Vol. XI No. 19
Friday 9 May -15 May 2003

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Jessie’s Deli

by Miss Terry Diner

Jessie’s Deli? Where’s that? Well, drive up Pratamnak Hill past Fitness Park, turn right at the top at the police box, as if going to the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, but turn left at the first soi (called Rajchawaroon) instead of straight ahead, and head towards the Dynasty Resort, Cosy Beach and Mountain Beach hotels. Jessie’s Deli is almost opposite the Mountain Beach Hotel, on the way down to the Cosy Beach Hotel. It is not large, so you will have to go slowly, but it is brightly lit and very colourful, so it is not difficult to spot. There is also a large vacant block in front of the Mountain Beach Hotel, so you can park there.

Yes, there was a Jessie. A venerable old lady who lived to be 99 before heading out to the Great Kitchen in the Sky, and in her memory, Jessie’s Deli was opened almost 3 years ago. Initially it was designed as a sandwich shop, but then people wanted something for breakfast, then desserts were added and pizzas, Thai food and European food, and the ‘deli’ became a restaurant.

The restaurant is in three distinct sections. There is the air-conditioned glassed in section at the rear, a covered outdoorsy section and then a small ‘terrace’ under the stars. The tables have red tablecloths with contrasting bright yellow throw-overs, and the chairs are padded (with director’s chairs on the terrace). There is also wheelchair access, something many restaurants forget. The restaurant area is also sparkling clean - one of the directors having a position with a major private hospital in Pattaya could just explain that.

For a small restaurant, the menu is quite large, beginning with seven all-day breakfasts, ranging from a 45 baht eggs on toast, through the usual ABF at B. 100, through to a steak breakfast with all the trimmings, OJ and the works at B. 260. Still on the breakfasts, you can also have breakfast rolls with fillings such as bacon, sausage and fried eggs at around B. 55 or even cornflakes or Muesli.

Soups and the very English Toasties are up next (B. 65-85) and then salads (B. 85-150) and 14 choices in fresh filled rolls and baguettes (B. 55-125) upon which Jessie’s Deli made its name.

Ten different style burgers are next, all 1/4 pounders and served with french-fries, ranging between B. 85-165. Then it is into six pizzas (8 inchers at B. 175) and then a dozen main courses ranging from a sausage and mash with trimmings and gravy for B. 155 through chicken dishes at around B. 230 and a pepper steak top of the list at B. 275. Desserts are Bud’s Ice Cream and there are many styles of coffee to follow. Finally there are around 30 Thai food items as well, with the majority B. 80. To drink, there are all the softs, plus local beers around B. 60, spirits B. 80, as well as house wine at B. 80 per glass.

Looking around the terrace section I saw someone with a burger and my choice was apparent! It was a ‘burger’ night, with my choice being a cheese and bacon. To wash it down, it was also back to my favourite Singha Gold beer.

The bun was soft, the beef was an excellent ground beef patty, the bacon was back bacon and not that awful streaky over-crisped variety, with plenty of chips and tomato and cucumber. It was filling, but I did manage to squeeze in a Bud’s chocolate sundae afterwards! Gluttony is a sin and Miss Terry is a sinner!

I enjoyed my dinner at Jessie’s Deli, it ain’t the Ritz, but then, it’s not supposed to be. It presents good wholesome food, at reasonable prices, in an above average venue, with a very European atmosphere. It was pleasing to see that a ‘lower end’ eatery can provide its customers with well above average facilities. This is a good family restaurant, with something for everyone. By the way, they will do deliveries on any orders over B. 195 and ‘take-outs’ are available too. Recommended.

Jessie’s Deli, Rajchawaroon Road, (opposite Mountain Beach Hotel), telephone 038 306 313.

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