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Blazing Saddles!

Kronborg bulls their way to Tug o’ War title

BMW Williams do it right!

Fitness Tips

TAGGS week dampened by cowardly terrorists

Last call for Shenanigans 2001 Irish Open

Sebastian soars over Morrison’s eagle

Terry & Kaew Share the monthly medal

Happy Birthday Beth!

Slick Bob Deane wins again

Competition, seminars to dominate Bowling World Cup week

Groves, Kraft and Wittwer Dominate the 11th PSC Members’ Open

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Blazing Saddles!

The Charity Bike Ride has become one of the highlights of the annual Jesters Care For Kids Charity drive, in aid of the Fountain of Life School in Srinakorn Road. With around 160 cyclists jostling at the starting barrier at the Siam Bayshore Hotel, the competitors ranged from the professionals, kitted out in Tour de France gear complete with back-up motorcycles with spare wheels and chains; the enthusiastic weekend amateurs; super enthusiastic kids such as Walter Thenisch’s son; the once-a-yearers like Jack Levy and Kim Fletcher and the unlikely duo of lanky Jan Olav Aamlid and Dr. Iain, dubbed “The Electric Bike Orchestra” with their Ecolux electric bikes.

Woody Underwood (left) made special mention of the hero of the bike ride, Erik Sorrenson (right) who raised over 354,000 baht.

Right from the outset, this had been a well organised event, with registrations being done at Shenanigans the evening before, or at the Siam Bayshore on the morning of the event. With almost everyone in their Coats sponsored T-shirts (excepting the Eddie Mercx type Tour de France runners), the two wheeled mob wobbled off at 8 a.m. that morning, to be met at every intersection by police and volunteers who held back the traffic to let the puffers and panters go through. As one rider said, “It makes me feel like royalty. I’ll never complain about being held up for important people ever again!”

“The Electric Bike Orchestra”

Many times around the course, the organisers had water stops, with the icy drinking water, supplied by Thai Thanakit Insurance, being gulped down by the riders, hot and thirsty in the blazing sun. It was also time to catch up with friends, wait for others and enjoy the 50 kilometres in the countryside. This was not a race, even though some were treating it as such. This was a Charity Bike Ride.

With each entrant raising some sponsorship, the combined result is expected to be in the vicinity of one million baht, with one rider, Erik Sorrenson, raising 353,565 baht on his own! When this figure was announced later at the Fair, one person stepped forward and donated another 500 baht towards Erik’s total to make it more than 354,000 - the true spirit of charity.

Kim Fletcher and Jack Levy just before the start, with Kim looking a bit tepid - “I set the run,” he said, “and I wish I hadn’t put so many hills in it!”

After the ride, there were the usual post mortems, though it should be stressed that nobody actually “died” even though some looked to be in need of intensive care when they returned! It was a great event, well run, well organised and undoubtedly will be even bigger next year. Since it was not a race, there were no records of who actually came in first, but the time for the leading bunch was around one and a half hours, while the strugglers and stragglers came in around 3 hours.

Principal organisers Kim Fletcher and Jeremy Coles are to be congratulated on running a spectacularly good, and financially rewarding event for the Fountain of Life Charity. Sister Joan is also to be thanked for her time spent in prayer that all the riders would return safely!

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Kronborg bulls their way to Tug o’ War title

St Andrews pulls their way to women’s crown

There was no doubt about it; the Cafe Kronborg team was unbeatable in the Care 4 Kids Tug o War contest on Sunday, September 16. Two quick pulls in the preliminaries that sent the boisterous and entertaining real estate team, resplendent in their bright yellow shirts, tumbling in submission, then two equally quick tugs in the finals against a spirited but overwhelmed Pattaya Panthers squad earned the Cafe Kronborg men the championship title.

We are the champions! Manager of the defending champions Stephen Beard (right) hands over the trophy to the new, undisputed champions of the Care 4 Kids Charity Tug o’ War - Cafe Kronborg

In the women’s contest, the St Andrews squad, led by headmistress Jill Thomas, defeated a spirited Pattaya Panties team, which included a monkey. The monkey, disconsolate after the loss, was unavailable for comment.

St Andrews pulls their way to victory

The hotly contested preliminary men’s round pitting the defending champions from The Haven against the Pattaya Panthers went the distance, with the Panthers proving they can pull just a little better than the Haven. In the first pull, after a Maori-like chant from the Panthers before the contest began, the Haven took an early advantage and looked poised to defend their title. But a late surge by the Panthers got the Haven feet slipping, and with momentum firmly going their way, the Panthers recovered lost ground and eventually won the heat. The Haven fired up and took the second round, but the effort on both sides of the rope took its toll, expending much energy from both teams. In the final of the three pulls, the Panthers once again grabbed the momentum, and despite a gallant effort from the defending champions, pulled their way to victory.

It was apparently all for naught, however, as neither team seemed able to put up a defense against the mighty Kronborg.

Gracious in defeat, Haven manager Stephen Beard presented the Kronborg with the championship trophy. After spending two years on the mantle at The Haven, the trophy now has a new home at the Cafe Kronborg.

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BMW Williams do it right!

Pole and win for Montoya

After the debacle in Belgium, where BMW Williams managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, this time in Italy they got it right. Juan Pablo Montoya winning his first Grand Prix from pole position, and team mate Ralf Schumacher coming through in third. Splitting the pair was Ferrari’s Rubens Barichello, with World Champion Michael Schumacher 4th.

Mayhem ensued on the first corner of the Italian Grand Prix. Photo courtesy of Planet F-1 and Bothwell Photographics.

All weekend the race looked to be Montoya’s. His pole position was a dominant performance, while Michael Schumacher was not driving at his best, ceding 2nd position on the grid to Barichello.

At the start, despite the drivers having an agreement to take it easy on the first corner, the usual melee eventuated, with Jenson Button in the Benetton nerfing Trulli’s Jordan, thus ending both their chances for a good finishing position. (Button has not covered himself in glory this year, and it would not surprise to see him out in the cold in 2002.)

When they sorted themselves out, Montoya had maintained his first position from Barichello, and then Mrs Schumacher’s younger boy who had muscled his way past big brother. This was not to last, as big bro literally shouldered himself back into third before the first lap was over. The family pecking order was very firmly re-established.

To really make his day, Button’s engine expired in the biggest possible way by lap 4 and his ignominious day was over, probably along with his career. Not to be outdone, the Mercedes McLaren of David Coulthard blew its engine two laps later, and the Scotsman who would be champion (favourite saying: “Next year it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy”) was also back in the motorhome for a quick shower and this week’s girlfriend.

On the 8th lap, Montoya had one wild slide and Barichello was through and apparently running away with the race, while Michael Schumacher kept Montoya honest, shadowing the BMW Williams and waiting for the second mistake.

Meanwhile, back in the pack, there was real passing action going on with Alesi (Jordan), Verstappen (Arrows), Raikkonen (Sauber) and Panis (BAR) all attacking each other with assorted degrees of success.

Suddenly the Ferrari strategy became apparent, with Schumacher diving into the pits on lap 18. Theirs was a two stop race, compared to BMW Williams’ one stopper. The “lighter” Ferrari’s being able to run competitively with the relatively “heavier” fuel loaded BMW Williams. Unfortunately this turned to dross for Barichello, when a fuel nozzle refused to work and he lost six seconds in the pits, to end up in 3rd place after Montoya and Ralf Schumacher had done their one and only pit stops. Barichello pressed on and displaced Ralf, but it was Montoya all the way, cruising to a well deserved maiden victory. The minor places were filled by de la Rosa in the Jaguar and a lucky Villeneuve in the BAR.

The World Championship has already been decided, with Michael Schumacher uncatchable, but with 20 points remaining, the runner up position is being hotly contended. Coulthard has 57 points, Barichello 54 and Ralf Schumacher 48. Expect to see Barichello getting the full Ferrari backing for the next two races, the US GP on the 30th September and the Japanese GP on the 14th October.

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Fitness Tips : Daily Nutrition Guide

G’day readers, this week we are going over again something that should be in the forefront of your mind. Post holiday syndrome. Yep, big chance that you have just come back from a long break off work or from our idea of the regular working schedule on the Eastern Seaboard. Right about now you may well be feeling a bit guilty about eating way too much for the entire time and want to get back in shape. Thus, fitness tips over the next 2 months will be very structured. We are going to cover all the most important things that you need to know to get you up and back on track.

Daily Nutrition Guide

First thing is to stop feeling bad about enjoying your holiday, you needed it, end of subject.

Second, you need to make a commitment to yourself to get you back in shape. Look at your regular schedule and make time to do a little exercise every day with 2-3 dedicated sessions each week.

Healthy eating must come back into the plan right at the start.

Instead of me going off into a big lecture take a look at the diagram below. This is what you need to consume every day to ensure that all your body’s systems and organs function to their greatest potential (and not overloading on fat).

Cut it out of the newspaper and stick it on your fridge, it is very clear and will help you no end.

Next week, weight lifting techniques will come under the microscope for the benefit of all.

Carpe’ Diem

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TAGGS week dampened by cowardly terrorists

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

Monday 10th Sept. - Century Ban Chan (Stroke)

1st: Max Arlen, net 71
2nd: Norman Brooks, net 72
3rd: Mo Bertrand, net 74

Once again the testing but picturesque course at Ban Chan proved to be a little too difficult for most. Indeed many of the regulars gave it best and didn’t even attempt to take it on, thus leaving a very limited field. This was a shame, as Max Arlen turned in his best score for some time and managed to get in under par and win his first competition out of The Haven.

Once again Storming Norman Brooks proved that he can “still compete” and carded a creditable par round to snatch second place away from Mo Bertrand, who also reached the podium for the first time.

Richard Livingston, the resident professional, said farewell to Serge, who is returning to France in search of a supply of properly sized letters to help with his local correspondents.

Wednesday 12th Sept. - Black Wednesday

This day’s competition was due to be held at Khao Kheow, but in recognition of (especially) the American members of the TAGGS, and the tragic events in New York and Washington on the previous day, it was cancelled as a mark of respect for all those who lost their lives and all those who lost family members and loved ones, from the many different countries who make up The Haven golfers. The thoughts of many members are with them all. It was an unthinkable atrocity, and an extremely sad day for the whole world, which hopefully, will never again be allowed to be repeated.

Friday 14th Sept. - Sriracha (Bogey)

1st: Harald Cranz, 2 up
2nd: Michael Vogeler, 1 up (cb9 1 up)
3rd: Mark Campbell, 1 up (cb9 all square)

Nestling in beautiful hilly scenery, unmarred by intrusive pylons and other modern clutter, Sriracha Golf Club can be a difficult course to score on, especially if wayward shots find their way into the bunkers. Friday’s competition proved no exception to the rule and the subsequent scoring saw the Competition Standard Scratch rise from 70 to 71, with many golfers unable to play within two of their handicaps as set against the Standard Scratch. Only three competitors managed to achieve that feat, and they were led home by Doktor Harald Cranz, closely followed by the “wurst king” Michael and “must” Mark. According to Mark, he would have won easily if he had been playing on the same greens as everybody else, although “the doc”, who played with him managed a meager 27 putts due mainly to his inability to hit any greens in regulation.

Back at The Haven, Richard welcomed new members Kevin Page and George Thompson, both from the UK, whilst welcoming back Stefan Hoge from Canada and the two top podium winners, Harald and Michael.

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Last Call for Shenanigans 2001 Irish Open

Following last year’s very popular Shenanigans Irish Open 2000, there has been an early take-up of places for this year’s Irish Open on Friday October 5th at Eastern Star Resort. Call at Shenanigans, or check with your usual venue for availability and remember that entries are only confirmed when payment of the entry fee has been made.

The usual warm Shenanigans and Eastern Star hospitality is guaranteed on the day for the tournament and, as ever, Kim Fletcher will be waiting to welcome you back at Shenanigans with the delicious free Carvery and large array of trophies and prizes to be presented.

Shenanigans tournament director Mike Franklin commented, “In order to ensure a smooth round of golf, the field is strictly limited to 128 players and we are very close to that figure already. So, if you have not signed up already, it would be wise to do so.”

Shenanigans Irish Open 2001 on Friday October 5th. Don’t miss it.

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Sebastian soars over Morrison’s eagle

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday, September 10 - Sattahip (Stableford)

On Monday the Kronborg golfers headed to Thai Royal Navy course at Sattahip. The scores on the North & West courses were not as good as they should have been given the perfect conditions.

Joe Sebastian took first place edging out Bob Morrison on count back, both with 34 points. Joe had an excellent back nine to win for the first time at the Kronborg.

The shot of the day was from Bob Morrison, who holed an eight iron from 155 yards for an eagle two at the difficult ninth on the north course.

Frank Sinclair was on the rostrum again taking third place with 32 points.

Thursday, September 13 - Sam C.C. (Stroke)

On Thursday the Kronborg golfers made the short trip up to Siam Country Club. The medal play format seemed to take its toll with only two players playing to their handicap. Ebrahim took the ‘A’ flight with a steady net 72. Bob Dean was the only person to go below par taking the ‘B’ flight with a fine net 69.


‘A’ Flight

1st: Ebrahim, 72
2nd: Paul Kraft, 73
3rd: Geoff Couch, 78

‘B’ Flight

1st: Bob Deane, 69
2nd: Jerry Lien, 75
3rd: John Swanson, 75

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Terry & Kaew Share the monthly medal

Golf from I.P.G.C. Lewiinski’s / Orchid

Terry Summers & Kaew Somkid both scored net 67 in the monthly medal at Green Valley last week. As customary they will both get their names on the monthly medal board and be eligible for the Gold final, but Terry won the plate on a count back. It was Terry’s first monthly medal victory but Kaew has got two wins. Her handicap is quickly coming down as she improves every game. Watch out Ray!

Week’s results

Sunday 9 August - Green Valley

A flight

1st: Terry Summers, net 67
2nd: Rick Sharp, net 69
3rd: Steve Mascari, net 71

B flight

1st: Kaew Somkid, net 67
2nd: Steve Ross, net 69
3rd: Oradee Kaesavane, net 70

Near pins: #2 Terry Summers, #9 & 16 Kaew Somkid

Monday 10 August - Khao Kheow (2 man B.B.)

1st: Rick Sharp & Bruce Tollitt, net 60
2nd: Steve Ross & Murray Kerr, net 63

Weds. 12 August - N.P. Hills

A flight

1st: Steve Mascari, 36 pts.
2nd: Stan Fry, 34 pts.

B flight

1st: Larry Nicholas, 37 pts.
2nd: B. Vinterskog, 28 pts.

Friday 14 August - Treasure Hills

1st: Gez Tracey, net 70
2nd: Steve Mascari, net 71
3rd: Richard Montgomery, net 71

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Happy Birthday Beth!

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

On Tuesday, 11th September the Bunker Boys and Girls went to a hot and sultry Bangpra for their weekly medal competition. The course was in good condition but the greens were surprisingly slow, which caught a few golfers out. Playing off the white tees the field was divided into the usual two flights.

In division two, birthday girl Beth Lill was the only player to break par, scoring a net 70 to take the honours. In second place came John Preddy with net 72 and third was Chris John, the new Rules Guru, with net 74.

In division one five players tied for first place, each recording net 72. They were Ken Lill, Bill Jones, Norman Brooks, “Charlie” Chen Chia Lung and Barry Barnes.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Peter Renggli, Norman Brooks, Kerry Jonsson and Peter Allcorn. The Bunker Banana Booby was awarded to Peter McKay for abandoning his six iron, by accident or design, in the middle of the fourteenth fairway.

Kerry Says Sayonara

On Friday, 14th September, the Bunker Boys had the field to themselves, as no girls were present for their weekly Stableford competition at Green Valley.

Kerry Jonsson, the Scandic Samurai, was rushing straight to Don Muang to catch an evening flight to Tokyo, but still had time to record a score of 39 points to win, with the ever-improving Les Winch second on 35 points and the canny transport manager, John Preddy, still getting to grips with new clubs, coming third with 34 points.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Len Jones (again!), John Preddy and Kerry. The Bunker Banana Booby was presented to the returning Clive Harris for the low score of the day. Welcome back Clive. As it so often happens in Pattaya, one friend leaves and another arrives.

Catch up with the Bunker Boys at http://www.the

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Slick Bob Deane wins again

PSC Three Sisters Golf

On Monday, September 10 Bob Deane again garnered the bragging rights as he hammered his way into the lead with 40 Stableford points. Bob has been playing steady golf for the past few months, keeping away from trouble most of the time. Although he found some trees and bunkers, Bob got out of trouble enough to take the bragging rights for the day.

Hot on Bob’s heels was none other than Jerry Lien. Although Jerry tried, he could not catch the front-runner, as slick Bob Deane charged ahead of the pack.

Although other golfers came in with decent scores, Gerald Holt, who last week rode the top of the pile, somehow stumbled and fell through the roof to score 16. Maybe I read it wrong but when I went looking for the scorecards, they had already been picked up. Sorry Gerry if I made a mistake. I heard that a lot of trees had moved or got in your way - hope for better luck next week.

After golf, players gathered at caddyshack #2 and had chili dogs and hotdogs plus a few beers to wash it down. Fun was had by all and we’ll see you all next week.

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Competition, seminars to dominate Bowling World Cup week

Elite-level athletic competition and first-rate technical instruction will be the hallmarks of the 37th annual AMF Bowling World Cup, to be held November 4-10 at the PS Bowl Complex in Pattaya, Thailand.

Athletes from an expected 90 nations will begin arriving in Thailand Friday, November 2, for the weeklong international bowling championship. Festivities begin with the Welcome Reception Saturday evening, November 3, and official on-lane activities begin the next morning at 8 a.m. with scheduled practice sessions for all athletes.

The women take to the lanes immediately following the Grand Opening Ceremony on Sunday, November 4, for their first rounds of qualifying. Qualifying continues for all athletes, male and female, Monday, November 5, through Wednesday afternoon, November 7. The fields for both divisions are trimmed to the top 24 after 24 games, and those bowlers return to PS Bowl Thursday morning for 16 more qualifying games.

The top eight men and women after 40 games begin quarterfinals play in a specially constructed arena within the PS Bowl Complex Friday afternoon, November 9. The format changes to a best-two-of-three-games “knockout” single-elimination process, with the quarterfinal winners returning Saturday morning, November 10, for the semifinal round. The two semifinal winners in each division move into the championship finals later that day that will determine the 2001 AMF Bowling World Cup men and women’s champions.

While the athletes concentrate on getting to the next round, World Cup guests can learn more about the latest advancements in bowling industry technology Tuesday at two free AMF seminars, conducted by lane maintenance specialist Cliff Adair and ball drilling guru Del Warren. The seminars will be held in the PS Bowl annex and are designed to enhance attendees’ knowledge about lane maintenance and personal equipment selection. Registration is required; interested parties should contact Bowling World Cup tournament manager Anne-Marie Board or her assistant, Tina Quirke, no later than October 1 (fax 44-1-442-286-530 or e-mail <[email protected]>).

Board also noted that AMF would bring its Bowling Center Management School to Pattaya immediately preceding the Bowling World Cup. Noted international coach and technical instructor Len Charney will conduct the October 28-November 2 school, which is designed to take a proprietor/manager through the period leading up to opening a center and immediately thereafter. Marketing, planning, staff and job specifications, customer service, and more will be among the topics discussed. For information on cost, content and lodging accommodations, contact Board at the above-listed fax or e-mail address.

The AMF Bowling World Cup, founded by AMF Bowling Inc., is the largest annual international sports competition in the world in terms of number of participating countries. A record 88 countries, and 155 men and women athletes, competed in the 2000 AMF Bowling World Cup in Lisbon, Portugal. AMF, PS Bowling Group, Singha Beer of Thailand and Coca-Cola are sponsoring this year’s championship.

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Groves, Kraft and Wittwer Dominate the 11th PSC Members’ Open

Phil Groves (Hcps. 0-15), Paul Kraft (Hcps. 16-20) and Marcel Wittwer (Hcps. 21-36) left the field of 73 golfers behind as they each won their respective flights of the Pattaya Sports Club’s 11th Members’ Tournament held last Friday at the venerable Siam Country Club. Marcel did it with an astronomical 46 points in the always mercurial C Flight! The golfers found the course in excellent shape and enjoyed a brisk round, by tournament standards, of under 41/2 hours. Thanks to all, you kept it moving! And special thanks to the tournament staff, Bernie Tuppin, Dene Mundy and Dave Richardson, for making the registration and scoring brisk and hassle-free.

One oddity in the technical category is that Pete Galle won a long putt award for the second month in a row. This would indicate that he is an excellent putter who is unable to chip his ball anywhere near the hole.

Three players won the tongue-in cheek award for being the penultimate (to last, that is) player in each flight. It was hoped their prize, an air freshener, might mask the odor of their play.

Some 50 players of the field of 73 took home either a competition or a “mystery draw” prize, made possible by the following tournament sponsors: Pattaya Sports Club, Cafe Kronborg (Soi Diana), Papa Ray, Blue Parrot Bar and Restaurant (Soi Pattayaland Two), Tequila Reef Cantina (Soi 7), Shenanigans Fun Pub (2nd Road, near the Royal Garden), Rosie O’Grady’s (Soi 7), PolTony’s Gourmet Restaurant & Fairplay MiniGolf (South Pattaya on Jomtien Hill), and the Diana Group’s Green Bottle Pub (2nd Road & Soi Diana). The unique and immensely popular concept of this tournament, with no tournament entry fee, would not be possible without their generosity.

October’s Monthly Members’ Tournament is scheduled for October 12th at the private country club, Burapha. Sign up for the tournament will open on Monday, the 1st of October, at the new Pattaya Sports Club Clubhouse on Third Road and at the Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana. Because of the exclusiveness of this venue, it is expected that the tournament limit of 88 golfers will be reached quickly!

A Flight: 1st Phil Groves (38), 2nd Wayne Koch (37) and 3rd Norman Brooks (37)

B Flight: 1st Paul Kraft (41), 2nd Pete Galle (38) and 3rd Owen Walkley (36)

C Flight: 1st Marcel Witttwer (46), 2nd Beth Lill (39) and 3rd Bob Deane (38)

2nd to last: A Flt: Moe Deverdene (23), B Flt: Rob Schwab (24), C Flt: Morrie Todd (21)

Closest to pin: #4 Fred Theobald, #8 Arthur Busch, #12 Mike Riley, and Ebrahim

Longest putt: #9 Pete Galle and #18 Joe Sebastian

Long drive: Rob Brown

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