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Has Elvis really left the building?

Adventurous couple rests in Pattaya during round the world cruise

Stockholm Inn celebrates 1st anniversary

Around Town

Has Elvis really left the building?

Elvis Presley fans in Pattaya can take heart. Elvis has been seen alive and well in North Pattaya (and not in the 7-11 store)! Patrons at the newly opened Elvis Pub on Pattaya Second Road were seen clapping enthusiastically as “Elvis” in his star-spangled best led them through Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes and another two hours of all the favourites from the pelvis swinger Elvis. Judging by the audience response, Elvis may have departed the building, but he is certainly not forgotten.

Ritchie “Elvis” Newton

The singer is actually one of Europe’s best Elvis impersonators, Ritchie Newton, a man who not only sounds like Elvis, but has a more than passing physical resemblance.

The Elvis shows are on each week - check the Elvis Pub’s advertisement in the Pattaya Mail for times and dates. This Friday and Sunday, Dr. Iain’s Nite Beat Show on the Pattaya Mail Channel also features Ritchie Newton’s Elvis.

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Adventurous couple rests in Pattaya during round the world cruise

Rod & Becky Nowlin, shown here dining at Renoir’s, have made Pattaya part of their itinerary on their round the world sailing expedition.

Rod & Becky Nowlin literally “sailed into” Pattaya Bay on their 45' Steel Cutter named “Mahdi”, currently moored just off South Pattaya Beach. The couple is on an epic sailing voyage around the world, beginning from the USA. Since leaving their homeport of Clinton, Washington, this enterprising couple has touched base in Mexico, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Borneo, Singapore and Malaysia. Incidentally, “Mahdi” is the Arab word for “The one who will lead you to Paradise”.

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Stockholm Inn celebrates 1st anniversary

Eddie Jacobson, the owner of the Stockholm Inn on Pratamnak Road marked the inn’s first year in business by inviting close friends to join in the anniversary celebration on August 10th.

Eddie Jacobson and friends celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Stockholm Inn on Pratamnak Road.

The Stockholm Inn serves Thai and Swedish food starting with breakfast at 7.00 a.m., dinners served until 10.00 p.m., and beverages are available anytime.

Also popular, the bakery serves a variety of delicious pastries and freshly brewed coffee.

The restaurant offers specials and 10% discounts on Wednesdays and Fridays. A comprehensive menu includes pork tenderloin and fresh oysters which are always favorite choices for diners.

Located near the O. D. Bowl on the opposite side of the road just before the road divides, the Stockholm Inn has rooms available for rent, by the day or by the month.

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Around Town: The quickest way down

By Lesley Warner

Pattaya Park Tower is 240 meters high and yes, I jumped off and lived to tell the tale. I used to watch from all over Pattaya the tiny dots bouncing around on the wire, and say they must be crazy or have nothing better to do than risk their lives. And then for “Queen and Country” or is it “Peter and Pattaya Mail” I jumped!

Is that a smile?

To describe the experience from beginning to end I would have to say it was terror walking up onto the ledge of the tower, extreme terror when I was sat with my legs dangling over the side, abject horror as I slid off the side and then WOW this is great on my way down. There was no sense of falling; more a sense of floating, as it’s quite a slow decent, controlled by your weight.

Patboon Sa-Nguanphan is the training manager of the complex; he studied languages at university in Egypt and now, among other things teaches English to the 500 staff. He told me that the jump is controlled by gravity, a lot depends on the person’s weight and there are certain restrictions on those people allowed to use the jump because of this.

The Water Park from above

Before I jumped I asked him about the safety aspect and he told me that the tower jump had to comply with strict government safety regulations. The jump is serviced daily and no one is allowed near it until the safety report from the engineer is completed every morning. All the staff in the tower have experienced the jump and use it regularly during fire training. There is also the choice of the Sky Shuttle and the Speed Shuttle, all with incredible views of Pattaya City and Jomtien Bay.

There I go

I asked Patboon if they ever had any problems, and he said that once two suspicious young men went up with backpacks on and they were observed attempting to parachute off the tower! Of course they were prevented and now rucksacks are looked at more closely.

The tower can be seen from all around and the Royal Thai Navy uses it on their map as a location point.

The most incredible views of Pattaya

The tower is on top of a 730-bedroom hotel with a great revolving restaurant a floor below the jumps, and the views are second to none. There are also bungalows and town houses in the grounds to rent. There’s a direct access to the beach, where Patboon told me that within the next few weeks the Women’s World Championship Volleyball competitions would be held. The Water Park with its whirlpool and water slides is fantastic for kids and soon there will be ‘Funny Land’ with more attractions including a visual adventure ride and a high-speed vertical drop ride 60 meters high. (No Peter).

For more information telephone (038) 251201-8

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