw: Tim Holt & Philippe Berra.

Camel CHARITY Classic Summer Tournament

Century Golf Course

Saturday 17th May 2003, Tee Off’s : 06.30-11.30

Format : 4 Person Scramble, 5000 Baht per Team

all proceeds to

The Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand

Sponsorship needed
Remember your Corporate donations are


Golf Cart’s are limited to 1 per team, please book early
(do not book your own)
To Register please contact Dennis on 0 1822 2896,
Terry, 0 1833 7148 or Ronnie, 0 1831 4050 or
Email [email protected] or sign up at The Camel

Buffet and Presentation of the Trophies
and Prizes will be at

The Camel Pub and Restaurant
at 18.00 afterwards

Koh Samui Regatta shapes up: bigger and better

story and photos by Peter Cummins

The Second Koh Samui Regatta, to be sailed off the lovely island from Sunday the 25th to Saturday the 31st of May, is well in place with, what would appear to be, almost all the island’s private and public sectors in full support - even more than last year.

Nacras on Royal Varuna Beach await loading on the Thai Navy barge: next stop, Koh Samui; what a way to go...

A big fleet of Royal Varuna Nacras will be competing, courtesy of the Royal Thai Navy transport to Samui

The past year has seen an upsurge in yacht racing in the Kingdom and many top-class regattas being sailed on the Northern Gulf off the Pattaya-Jomtien-Sattahip coasts and on the Western shores off Hua Hin and Prachuab Khiri Khan, as well as the annual Phuket King’s Cup Regatta. Now, for the second time at Koh Samui, the organizers expect a large fleet of around 25 keelboats and an equal number of beach-launched catamarans coming from various points of the Kingdom: an exponential leap from the inaugural number of entries last year.

Bill Gasson, acknowledged as one of the region’s foremost authorities on yacht racing, has been the driving force behind the establishment of the Samui regatta. To ensure the success of the venture, which benefits Samui business and tourism immensely, Bill works closely with a dynamic team from many sectors of the island’s infrastructure, including entrepreneur John Stall - also a sailing "Stallwart" - and regatta manager Peter Plant, amongst many others.

This year’s entry sheet for the keelboat divisions reads like a round up of the region’s top sailors who are constantly appearing - and, winning - one or more of the regattas on the Asian Yachting Circuit.

Thailand’s Naval Academy has again entered two teams from Sattahip, racing the Farr MRX craft. Schle Wood-Thanan’s all-Thai team will be racing the Farr 40 "Pasaya" which has been undergoing intensive tuning and re-fitting, after some gear failures at the 2002 Phuket King’s Cup.

Scott Duncansen will be pitting his newly-designed "Phuket Sports Eight" against all-comers, especially David Bell’s "Fremantle Eight", sailing out of the Ocean Marina, Jomtien.

The incomparable John - the ‘Stallwart’ of Samui.

Another Pattaya team will be Gary Baguley and his Royal Varuna co-sailors, racing the Jeanneau 36 which they have just taken over, also berthed at the Ocean Marina.

Once again, the Royal Thai Navy is rendering great support to the Samui event, by transporting, in a landing barge, a number of Royal Varuna-based catamarans. Without this most welcome assistance, the logistics of moving the boats, the gear and other paraphernalia required for a hi-tech racing craft would be overwhelming.

Concerning the catamaran fleet, it is going to be all Nacras. Having just finished the first-ever Nacra Championship of Thailand, the Varuna fleet is honed to perfection ... and "rarin’ to go".

Curiously enough, it is the petite ladies who are very proficient in Nacra sailing and the Nationals saw the emergence of two lady helms coming first and second in the powerful Nacra 5.8 division - Claire Medd and Saranya Makinson, respectively - while Naifah crewed the winning Open Class Nacra 17 of Antony Chapman. Second here, too, was Kai Postma crewing for hubby Jouke. These girls are certainly ready to fight for the honours at Samui.

The actual racing will consist of five races, all starting off the Central Samui Beach Resort at Chaweng, from Monday, 26 through Saturday, 31 May, with Thursday allocated as the "lay day".

One of the great features of this regatta is that most of the courses are in-shore, allowing spectator viewing while, at the same time, a different course each day will expose the beauty of Samui to the sailors and the press.

As in the first regatta last year, a big number of the business community will be displaying "Regatta Supporter" signs, too many to enumerate. To mention some: Main sponsors are Bangkok Airways, Boon Rawd Brewery, Central Samui Beach Resort (the regatta headquarters), Coconut Land and House, Santiburi Dusit Resort and Strategic Catering.

Co-sponsors include ArtAsia Press, Central Samui Village, Chez Andy, Impiana Resort, Le Royal Meridien, Paradise Beach Resort, Poppies, QBE Insurance, Sunsail, Tradewinds and the Weekender Resort.

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

The Square Ring would like to offer belated congratulations to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, the 9th in the Chakri Dynasty (Rama IX) on the celebration of his ascendancy to the throne. It was on May 5th in the year of 1950 that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great was crowned. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyedej the Great has been a active supporter of the sport of boxing, receiving a lifetime achievement award for the World Boxing Council just a short time ago.

If the lads at Scots Corner on Second Road have finally stopped celebrating their pal Dave Stewarts win let’s jumpstart the party again with an e-mail from Dave: "Howie, I stopped Nigel Senior in the second round. Hurt him with a right cross, then another put him down. He got up at eight but the ref stopped it. He also had a bad cut in the first round. So now I’m 8-0 and the British Masters lightweight champion. Best to all the lads at Scots and best to all. Dave". I’ll drink to that.

What would a week in boxing be without the heavyweights? If you said "Nothing", go to the head of the class. Reports out of New York have British descending heavyweight star Fraudly Harrison entering the ring in the USA sometime this summer on an all heavyweights TV card. But first Harrison will take on Mathew Ellis at the York Hall, Bethnal Green on the 31st of the May. It’ll be Harrison’s 11th professional fight but his first at the famous East End venue. Big shakeup in the makeup of "Team Harrison". Gone are advisor Colin McMillan and trainer Kenny Croome. Typical for a fighter. Look bad, blame everyone but yourself.

The rumors that he would fight Frank "Body by Adonis Chin By Waterford" Bruno were started by an English scribe in light of Bruno’s KO at the hand of his now ex wife. As Jerry Reed once sang, "She got the gold mine he got the shaft." Not going to happen. The fight. The shaft? Like flowers, it’s forever.

Meanwhile the drums keep beating along the Los Angeles Freeways as the Lennox Lewis-Kirk Johnson heavyweight class becomes an even bigger joke than it is. Now it’s been learned that the Staples Center, where the fight is scheduled, would only put up a little more than 4 million USD’s if Mike Tyson’s not on the card. He isn’t. He also isn’t going to make up and play kiss-kiss with Don King as some are reporting. They have 100 million dollar lawsuits against each other.

One solution floated was to add former WBO champ Wladimir Klitschko to the festivities. Yea that would do it. The big no hearted Ruskie gets clocked by Corrie Sanders and is going to save a drowning fight card in LA? Laughable.

Fahlan Sakkreerin is 51-3 but barely known outside the confines of the boxing world. He’s fought almost under the radar. For anyone that cares he’s the IBF ("I Been Fixin") jr,. Flyweight. Last Thursday in Chiang Mai he "battered from pillar to post" Filipino James Capeceno (9-5). In the sixth round Sakkreerin dropped Capeceno with a right cross. The referee stepped in and decided that Capaceno was in no condition to continue.

With a 9-5 record the question is, "Was he in any condition to take the fight?" Sakkreerin is managed by the Jimmy Chaichotchuang who most times loves to hear himself talk. "Sakkreerin is now the top contender for Victor Burgos IBF Jr Flyweight world championship. I have started negotiations with Mr. Don King and the Sakkreerin vs Burgos world title fight should happen in 2003." If you’re negotiating with Don King when you leave the meeting check the following: watch, ring, billfold, shoes (if expensive) and all appendages to ensure that you leave with everything you arrived with.

There is just no argument that Veerapol Sahaprom, now 41-1-1, ranks right up there with the elite of world champions. The WBC bantamweight defended his title for the 10th time last Thursday in Bangkok when he almost tossed a shut out (117-111, 118-110 twice) against Hugo Dianzo (29-9-1).

The name Dianzo may not be familiar but he’s fought some very good fighters and does have some "back class" which is usually lacking when Thai champs fight at home. Who has he fought? Well he lost a split decision to WBO Bantam Champ Cruz Carbajal (23-11-1) and a controversial decision (115-113, 115-113, 115-112) to former IBO and WBC Champ Paulie Ayala (34-2) who twice has laid a whipping on Johnny Tapia.

On the same card celebrating the first of May WBC Superfeatherweight Champ Sirmongkol Singmanusak (43-1), in non title action, TKO’d in 6 someone named Anthony Tezhewa who had no "official pro fights" and was subbing for Kaiser Mabuza (6-3) who I didn’t know either.

WBC International Super Bantam Champ Naphapol Kiattisakchokchai 22-1 defeated Simon Lamoni (0-1-0) via a TKO in 8. Lamoni was subbing for Thomas Mashaba (10-1-4) who was probably dinning at Bourbon Street with the other MIA’s. Can’t resist that Cajun Cuisine.

The fight card took place at Bangkae Mall Shopping Center in Bangkok where the next scheduled world championship fight won’t be held. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (46-2) will defend his WBC Flyweight belt against Randy Mangubat (31-17-1) on the 30th at Songkla.

Last Friday WBO #4, IBF #9 bantam Ratanachai Sor Vorapin (50-8, 34 KOs) successfully retained his WBO Asia-Pacific bantamweight title by stopping Joven Jorda in the 4th at Samutsakorn. Ratanachai is gunning for a shot at the WBO bantam crown against Cruz Carbajal. How about them apples?

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