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Michael Schumacher retains World Championship

Pattaya Sports Club fishing challenge

PH3 Run 910

Fitness Tips

“Cheers” to Stan and Dr. Pinky

Blue Parrot gets opportunity to crow

Wee Harry dominates the week at the Haven

Herd of Jackalopes spotted heading for Phoenix & The Haven

Rossie has a hole in one at N.P. Resort

Dave Richardson the Second

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Michael Schumacher retains World Championship

Ferrari wins Constructors Championship

In what was unfortunately one of the dullest races this season, Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari was never headed to win the Hungarian F1 GP at the Hungaroring. The 10 points for the win were enough to give him the 2001 Drivers Championship with 4 GP’s yet to run. The win was also his 51st to equal Alain Prost’s record of all-time wins. His team-mate, Rubens Barichello crossed the line in second place to give Ferrari not only another 1-2, but victory in the Constructors Championship as well. Third place went to David Coulthard in the McLaren Mercedes, leaving him a clear second in the world title, but the ultimate prize out of his reach for another season.

Schumacher jumps for joy, again... Photo courtesy Planet-F1 and Bothwell Photographics

Michael Schumacher had dominated the entire weekend, with a performance in Qualifying that made it evident that the German had a pace that nobody was going to equal, being almost one second a lap quicker than Coulthard who scored second slot on the grid.

At the start, Schumacher just forged his way ahead, with Barichello getting the upper hand over Coulthard. This trio pulled away from the rest of the field, minus Eddie Irvine who did it all wrong on the first corner, leaving his Jaguar in the sand trap.

After the first pit stop, Coulthard came out ahead of Barichello and they ran that way until the second stop, where Barichello got the upper hand in the pit refuelling duel, and led Coulthard home. The rest of the race was processional at best, with the only bright flashes being Crazy Jean Alesi, now in the Jordan, who actually passes other drivers on the track and Mika Hakkinen, McLaren Mercedes, who set the fastest lap and new lap record, but still only finished 5th behind the younger Schumacher, Ralf, in the 4th placed BMW Williams. After running very consistently, the Sauber drivers Heidfeld and Raikkonen came in 6th and 7th, although lapped by the flying world champion.

Afterwards, when the full realization hit, Michael Schumacher was quite emotional and was full of praise for his team which had brought him his second world title back to back. “We got pole position, the victory, I equalized with Alain and took the championship. It’s a bit too much for me at the moment. It’s a great achievement. I feel so fantastic.”

His pride was echoed by Ferrari strategist Ross Brawn who said, “The dream continues, it is unbelievable. We never imagined this could happen. It’s a great group of people, Michael, Jean (Todt, team manager) and everybody. I’m lost for words. We knew we had a few opportunities, but to win it here today... The drivers have been superb. We can always improve, but I can’t think how at the moment.”

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Pattaya Sports Club fishing challenge

Fishing from Bangsaray last Wednesday two teams got to go fishing against each other for a day of fun. Meeting in the early morning, Fish & Trips and J&M Bar set off to team up with the boat captain Ting, whose knowledge is absolutely brilliant.

Capt. Ting set off for deep water while the two teams set up the rods and ate breakfast. Arriving about 1 hour and 20 minutes later at the deep sea shoals, each fisherman began trying to out-fish each other. After a long wait, the first strikes started.

A good day’s fishing out in deep water last week

A big shark took a one and a half kilo tuna bait and ran for the reef, but it cut the line before there was a chance to turn it - the one that got away!

After another wait and a short boat move, Dan O’Donnell from J&M Bar landed a 16 lb barracuda. All on board caught fish, but as a storm was on the horizon, they decided to pack up. But would you believe it - Frank Collins of Fish & Trips pulled in a jack cravelly weighing precisely 16 pounds! This made the result a draw.

The teams then headed back to the Fish & Trips to weigh in on the new PSC electronic scales (0-1000 lbs). Anyone is welcome to use these scales, just see one of the PSC Fishing committee members.

Another match will be arranged soon, as they are waiting patiently to challenge Bullring or Bullring 2, or any team that wants to take them on (are you there Egon?). Interest is certainly improving.

For further info on PSC monthly fishing competitions, membership, or anything about PSC fishing, contact Middy at J&M Bar, Selwyn at Bullring 2, Kiwi Brian at Bullring 1, or Frank or Les at Fish & Trips, all located on that famed Soi Yodsak (Soi 6).

Remember, the President’s Cup will be held in December, so qualify quickly please.

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PH3 Run 910

Monday! Pretty normal day to have the Hash on (on)! Sign-up with the Pink thing at the Scandi, no pretty Blonde sat by his side though. Beer before the bus as I got there 2 hours early (jet lag). On to the bus, not many on it; must be all the rich types that have their own RV’s. Out south on the Sukhumvit to the big wide spaces of Buraran Estate (not Buriram). Circle called, Hammer dealt with as usual, I must buy a shoe shop when I retire from the Royal Navy! Boy George announced his Abdication (more later). Hares on in to describe the run, Charlie Manson then declares it is an A to B run, read the previous Hash sheet (I never). What about my truck/car was the cry? Charlie (full of sympathy) points and says the run starts that way On-On, and promptly all the FRB’s ran past the paper that was cunningly laid on the ground!

Such a lovely day, I decided to take a stroll with Pies and Skylab along the road to check out the local flora and fauna! One mongoose, a bee hive, several ants nests in trees and an irate Jazzer on his bike saying he had done 60 k and was still looking for the A site!

The B site and the beloved beer truck (only here for the beer!) and of course the now not to be missed excellent sarnies from the Lovely Thai Lady, but forget the mayo again at your peril! So at this point in time the runners start turning up from all different directions! Flying Frog sees the lily pads in the fountain and could not resist his primeval urges! Amphibian that he is he jumped in! I do not think he realized this was not the swimming pool that myself, Pies and Obewan had been lounging by while everyone else got fit (or entangled in the barbed wire).

Circle called and the festivities begin starting with the abdication of Boy George, not since the handover of Hong Kong in 97 has the Empire suffered such a loss! Chicken F took on the mantle again and good luck to George in his future endeavors.

Miss Twiggy raffle - all the winning numbers began with 75? A coincidence? Hares on in, people chunnering (complaining) about barbed wire, I and Pies would like to point out we had no complaints! Returners next. Then the Bad RA who despite the Ersinger (beer) can still strike fear into mere mortals at 100 paces. Lady Di has to have a special mention for parking his bright red pick-up in the way of the drunken Thai in the Toyota, but no problem it is not his truck anymore! Happy Birthday Chicken Nugget! People had to sing quickly as the wind was rising, and then on-on to the Ola La bar. Well done the hash choir!

Oh? And the ugly RA had a couple of private conversations with people on the ice (speak up). And at this point I had to go and clean my shoe because Chicken Nugget left a little turd in the grass, which I trod in! Cheers everybody - first run in a couple of months and it is nice to be back with PH3!

On On P Guitarist

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Fitness Tips: Fatness, fitness and fatality (part 1)

by David Garred
Club Manager Dusit Resort Sports Club

It’s now well accepted that being overweight is a health risk. Studies from around the world show the increased risk of both death and sickness associated with increased in body weight above a ‘normal’ standard.

So, if excess weight is such a problem, it might be expected that weight loss would decrease the risk of an early demise. Yet this is typically not found in population studies. In fact it’s been regularly reported that increase in weight loss correspond to an increased mortality risk. How can this be the case?

One possible explanation is that very sick people often lose a lot of weight before dying. Hence weight loss that is not voluntary may be mixed up in the figures with voluntary weight loss, giving a wrong impression. Secondly, weight may not necessarily mean fat. It is decreases in body fat, rather than weight, that should improve one’s health and mortality prospects.

To test this, scientists at Columbia University used the findings from longitudinal health studies in the US where measures of body fat, as body weight, had been taken and individuals monitored over several years. It was found that while more people who lost significant weight (4.6-7.6kg) over the monitoring period had died, fewer who lost body fat, in contrast to weight, had or were sick. The researchers concluded that using weight loss as an indication of health risk is problematic, but fat loss actually decreases the risk.

The findings are good news for those concerned about any possible adverse effects of weight loss. They also explain the discrepancy between weight loss and mortality, which had previously been unexplained.

Is fat in the diet really important?

Why the American evidence is a poor example.

The ‘French paradox’ is a term used by health scientists to describe the low incidence of heart disease in France, despite a relatively high intake of fat in the diet in that country.

The ‘American paradox’ could be used to describe a similar conundrum in the US. Why are Americans getting increasingly fatter, while their daily fat intake appears to be decreasing? The phenomenon has led some prominent medical researchers to question whether fat in the diet really is important as a cause of obesity.

Next week: Testing this in practice...

Until then,

Carpe Diem

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“Cheers” to Stan and Dr. Pinky

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

On Tuesday, 14th August, the Bunker Boys and one lady played the immaculate A and B courses at Khao Kheow in their weekly Stableford competition. Mam Trayling sportingly played from the white tees to give the lads a chance and when the rest of the girls return there will be a separate ladies division at the Bunker.

Division one had Bob Morrison and Bill Jones sharing third place with 34 points, Neil Hughes second on 36 points and Stan “The Man” Axon once again coming out on top with 39 points. This was after a night with no sleep and four eggs for breakfast! There must be something in that, surely.

In division two the transport manager, John Preddy, continued his fine recent form, and increased his pension, with 37 points. Sven Bervendsen shot 38, but all were left trailing in the wake of a perky Dr. Pinky - Tony Callen - who returned a splendid 41 points. Prepare yourself for surgery, Doctor!

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Stan, Bill Jones, and Len Jones, and the hallowed tin of Fray Bentos’ Corned Beef went to Neil Hughes for his tee shot on the island green. The Bunker Banana Booby went to the recently returned Guru, Mick Jones, for his chip-in after several air shots. Bob Morrison won the Bunker lucky draw.

The Welsh Wizard’s Winning Return

On Friday, 17th August, the Bunker Boys travelled to Phoenix Golf Club for a Stableford competition. The field was divided into two divisions, playing the Mountain and Ocean courses.

On the windiest day of the year conditions were hardly perfect but Stormin’ Norman Brooks announced his return to Pattaya with a high score of 43 points in the top flight. Having spent the last three months in Wales and Germany this was quite a remarkable homecoming.

In runner-up position were Tyrone Renggli and Bill Jones, both on 38 points.

In division two Canadian emigre Gordon McKnight took the honours with 37 points whilst Sander “Sunny” Ruthsip came second with 36 points. In joint third place were Dan Dan the Fireman, playing his last round before his departure for England and John Preddy, both shooting 34 points.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Tyrone Renggli and Stan “The Man” Axon. The Bunker Banana Booby was won by John “Sugar Ray” Preddy for his outstanding wrestling skills at the nineteenth hole.

More news at

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Blue Parrot gets opportunity to crow

PSC Golf from Three Sisters

Golf was switched to a Tuesday from the normal Monday outing due to the public holiday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, so 22 players were up and about for a round on August 14. Conditions continue to be good due to the pleasant weather we have all been enjoying.

Kevin Mitch accepts congratulations from runner-up Izzy Freedman.

This week’s result hung in the balance again and was resolved via a count back. Kevin Mitch, proprietor of the Blue Parrot Mexican Restaurant, was victorious over Izzy Freedman for the bragging, or crowing rights, when they both turned in scores of 39 points. As always, golf turned out to be a game of only inches as either one could have won outright had those critical putts traveled slightly further.

Ever-present news hog Jerry Lien finally got back into the limelight to capture the “Ugly Sister” award for the week with a mere 22 points, only just edging out Bob Jess by one point. Last seen, Jerry was celebrating with soda water instead of his customary libation in a brown bottle.

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Wee Harry dominates the week at the Haven

IPGC TAGGS Golf from the Haven

Monday 13th August - Century Ban Chan (Stableford)

1st: George Jackson, 41 pts

2nd: Harry Riley, 38 pts

3rd: Trevor Schirmer, 37 pts

The Nick Faldo designed course at Ban Chan was the setting for the TAGGS weekly Stableford competition and as usual proved a little difficult for most of the field. Only One Ball George managed to tame the course and leave the majority badly trailing.

Wee Harry Riley kept him in sight right to the last two holes, but could not match George’s final push over the last three holes. Trevor try as he could was also unable to keep up with the old fox, either.

Richard Livingston welcomed Bill and Wanna Hutton from Bangkok, Mark Grygiel from the USA and Chris Kays from England via the Pattaya Panthers to the day’s event. Bill Hutton, who is a teaching pro in Bangkok, had many good things to say about his first outing and prize giving at The Haven, while comparing notes with Richard.

Wednesday 15th August - Phoenix (Medal)

1st: Stephen Beard, 65 (cb9 39 cb6 25)

2nd: Harry Riley, 65 (cb9 39 cb6 27)

3rd: Michael Frizzell, 67

4th : Oradee Kaesavane68

On the return of the Doc from his tribulations in the UK, Wee Harry again found himself the bridesmaid for the second competition in a row. This time the result was much closer, and he only failed on the last with a bogey six after running through the green in two and finding a very nasty patch of rough, whilst the Stephen Beard manage to chalk up a score of one over on the last seven holes.

Harry took it all very philosophically having had during the round four personal golfing records, best score (83), best back nine (39), most pars (9), and most consecutive pars (5).

All this activity at the front of the field left Michael and Oradee, either of who on any other day would have collected the coveted Knotted Putter, wondering what they had to do to win a medal.

Richard welcomed back Tom Gingerich from the USA via a charity grain tub destined for poverty stricken Africa. Tom advised the assembled throng during the celebrations at The Haven that he had become the third Doctor of the group, having received his Doctorate in Metaphysics.

Friday 17th August - Sriracha (Bogey)

1st: Harry Riley, 1 down
2nd: Trevor Schirmer, 2 down cb9 all square
3rd: Paul Hartley, 2 down cb9 1 down
4th: Klaus Schackt, 2 down cb9 2 down

At last, Harry Riley got to the top of the pecking order. Having played eight shots worse than his previous outing, he scrambled the last hole to win by a nose from Trevor Schirmer, who notched up his second podium position of the week.

Paul Hartley, who was not being overawed by his son Alex, and Klaus Schackt, still trying to recoup his thousands, finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

The Sriracha course, which can boast the best locker room and the worst stocked drink stops, once again heavily penalized any misdirected shots that ended up in the bunkers whilst rewarding the center fairway hitters. All in all it played very well and at the price, is a course to visit on a regular occasion.

Richard welcomed back Mo Bertrand from Jersey, who is setting up house in Pattaya as a tax exile, and looking for a good investment opportunity in the Kingdom. Would all potential financial advisors please send proposals direct to Mo, as The Haven only has a small post box.

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Herd of Jackalopes spotted heading for Phoenix & The Haven

A large herd of mischievous Jackalopes were recently spotted heading for Phoenix Golf Course and The Haven on Soi 13. If you happen upon a coven of these mysterious creatures, you’d be well advised to sign up for this year’s Canadian Jackalope Open. Why? You might ask. Well, not only is the Jackalope tournament fun to play, with tons of prizes, lucky draws and perhaps the most interesting looking trophies in all of golf, but most importantly, this is a charity golf tournament that raises a lot of money for the Garunayawet Center for disabled ladies. Last year the tournament raised 160,000 baht, which went a long way to helping out this deserving and often over-looked cause.

This year’s Canadian Jackalope Open will be held on Friday, September 7 at Phoenix Golf Course. The annual charity tournament is always fun, and therefore always full, so it is advisable to sign up now.

The entry fee is 1250 baht per player, with proceeds going to the Garunayawet Center for disabled ladies. Please deliver all completed entry forms & fees to The Haven on Soi 13. Entries close at 5.00 p.m. on Friday 31st August. Sign-up as a group of up to 4 players; individual entries will be assigned to a four-ball.

Trophies & prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, rabbits, ladies, senior & super senior divisions as well as overall winner and technical prizes.

Note: Please book golf carts direct with Phoenix Golf Course. Payment must be made with entry. Field limited to 120 players. Starting times will be posted on Thursday 6th September.

So come along, have some fun, and watch for those clandestine little Jackalope creatures.

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Rossie has a hole in one at N.P. Resort

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.G.

Steve Ross recorded his first hole in one at N.P. Resort on Weds. 8th August at the short par 3, 6th on the B course. Rossie was unsure what to play to the 127-yard hole and decided on the pitching wedge. It was just right as the ball bounced once and in the hole it went.

Steve Mascari wins the Royal Hills Tour

The tour of Royal Hills last week saw a close finish on the final day, with five players in contention, but Steve Mascari, nursing the gout, came through and won the overall by five points.

Then on Sunday, August 12, George Jackson & Steve Mascari shared the Monthly Medal at Green Valley.


N.P. Resort 8th August

1st: Tim Seitz, 38 pts.
2nd: Steve Ross, 38 pts.
3rd: Svein Vistung, 37 pts.

Burapha 10th August

A flight

1st: Rick Sharp, net 68
2nd: Bill Collis, net 70

B flight

1st: Steve Ross, net 67
2nd: Fabian, net 71

Green Valley 12th August

A flight

1st: Steve Mascari, net 69
2nd: Stan Fry, net 70
3rd: Jeff McLaury, net 72

B flight

1st: George Jackson, net 69
2nd: Bob Lindborg, net 72
3rd: Ray Ryan, net 74

Near pins: #2 Terry Summers, #9 Stan Fry, #12 Julian Clarke and #16 Ray Matti

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Dave Richardson the Second

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday, August 13 - Sattahip (Stableford)

On Monday, August 13 the Kronborg golfers headed to Thai Royal Navy course at Sattahip. The scores on the North & West courses were respectable, as the course was playing very long due to the effects of the previous day’s rain. Evan Trotman took first place with a splendid 39 points. Dave Richardson took second with 38 points using a new set of irons, which seem to be working to great effect. Frank Sinclair took third place with 34 points.

Thurs, August 16 - Pattaya C.C. (Stroke)

On Thursday, August 16 the Kronborg made the trip to Pattaya Country Club, where the windy conditions made it a good test of golf. Rob Brown took first place with a net 70 including a fine level par 36 on the easier front nine. Dave Richardson and those new irons again took second place with a 71. John Orlebeck was third with a 72 and the consistent Frank Sinclair was fourth with 73.


1st: Rob Brown, 70
2nd: Dave Richardson, 71
3rd: John Orlebeck, 72
4th: Frank Sinclair, 73

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