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VOL.IX NO.38     -     21 September 2001

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Jesters Children’s Fair bigger and better than ever!

“Aye, matey - ’twas a fine time at the fair this year.” (photo by Brendan Richards) The Jesters Care 4 Kids Children’s Fair and Charity Bike Ride were once again great successes, bringing in the vicinity of 5,000 people and raising upwards of 2 million baht for the Fountain of Life Center in Pattaya. Please see our special center page spread for story and photos.


Message from the Editor

The Pattaya Mail staff, as well as everyone we have been in contact with, are deeply saddened, shocked and horrified by the brutal, sub-human attacks reigned down upon America on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and their families.

There are no words we could convey that would soften the horror. We can only wish it never happened, that it was a nightmare we will wake from, but the tragic reality is that the world actually contains people so mentally warped they are willing to sacrifice their lives to create mass destruction and steal away so many others’ lives in the twisted belief that others might feel their pain.

With the grief so unbearable, the pain so deep, the reality so horrifying, the emotion of vengeance is of course understandable. We, too, believe the perpetrators of such heinous acts, not only against America, but also against innocent victims throughout the world, should be stopped and brought to justice.

But we also ask that this feeling of vengeance not be painted with a broad brush. The perpetrators of such acts of violence are, thankfully, only a minute minority of the world’s population, tiny and isolated even within their own stated ethnic and religious affiliations. Senseless acts of vigilante violence based solely upon ethnicity or religious belief is ludicrous. Love thy brother. Together we will get through this and see in a new tomorrow.

Freedom will prevail.

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