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The British are coming - Well, the Army Rugby team was here!

PSC May Members’ Open - Another fine day out

All-star cast turns out for Panthers golf

Getting ready for racing

Lifetime best for the Sunshine Boys

Three Sisters like it on top

The Squre ring

Fitness tips

Bob Van Mol wins for first time, twice

Hey Oop, Heree Comes Wilf

Alohas produce best pairs aggregate at Eastern Star

Big Bob Moberg takes bragging rights by strorm

Summers & Vistung share the spoils at Hua Hin

Rossie shines to nick the monthly medal

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The British are coming - Well, the Army Ruggby team was here!

The British Army Rugby Team paid a visit to Pattaya last weekend during their Far East tour for this year. The Pattaya Panthers were the perfect hosts for the visitors, not only did the Panthers provide copious amounts of amber fluid and entertainment, they let the Army have a warm-up touch game at the Panthers home ground at ISR.

Oops... Looks like the Army’s getting away.

With most players being too hung over to actually play a full game of rugby, both teams decided to play a fast and furious match of ‘Touch Football’ in preparation for the Brits’ more serious game against the British Club in Bangkok the following Sunday. The British Army ‘toyed’ with the home club, with comments made by one of the Panther players, “Oh, they’re just scared of us”. Methinks not, as tries from the Army were placed in rapid succession. One could say that previous night’s adventures might well have taken their toll on the home team.

Following the game, both teams met back at Shenanigans to begin the traditional bar hopping challenge at various venues in Pattaya, and finally ended up back at Shenanigans in the wee hours to complete their whirlwind tour of Pattaya. Lovely boys, these Panthers, wonderful hosts and rugby ambassadors for our fair city.

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PSC May Members’ Open - Another fine day out

The Pattaya Sports Club Members’ Open golf tournament for the month of May was held on the 18th at the Pattaya Country Club course. A field of 60 golfers signed up, a good number considering the time of year (low season). The weather was warm and windy but the rain stayed away allowing good playing conditions.

The course is undergoing some maintenance to the greens so on some holes putting was a bit of a lottery (some winners, some losers). To balance though, the rough was mowed as short as possible and most wild shots were easily found and played. Overall the scoring was quite good with three of the four flight winners compiling 40 points.

The winners circle was made up of a lot of familiar faces, Ebrahim, Marcel Wittner, Barry Barnes, Philippe Berra, Arthur Bailey, to name a few. What’s their secret? Can they be lucky all the time? Heaven forbid, perhaps they practice!

A not so regular trophy winner was Jerry Lien who was heard to complain about the absence of a photographer on his big day. Would they believe you Jerry even with a photo?

Presentations were held in the new function room at Pattaya Country Club, a nice venue but a long haul for the waitresses. As always a fine array of trophies (for the skillful) and many lucky draw prizes (for the not so skillful). These all made possible by our generous sponsors: Caf้ Kronborg, Shenanigans, Blue Parrot, Green Bottle, Rosie O’Gradys, and Tequila Reef Cantina. As always, thanks for your support.

All in all another fine day out. Next month’s event is at Bangphra on June 15, sign up at the PSC office on Soi Diana. See you all there.

A Flight

1st: Rob Brown, 36 points
2nd: Nick Strasshine, 35 points
3rd: Barry Barnes, 34 points

B Flight

1st: Ebrahim, 40 points
2nd: Philippe Berra, 37 points
3rd: Herb Ishinaga, 35 points

C Flight

1st: George Meigh, 40 points
2nd: Mark Gorda, 39 points
3rd: Rob Morrison, 39 points

D Flight

1st: Marcel Wittner, 40 points
2nd: Jerry Lien, 36 points
3rd: Arthur Bailey, 36 points

Near pins: No. 5 Gerry Carpenter, No. 7 Bob Jess, No. 12 M. McKay and No. 16 Paul Moore

Long putts: No. 9 Mo Deverdene and No. 18 Philippe Berra

Long drive; Mo Deverdene

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All-star cast turns out for Panthers golf

Sunday May 13 was the date of yet another memorable Pattaya Panthers Rugby Club golf day, this time staged at Eastern Star, a fitting venue for the celebrity field.

Many players turned to fancy dress to hide their identity; well done Inspector Libation, the yellow wig and sarong ensured your missus has no idea where you were Sunday (hope she doesn’t read the paper), mind you, how else would you get a bad back?

That was certainly the most originally dressed competitor and secured the first of many prizes that were issued throughout the day. Other notable achievements on the golf course were from such golfing legends as The Incredible Hulk, who managed to delicately place three balls into the three different lakes on the seventeenth.

The Hulk wasn’t the winner of the coveted fishing prize, however. This went to Silver Spoon himself, Jay Eff Kay, who lost a whopping nine balls to the limited water hazards around Eastern Star. For his efforts he was rewarded with a fishing set and golfing lesson at Diana Driving Range.

The chaps at Diana are great sports and the Pattaya Panthers are grateful for their support of our events and we think they will be suitably pleased when our other winner of a golf lesson, Panties Pin Up, comes down for her bunker lesson. Whilst Phylus Done gave her a run for her money, Pin Up taking eleven shots to exit one bunker coupled with countless other beach visits, deserves her bucket and spade.

Slim Tanety fought off two strong contenders for the most golf achievement award. Slim showed the most courage, though, by handing in his card. The other two yellow bellies Alan Howarth and Tom Vandermoortele (those were two difficult anagrams to think of) failed to submit cards. Rumours have it that one of these fellows is more interested in second hand Eastern European cars? Pattaya Panthers thank Greenway Driving range for taking on the challenge with Slim of a golf lesson.

Whilst the sun shone on the course so did some of the golfers. Monstrous drives by Inspector Coach, Inspector Bimbo, Inspector Chairman and Lyn Rauen, gentle touches with irons by Ham Wotskin, Tiskey Hony, Chaz Brown and Chaz Brown along with finesse with putters by Jim Natwest and Chaz Brown ensured Shenanigans and Dusit Resort sponsored prizes were snapped up.

There was some debate as to whether Pin Up was in for a second prize due to her control of the ball away from the box; we’ve seen her drive and no way can she have been that straight.

The serious side to the day was enjoyment and ensuring the Panthers and Panties were seen at their sociable best, and there was no better place than back in their adopted clubhouse - Shenanigans - at the awards ceremony. This was expertly and most professionally conducted by Frank Mikelin of Pattaya Mail fame.

The compere’s first task was to quieten the restless golfers waiting for the outcome, the delay to proceedings a result of inspector chairman having a load of soft drinks come all over him, careless. Eventually the splendid trophies so generously donated by Malcolm Clare, [sorry you couldn’t be with us Malcolm], arrived and the results announced. Lowest Gross (82) by Snowy Jezza pipping Ham Wotskin on the count back. Highest Ladies Stableford by Wanida Readnwrite with a fine 35, and the Highest Men’s Stableford by Gavin baa Donovan with 39 points from a handicap of 28. They were all rewarded with fine Pattaya Panthers pewter tankards suitably engraved as a memory of the day and the Pattaya Panthers and Panties Rugby Club.

Mystery pairs winners were film star Rex Harrison and Snowy Jezza followed in second place by Boyo Lewis and Wanida Readnwrite.

All winners were seen christening there new drinking vessels in true rugby spirit and discussing when they would be enjoying their fantastic Royal Garden Gym and Spa Gifts.

Winners and those who took part were left enjoying the unique camaraderie associated with the Pattaya Panthers and Panties rugby teams. We look forward to your support off the golf course and on the rugby field. This weekend the Panthers travel to Phuket whilst the Panties travel to Vientiane to take part in competitions. Watch the press for the next local outing at the school pitch along route 36 just before the junction at route 7.

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Getting ready for racing

The motor racing team from Boonrawd Brewery were spotted fine tuning their AIM Concept II car out at Bira Circuit last weekend in preparation for the next ‘Sport Grand Championship’ race meeting to be held at Bira on June 24.
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Lifetime best for the Sunshine Boys

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society from the Bunker

On Friday, 18th May the Bunker Boys travelled to Phoenix Golf Club for a medal competition on the Mountain and Ocean courses. A windy day made conditions difficult for the first division but division two breezed through the day, thriving in the wind.

The sun continued to shine on the Sunshine Boys with John Preddy strolling to a net 65 and Len Jones returning a lifetime best of net 62. Two outstanding rounds by any measure! Newcomer Tyrone Renggli fired a gross 96 but his handicap is being investigated.

Division one had Mr. Loy on net 77, Wilf Latham 73 and Peter Renggli winning with net 71.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Neil Hughes, Len Jones, Stan “The Man” Axon and Peter Renggli.

The Bunker Banana Booby was finally awarded to Paul “Houdini” for the oversight of the missing clubs the previous week at Sattahip.

See the Bunker Boys online at http:///

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Three Sisters like it on top

PSC Bowling

Three Sisters beat Shakey Pete’s 3 games to 1 on Friday, May 18, and are now enjoying their first place position in the Pattaya Sports Club Bowling League, one game ahead of Shakey Pete’s.

Cafe Kronborg won 3 from the House of Golden the Coin, sliding into third place, 5 games behind Three Sisters.

In other PSC Bowling action, Cafe Ole beat VFW Post 9876 three games to one, while the Winchester Club and Sultans of Swing split 2 and 2.

There was only one game above the 200 mark this week, as Mia of Three Sisters had a 211 game.

League standings



May 18

Three Sisters
Shakey Pete’s
Cafe Kronborg
House of Golden Coin
Cafe Ole
Winchester Club
Sultans of Swing
VFW Post 9876




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The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

Want to start off by thanking the gents that came up for a chin wag at a certain watering hole during my recent visit to Land of Smiles.

When Felix Trinidad KO’d William Joppy in 5 recently it placed him atop almost everyone’s pound for pound best list. Consider this: in his last four fights he’s KO’d undefeated David Reid and Fernando Vargus, probably sending them to the rubbish bin, manhandled the aforementioned Joppy and won a decision, split, over Oscar de La Hoya. So what’s on the horizon? He’ll easily beat Bernard Hopkins in the fall. With each Trinidad win Oscar looks better and better. Their match will be a Mega fight. “How about Roy Jones Jr.?” He doesn’t want to fight. He’s a great talent with a big mouth and a lousy attitude.

Thailand’s Veeraphol Nakhonluang (32-1, 24 KO) retained his WBC bantamweight title in Paris recently which should be a big story. It would be except for the heavyweight “Soap Serial” that’s been going on. After his win there was a rumor that Veeraphol would fight a unification fight with Paulie Ayala later in the summer. Ain’t going to happen. Ayala has an August date with Bones Admans in Las Vegas.

Speaking of August, who would have bet a dollar to a donut that Don “Only In American” King would control the Heavyweight Division? Correct. No one. It couldn’t happen but it did. While Lennox Lewis’s people were running their mouths and new champ Hashim Rahman’s “promoter” was going for the best deal, in came Mr. King. “Here’s the deal Brother Rahman. I will give you 450,000 one hundred dollar bills that I just have in this suitcase carried by my associate. I will give you a check, my brother, for another four million five hundred thousand dollars. My brother I will get you a fight with Brian Neilsen who you will beat and I give you another seven million dollars. Then you will fight Evander Holyfield, another brother, and you will be the Champion of ALL the world.” But Mr. King I have a contract with Cedric Kushner? “I’ve checked that out my brother. I find that the infidel was supposed to pay you $75,000. Has he done that my brother?” “Well no.” “They my brother we have ha deal. Praise be to Allah and Only in America.”

The sanctioning bodies? Don’t even ask the question. The WDC, WBA, IBF and all other rating groups will jump through hoops for cash. Don King has plenty of that now. You can bet either your top or bottom dollar that shortly after he and Brother Rahman signed the deal the cable giant Showtime opened the vault and rolled out the foldin green. Showtime now and for the foreseeable future has the heavyweight division in the bag. Lewis, Tyson and others can sue to their hearts content with little or no effect. To think that all this could have been avoided if only Lennox Lewis wasn’t such a arrogant jerk.

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Fitness Tips: Fit bits

The pick of peppers

G’day readers, did you know that the colour of bell peppers determines their nutritional value? Nearly all peppers start out green; if left to ripen before picking, turn red, yellow, etc, depending on the variety. The more vivid the colour, the more nutrients the pepper contains, so while green peppers are often the least expensive, red and yellow peppers are the real nutritional bargains. A one-ounce yellow or red pepper has around 170 milligrams of vitamin C, compared to a green pepper, which has only 80 milligrams. Beta carotene content also increases as the pepper matures, so red peppers have around nine times as much beta carotene as green ones.

Dieters put on weight

Frequent dieters are significantly more likely to become overweight than those who never dieted, according to new research by the Harvard Medical School. The study assessed the weight change patterns of frequent dieters compared with infrequent dieters and those who never dieted. Nearly 6,000 girls and 4,500 boys aged 9 to 14 were tested for weight gain and dietary behaviours over a two-year period. During this time 2.7% of the girls and 5.2% of the boys became overweight, and it was the frequent dieters who were found to be significantly more likely to become overweight than those who never dieted.

The reason why? When you dump a diet and return to your normal eating habits, the drop in metabolic rate caused by the diet means that your old eating habits actually represent an excess in calories (i.e., cutting back on your energy intake causes the body to lower its metabolic rate). Not only do you regain the fat stores just lost, but you may even gain a bit extra!

Taking Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency has become an increasing health concern, especially among older adults. Essential for nerves, the synthesis of DNA and to help the blood carry oxygen, a deficiency of vitamin B12 affects nearly all the body tissues, with symptoms like lack of energy, constipation, eczema and irritability. Dairy products and meat are good sources, but B12 is more effectively absorbed by the body if taken in the form of vitamin supplement and fortified foods like breakfast cereals. When the vitamin is in a supplement, or fortified in foods, the vitamin is not bound, and thus is more easily absorbed. Nutritionists now advise either consuming foods fortified with vitamin B12 or taking a supplement.

Bone strength equal between sexes

The bones of older females can be made as strong as older males through intense physical training, according to a study the Veteran Affairs Medical Center of San Diego. USA. The study tested the bone mineral density (BMD) of 94 men and 58 women aged 40 years and older who competed in the 1999 Ironman World Championship Triathlon.

On average, the BMD of the femoral neck (upper thigh bone, where it meets the hip) and the lower vertebrae in the spine were equivalent in the male and female competitors.

While not everyone can train like triathletes, the study reinforces the message that physical activity can lessen the devastating effects of osteoporosis. Currently more than one in two Australian women aged over 60 will sustain a hip fracture due to osteoporosis, with the upper thigh bone being one of the most common sites for hip fractures. Not only do 50% of hip fracture patients require long term nursing care, but 17% die within four months of the injury. That last set of statistics came from a nation that’s entire culture is based upon being active, far more so than most western countries.

The more active a woman is during her pre-menopausal years the higher her bone density will be going into menopause. The higher the bone density, the lower the risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Thus the statistics in Australia are not as bad as many less active countries (i.e. most of the globe). No, I am not being patriotic, just coughing up facts.

Regardless of where you were born and grew up, physical activity, resistance training, in particular, will help to increase bone density - that can’t be stated enough.

Carpe’ Diem

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Bob Van Mol wins for first time, twice

IPGC TAGGS golf from The Haven

Monday 14th May 2001 - Pattaya Country Club (Bogey)

1st: Klaus Schackt, 3 up
2nd: Mike Spear, 2 up
3rd: Jimmy Little, All square

Klaus Schackt finished 3 up on the Pattaya Country Club course to win the TAGGS bogey competition on May 14.

Mike Spear, who finished 2 up, got on the podium for the first time this trip, as did Jimmy Little (all square) who continues to improve.

Wilf Latham and Harry Riley continued to go backwards in the never ending saga with Jimmy and Stephen, this time losing everything including the kitchen sink.

Norman Brooks continues to belie his age of 83 years, but failed to make the leader board this time out.

Shots of the day went to Bob Van mol who hit all the par 5s in two shots.

Wednesday 16th May - Great Lake Golf Club (Stableford)

1st: Bob Van Mol, 30 pts (cb9 14)
2nd: Stefan Hoge, 30 pts (cb9 13)
3rd: Jimmy Little, 29 pts

A very tough day on the course, with very unseasonable strong winds making the golf unusually difficult, and rough that was deep enough to hide the 2 herds of stray elephants wandering around the area, saw Bob Van Mol gain his first win, just edging out Stefan Hoge on count back, with Jimmy Little once again sniffing close behind.

Shot of the day went to Mike Spear, who hit the fairway on the 18th.

Friday 18th May - Green Valley Golf Club (stroke play)

1st: Bob Van Mol, 79
2nd: Stefan Hoge, 80 (cb9 41)
3rd Klaus Schackt, 80 (cb9 42)
4th Stephen Beard 80 (cb9 43)

Another very rough day and lightning fast greens saw the scores and the balls soar to new highs. Bob Van Mol again mastered the conditions better than most for his second win in a row.

Richard Livingston welcomed new member, Zaki Nozaki for the first time. Zaki owns Japanese restaurants in both Tokyo and Bangkok, so expect to see some additions to the famous Haven menu.

The shot of the day went to Banjob Franklin, who on her approach to the green, chipped into one of her playing partners golf bag, unfortunately then taking 4 to get down from the ensuing free drop.

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Hey Oop, Here Comes Wilf

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society from the Bunker

On Tuesday, 15th May, the Bunker Boys travelled to the beautiful and immaculately groomed Bangpra for a Stableford competition. Everything about this course is exquisite, from the roomy and comfortable clubhouse with its jacuzzi, to the fairways, consistent greens and bewitching scenery. Even the caddies take some beating!

The Lancashire Lad, Wilf Latham, must have thought so because he fired a startling 41 points to take division one from Mr. Loy on 33 and George Meigh on 31 points.

In division two Neil Griffin and Stan “The Man” Axon carded 35 points and Yuzo Nikishawa 37, only to be eclipsed by the transport manager, John Preddy, who showed the rest of the group the way with 38 points.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Yuzo, Mr. Loy (yawn, yawn) Sunny and Norman Brookes.

The Bunker Banana Booby was awarded to David Johnson for his lowest score of the day, and he came down to earth with a squelch after last week’s victory.

Once again the lucky draw was won by Mr. Loy. Come on lads, get back to the Bunker for the presentation and beat him! Check out all the winners and the rest of the news at

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Alohas produce best pairs aggregate at Eastern Star

Alistair Waugh and Keeratika Lohakoon returned a Pairs Aggregate Stableford score of 71 points to win Shenanigans 15th May outing. Alistair’s modest 30 points tally was hugely supported by Keeratika who scored 41 points off her 18 handicap.

Just one point behind were the Franklins, Mike and Banjob, scoring 38 points and 32 points respectively. Mike attributed his unusually good score to a better than average day with the putter.

Just two near pin prizes were on offer with a modest turnout of fourteen members, plus two long putts. Banjob and Gay Horan were nearest the pin on holes eight and fifteen.

Herbie Ishinaga had the longest first putt on nine, and Klaus Schackt sank a very short long putt to take the prize on eighteen.

The Theobalds, Fred and Toy, played for the first time as new members and all-up it was just another friendly day out at Eastern Star Resort.

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Big Bob Moberg takes bragging rights by storm

PSC Three Sister’s Golf

On Monday the 14th, Big Bob Moberg took the bragging rights by storm. Bob was hot off the tee box and made a lot of good shots and putts to post 44 Stableford points in the process. Bob has always been near the top and finally broke through in stunning fashion (congratulations Bob your handicap will be coming down).

Although Three Sisters had a good field with better than 20 golfers, the next nearest to Bob were Gerry Carpenter and Jerry Lien. Both came in with 39 points with Gerry Carpenter beating out Jerry Lien on count back.

Although the crew had fair golfing weather, some of the golfers found the going rough. Many golfers were in the low 30’s and high 20’s - it was rough weather for them.

Paul Kraft, with his new driver, got in some good tee shots but quite a few got away from him dropping him well off the pace. Gerry Holt was left holding the bag this week with 24 points and Jim Tully was a close second with 25 points

After drinking a few beers and listening to Big ‘Mo’ telling his jokes, the party finally broke up. Next Monday will be the next gathering - see you all there.

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Summers & Vistung share the spoils at Hua Hin

Golf from the I.P.G.C.

On the recent tour to Hua-Hin by Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.G., the tournament was played at four different courses, and the format was the usual points for places added together over the four days.

Coming into the last day there were five players in contention for first place and the prestigious trophy. The outcome came down to the wire with Steve Ross seemingly the worse for wear not troubling the eventual winners who were, Terry Summers and Svein Vistung finishing joint first on 26 points, with Eddy Beilby a close third on twenty five points and Stan Fry just missing out with 22 points in fourth place. Svein won the play off for the trophy, which was played at Green Valley two days later.

Eddy, who was on his first tour with the group, celebrated his third place with a death-defying leap into the hotel swimming pool from a twenty foot high roof. Non the worse for wear the next day, he remembered nothing about his exploits and only asked if there was any more Caesars (vodka & clamato juice) to be had.


Monday - Dragon Hills

1st place: Eddy Beilby, 41 pts.
2nd: Clive Bruce, 40 pts.
3rd: Terry Summers, 40 pts.

Tuesday - Imperial Lakeview

1st place: Steve Ross, net 65
2nd: Svein Vistung, net 67
3rd: Eddy Beilby, net 69

Thursday - Majestic Creek

1st place: Svein Vistung, 40pts.
2nd: Terry Summers, 40 pts.
3rd: Steve Ross, 38 pts.

Friday - Royal Ratchaburi

1st place: Ray Ryan, net 67
2nd: Bob Patterson, net 71
3rd: Terry Summers, net 72

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Rossie shines to nick the monthly medal

I.P.G.C. Golf from Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.S.

Sunday, 13th May - Green Valley (Monthly medal)

A flight

1st: Stan Fry, net 73
2nd: Gez Tracey, net 74
3rd: Clive Bruce, net 75

B flight

1st: Steve Ross, net 71
2nd: Bruce Tollitt, net 72
3rd: Jack Grinvold, net 74

On a fine sunny day at Green Valley C.C. 26 golfers set out for the monthly medal for May. Scoring was pretty high and Steve Ross, the golf manager for Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.S. was very surprised that his net 71 held up to take the monthly medal from Bruce Tollitt’s net 72.

Near pins: #2 Steve Donovan and #9 Jack Grinvold

Monday, 14th May - Century Ban Chang (Stableford)

1st: Stan Fry, 39 pts.
2nd: Bruce Tollitt, 39 pts.
3rd: Steve Mascari, 37pts.

Wednesday, 16th. May - Khao Kheow (Stableford)

A flight

1st: Richard Montgomery, 38 pts.
2nd: Steve Mascari, 36 pts.
3rd: Joe Smiley, 36 pts.

B flight

1st: Fred Theobald, 35 pts.
2nd: Jim Boyd, 33 pts.
3rd: Larry Nicholas, 32 pts.

Friday 17th May - Noble Place (stroke play)

1st: Bob Lindborg, net 68
2nd: Stan Fry, net 68
3rd: Svein Vistung, net 71

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