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Pattaya Sports Club moves in!

Pattaya’s Sikh Community responds to the call for help in flood stricken areas

Erik’s Great Endeavor, a.k.a. Peg Leg’s ‘Wheels of Torture’ 2001

Skål Rotating

Pattaya Sports Club moves in!

The Pattaya Sports Club moved into their shiny new office on Pattaya 3rd Road last weekend, and the place is now fully functional.

Was he the first PSC member to utilize the new facility? Andy Gombaez renews his PSC membership at the Pattaya Sports Club’s new office on Pattaya 3rd Road.

The new office is located at 3/197 M6, 3 Rd. Road, Pattaya, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, adjoining the Pattaya Driving Range, phone 038-361-167, fax 038-361-929. To get there: Turn off the road as if entering the driving range but bear left - the building is straight ahead of you with a big sign in the front of it!

Smiling faces of the PSC administration are there to greet you. Sudaporn Aekgasan (Oy) and Sirirat Tunsangthong (Or)

The 3.8 million baht project includes 144 square wa of land and a 2-storey building. It has been designed to accommodate the PSC administrative and registrar functions, a spacious conference room for committee meetings, and separate offices for PSC computer and sports sections use.

PSC President Carl Engel demonstrates the classy new info counter.

The ground floor also includes a storage area, ladies and men’s rooms and a pantry that provides space for staff and members’ needs.

Members processing applications forms (new and renewing members) will be serviced at the new location. Sign up facilities will still be available from the Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn, but the old office next to the Cafe Kronborg will be phased out in the next few weeks. Sign-up sheets for golf and other events, handicap lists, discount brochures and all other club news will be available. Golf activities, etc., will continue unchanged from the normal outlets.

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Pattaya’s Sikh Community responds to the call for help in flood stricken areas

Damree Muangkaew

The Sikh community in Pattaya prays for the well-being of their stricken brethren in the north.

People at the Sikh Temple in Soi 17 South Pattaya were busily collecting donated items to help ease the hardships that fellow Thais are experiencing following last week’s severe storm and continual rains sweeping through the north and north-east areas.

The leader of Pattaya’s Sikh community, Amrik Singh Kalra (center) and members of the Sikh community are responding to the call for help for flood victims in the north.

The leader of Pattaya’s Sikh community, Amrik Singh Kalra, said the Sikh community at the temple has been assembling the supplies needed for disaster situations such as this, and they are focusing on collecting non-perishable food items and clothing.

Thus far, Amrik said more than 500 sacks of rice, cases of canned fish and drinking water have been prepared for shipment, and donations continuing to pour in.

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Erik’s Great Endeavor, a.k.a. Peg Leg’s ‘Wheels of Torture’ 2001

from Erik, Scandinavia Bar & Restaurant

Forward: We finally decided it was time to coerce Erik, the quiet achiever and real unsung hero of the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2001 to submit an article for our weekly series. In case, you have not gauged his progress on our website (, as of 18/08/01, Erik has amassed an astonishing 276,020 baht of backing for the 50-kilometre Sponsored Cycle Ride, which is to be held the same day as our Children’s Fair on Sunday, September 16th. In a year when economics have made it difficult for many companies to contribute, Erik’s efforts are deeply appreciated by us. Here is his tale. (LWU)

Spandex Eric looking ready to go

I guess my fitness season started over a few beers late one night in June. Someone accidentally told me I would never manage to get through a half-marathon, and before I knew it, I was signed up for the Pattaya Marathon.

During my training for the half-marathon (steak, beer and long walks), I was again faced with skepticism from my peers about my hardly aerodynamic body and ability to compete. This time I was challenged to do the bike ride. Knowing that I hadn’t been on a motorbike since the mid-nineties, and on a bicycle since childhood, I signed up for the full 50k ride.

After shopping for the appropriate spandex attire, I realized that my real goal was not just to look good, but also to collect sponsors and money to support my quest of doing the bike ride. This was a new concept for me and I spent several days thinking about how to go about doing it.

One early idea was to threaten people to donate money, while walking around in my new state-of-the-art, bicycle uniform. However, my ‘Man in Tights’ intimidation idea was soon abandoned, and I decided to do a straight-up collection in the bar/restaurant every night.

Erik (right) from the Scandinavia Bar & Restaurant and his chief sponsor for the bike ride, Edgar Skjoenhals of Orkide Ekspressen.

It turned out to be a much easier job collecting donations from willing Norwegians, especially after a few beers. And since people kept asking me about my latest sponsorship figures, we launched a special page on the Scandi Bar web site:, to honor my donors.

Among my sponsors that deserve special mention is Edgar Skjoenhals of Orkide Ekspressen. When I told him about the Charity Drive, a quick phone call ensued between management and owners, which immediately resulted in a 100,000 baht donation from one of Norway’s largest tour operators with Thailand as their special field. A big thanks to Edgar Skjoenhals and Orkide Ekspressen!

As for the bike ride, I’m practicing a few times a week these days, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my training I’m doing on the side for the Pub Night.

With the half-marathon done and 50K bike ride to be accomplished in less than a month from now, I guess it will be just a matter of time before I’ll find myself accepting the challenge to swim between Fun City and Koh Larn one day. Well, on second thought, maybe not.

Thanks to all of my sponsors and to Jesters MC for putting it all on!

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Skål Rotating

The newly re-established Skål Club of Pattaya and the East has begun letting Pattaya know that there is a new group ready to promote Pattaya on the world tourism stage.

Rotary members gather round Ms. Pooadorn, Miss Alcazar 2001

Last week, life member and president of the Skål Club of Pattaya and the East, Murray Hertz addressed the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya on the ideals and promotion opportunities that can come about through the 500 Skๅl clubs world-wide, making it one of the major voices representing those involved in tourism and promotion of holiday destinations in the world.

A toast to the day

The following day, the Skål club members met for a gala lunch at Casa Pascal’s with 25 members and guests meeting Ms. Pooadorn, Miss Alcazar 2001, a young lady graduate of tourism studies from Bangkok, who this year won this prestigious title from 54 others who were vying for the crown. She was introduced by Dr. Iain who pointed out that both he and Ms. Pooadorn had started out with the same bodies, but she had appeared to do better with hers than he had! Ms. Pooadorn charmed the group with her polished performance, and there were quite some queues of Skål club members standing in line to be photographed with the rather beautiful young woman.

President of the Skๅl Club of Pattaya and the East, Murray Hertz receives a token of appreciation from the Rotary Club of Jomtien Pattaya president Alvi Sinthuvanik after Murray addressed the club.

The next Skๅl club meeting will be on September 20th (3rd Thursday of each month) and more details can be had by contacting the secretary Andrew Wood (GM Royal Cliff Beach Resort) on 250 421.

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