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Pattaya ís unique shopping scene

Pattayaís unique shopping scene: Back to school

by Lesley Warner

I decided that it was about time that I learned to speak the language of the country I reside in, or at least some semblance of it, so I went to see Lamai Piwthong at the Pattaya School of Languages (PLC) on Pattaya Klang. I was given a tour of the school by Ken Babbington, one of the directors. Itís a large building with 12 classrooms plus a good size computer room.

Khun Lamai talking to prospective students

Doctor Iain was right in his article about learning the Thai language; I seem to have no problem remembering individual words. Putting the words together and pronouncing them is a different matter, not to me but to the listener. I understand what Iím saying but no one else does. I remember being told that if you want to learn something badly enough you can. I only hope that Lamai has a secret way into my head that I havenít found yet.

Is this sinking in?

Lamai told me that the PLC School is licensed by the Ministry of Education. They have a full range of basic, intermediate and advanced language courses, by native speaking tutors covering ten different countries with the combined ability to teach in nine distinct languages: English, Thai, Russian, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, plus what I was looking for, Thai for foreigners. You can learn in group classes or one to one. I think Iíll try a group class, then at least I can copy some elseís homework!

The language classes stress speaking, reading and listening comprehension, starting at basic levels with intermediate and intensive levels of training. There are also computer courses for those looking to begin or improve their computer skills; the courses are certified.

Engrossed in the computer

They do evening classes and also have special sessions for the kids. There are also separate courses for specialized professions on location in the Chonburi area.

The courses are sold in packages depending on the length of time you have to learn and how comprehensive you need to be in the language. For more information telephone (038) 421 819 or email [email protected]

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